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Raspberry Pi CAM Mount with integrated cable management

by hamkers Mar 27, 2018
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Does that mount also fit the offical RPi cams?
I have the IR Cam too you based it of, but i am curious if the official ones fit too.

HI, as far as I know they should fit - just bear in mind there are V1 & V2 versions (V2 supported via remix). Best bet is to download the relevent board drawing and check dimensions before printing. I can always make an alternative version if there are problems with fitment.

Oh okay, i thought the v2 mount was already in your files because it stands in the filename "v2".
Is this the remixed version? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2882789

Raspberry Pi CAM 2 Mount Remix
by Stingr

Sorry - I was away on holiday when I replied (with poor signal and low battery on my phone) so i was going by memory......

Yes, I have a V2 version in the files - stingr did a variation on the V2 which is what I was thinking of when i answered. It's unfortunate that the versioning system I use is the same as the Raspberry Pi

Again, sorry for the confusion my replied caused.


Are there opencad files for this, want to make a few beams shorter in length.

Greetings, DjViper


Sorry, theres no opencad files. If you let me know the length you want, I can see if I can run a special off for you.


About a 5 / 6 cm version of the normal one and same with 90 degree turn on one side. Also noticed the 10 cm with 90 degrees turn have on both sides 2 connection should that not be one side with 3 connections. Because the camera holder has also 2 connections. See photo.

Greetings, Anne

Hi Anne,

The reason the 90 degree turn has 2 fingers each end is because in my setup it was the last beam and the original CAM holder had 3 fingers. The elbow joint and the CAM holder in your picture are contributions from other people (who must have used a different combination of beams). In hindsight, the elbow joint was a much better way of doing it but I've never updated my setup to this configuration.Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you for the sorter beam. Will print some out.

Hi Anne,

I have added a 60mm version of the beam - please let me know if this works for you or not. I also realised that if you use the elbow joint from Keln, then you don't need the 90 deg beam with 2 fingers each end.


It is possible to put a Gopro Hero 7 black on it ?

Thank you


It's possible to do but this design is driven by the raspberry pi ribbon cable - as the gopro doesn't have a cable, there's probably other designs on thingiverse that are less bulky and better suited to your application.

Hi, I printed the arms and use Generate Support Everywhere using the same facing as your picture where the model is 3D printed, which shows the cavity is empty but the joints are supported everywhere. However for my case the cavity is filled with support and unusable. May I know the facing and support setting that you use? Thank you.

Oh, I saw your notes at the end of the page. Sorry I missed it because the notes is not in the Readme file, thanks!!

No worries - glad you got it sorted!

The best pi cam i have ever seen till now :)

Thanks for the comment - I appreciate it!

Printing it right now, 60% done, it will be awesome !!

Love the design. I use it daily. I would beg to get a base bracket to clip it on the end cap of the rail on ender 3 pro. Thanks for your work.

Thanks, sorry I missed this comment. I'm really busy right now designing a new printer and fitting in work and family (not necessarily in that order but my girlfriend will probably say it is!!)

Awesome design. Printed last night on my CR-10S Pro. Only issue is that my camera isn't the right size for the mount. I used the one shown in the link below. Have you done one like this yet?


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Hi hopper18,

Please could clarify whether you mean the camera itself or the IR lamps? I bought the same camera so the camera should fit unless there is yet another version out there! I chose not to run with the IR lamps because they run so hot.

Anybody made it work with the V1.3 Cam ?

Should be fine. This is the cam I originally designed it for (I didn't use the infra red lamps) :

Raspberry Pi Camera Night Vision Camera Module 5MP OV5647 Webcam Adjustable Camera Video 1080p for Raspberry pi 2 Raspberry pi 3 Model B Model B+ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071718FDK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_nBNJCbAP1E78Y

If in any doubt, just print the covers first as they are quite quick to do. Use the files dated march 2018 - I need to tidy up the filenames but I'm using my phone right now so I'll do it later. Any problems, let me know.

Ok thanks ! Ill print it and I will let you know !

Hello, very good design. Everything worked well. just perfect for my needs. thank you for your work !

Fantastic - thanks for the comments and glad you like it. If you could spare a mo to take a picture and record the make that would be great.

Super bien pensé, la solution que j'ai adoptée pour ma PI Cam V2 . Merci
Je l'utilise conjointement avec le projet Raspberry Pi CAM 2 Mount Remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2882789

Raspberry Pi CAM 2 Mount Remix
by Stingr

Bonjour, je suis vraiment content que mon design me plaise - merci pour les gentils commentaires.

I can confirm that while the front cover for the camera fits the V2.1 Camera module perfectly, when you screw the back cover on it won;t screw down all the way as the board fits over the screw holes in the back cover instead of sitting in the recess provided in the model.

I'll message you with some pictures and measurements :)

-- CORRECTION - 14 JAN 2019 --

I have no idea what I was doing wrong when I left that comment... I was just re-testing the fit having sliced off one side of the cover so I could send hamkers some pics of the module in place at his request, and the cover screwed on perfectly.

So, apart from me feeling like an idiot now, I can confirm that hamkers's v2 camera mount fits my official Pi Camera module 2.1 NO PROBLEMS :)

This looks absolutely perfect for my upcoming Octoprint build. I'll do a remix of the base to house a large neodymium magnet and some sugru to stop it twisting so I can magnet it onto the case of my CR10-S Pro. (will post the make and the remix when both are done)

Would be very grateful if you could please explain how you created the block in Cura though to keep the cable channels clear? I'm a total noob at 3D printing still, and can't work out how you do that in Cura! (UPDATE - Found the "Support Blocker" Tool in Cura 3.6.0 - will have to play around with it and do a test print).

Many thanks!


Am I correct that you just added multiple "Support Blockers" in Cura to cover over all the areas where there is an internal channel?

Ending up with something like the attached screen grab - the grey cubes are the support blockers.

Hi, You are along the right lines but you only need one block. Create the block and then select it. You can now scale and move it to the required size and position. It's a bit clunky and might need a couple of attempts to get the size right but it works. The block can be bigger than you model so you don't have to get it spot on - just don't let it overlap where you do need support (obvious but easily done!)

Superb! Thank you!

I ended up with loads of little blocks because whenever I tried clicking on the block I'd added, it deleted it! LOL

I'll give it another try and get printing

Currently the printer is busy with a 200% 3DBenchy for the Mrs....

Happy New Year!

No Worries. I think the support blocker tool has changed since I used it on this project (or my memory is going.....) - took me a few mins to get my head around it in 3.6

Good luck with the benchy - I printed one out at 200% and was surprised at the size (forgetting it's 4 times bigger not 2 times bigger....)

Happy New Year Printing to you too!

Finally got round to printing this as I needed to get temps etc dialled in, and I had some issues with the printer which I've managed to work around while I wait for replacement parts from Creality....

Thanks again for the tip re the support blocker - I was able figure it out and then I arranged the arm pieces on the bed and then just use one huge blocker to cover the centre of each arm, and it seems to have done the job :)

Currently about 45% through printing and the cable channels are nice and clear.

NOOOOOOO!!! 9 hours in and the printer has shifted the entire Y-axis by about 1.5mm.....Guess I really should have waited for the new parts from Creality before starting this print.

Comments deleted.

Is there anyway that you could add the STL with the created blocks that you added that intersected the internal passages and modified the blocks properties to prevent the supports int he passages?

I'm struggling to get a print that will work and not close off the passage.

Hi, the block was created in Cura on the fly so I don't have a saved version. Please see above post for more info.

This model file is great. I was able to use my pi cam in there. But now my printer has z support rods & this model base cant be used to mount this setup.
Is there anyway you can design a base to go into the printer frame around the z support rods or maybe a leveling nut clamp to fix this model onto ?

Kindly let me know


Thanks. I've been thinking about including more options for a while now but my 3D printing hobby has been put on hold due to work commitments - I haven't done any printing since June! (just about to put that project up on thingiverse).

Please could you record your make - I've put lots of hours into my designs and it's all I ask from people who use them

Garbage - joints much too tight, no way to get it together without severe rework.

I appreciate your work man, but please take it offline in order not more people waste time and money.
Thank you anyway - not all of us are designers. I bet you have a strength somewhere else!

Please be aware that the joints were designed with a 0.4mm clearance after printing many test pieces to get the right compromise between fit and print settings. This means it will work with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. Bear in mind that the fingers are 90 degrees to each other so nozzle width and layer height need to compliment each other. Straying from these settings, over extruding material or printing too fast will possibly result in a tight or interferfence fit. My printer replicates the wall thickness in the STL within 0.1mm and the joints fit perfectly. A slight closing of the fingers due to the material warping is normal and easily flexes back on fitting. If in any doubt, print a portion of 2 joints and check the fit before printing the whole component.

I also have a Rasp Pi Cam V2.1 and it doesn't fit. Could you please update it for this Model?
Or is it possible that I can get the cad file to modify, what did you use, freecad?

Hi, if you can link me to the datasheet that matches your cam i can provide a different version. Please check the measurements - mine doesn't seem to conform to the standard (i measured mine with a cheap vernier digital caliper but a rule should be suffient to check it is per the datasheet)

Hi hamkers, thank your for your answer.
I measured the cam and also I found a official sheet for this that matches not bad.


Hi, thanks for the info. From a previous comment I thought it was just a case of moving the holes but this will take a little longer than I expected. On the plus side I have found an STL of the camera which will help with the redesign. Leave it with me - I hope to have something for you by the weekend.

Hi, great, no problem - take your time.

Hi, I have uploaded new front and rear covers and updated the instructions - let me know how you get on!

Just printed the front cover, doesn't fit the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/camera-module-v2/)

Please see uploaded files for V2 CAM - they are experimental until someone confirms they fit ok.

Hi, please see my response to frogl. I'm happy to provide new versions but want to be sure I'm doing the right one to avoid wasted effort.

I bought the latest Pi Cam v2 module and find that holes dont match. Will you issue new versions for front cover?

Please see uploaded files for V2 CAM - they are experimental until someone confirms they fit ok.

Sorry for the delay in answering. It shouldn't be a problem - looking through various datasheets there isn't a differernce between them but it's mine that is different. Maybe mine is a clone..... To confirm, is it the vertical spacing that is incorrect? The datasheet says 12.5mm whereas mine is 13.5mm. I've included a photo of mine

For which Pi Cam version does this model fit?


This is the camera I designed the mount for: Link: http://amzn.eu/bPmz6wD

I didn't use the night vision LEDs in the end because they get quite hot and I was worried about the mount being printed in PLA

how can i find the cam case stl http://amzn.eu/bPmz6wD

I mistakenly bought the Adrucam 5MP on Amazon so I had to print a different base plate and glue it together. Still love this mount and how the cable feeds through the slots. Would be cool to see different cameras made for this.

This is pretty awesome dude.

Thank you!

Based on a few weeks use I'm going to add a new base and a new joint to give more options and make positioning the camera easier. My problem is finding the time!