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League of Legends Champion Compilation

by MiguelAlvarez Aug 12, 2012
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Eres el mejor.. no manches esta recopilación vale oro

How would I go about fixing the Viktor one? The sword is in the air and the cape prints with no supports even though in Cura I am using "supports everywhere". It prints no rafts or supports under the sword either.

I'm relatively new to 3D printing so I hope this is not a dumb question.

Ziggs is full of holes and cracks, netfabb+meshmixer couldnt fully fix, Repetier still doesnt like the model. Ooh well, printed anyway. Its turning out ok so far.

Is it possible to print these without supports?

I am waiting a new Tristan

did you just ask LOL for the stl files?

Can you make one for jhin please?

Just wanted to say buddy, amazing work! Not even a League fan, but so many of these will work amazingly well with me D&D campaign

Priorities first! hope school goes well for you! and you can get back to what you enjoy most :)

I look forward to your future work!

Hmm, looking at the collection, which is simply amazing by the way, I can't find Syndra. I'm just curious as to why she isn't in here haha. If anyone has her model please let me know, and to MiguelAlvarez, fantastic job!!!

Are you able to do Braum please ^_^

Hi, could you do project lucian and project zed please

I can't found Darius :(

What paint did u use for the varus?

sorry I don't have info on that. The varus was a print I gave to somebody and they painted it afterwards. They allowed me to share their pictures after painting it, but it wasn't done by me :/

When I export these to the Makerware, they seem to be inside out or just unprintable. Do you have any suggestions for a League fan that is just getting into 3D printing?

that's odd, I use makerware and havent had that issue with any of these. I also fix all the models on netfabb before uploading them here. Try googling how to fix .stl files with netfabb, maybe that will help. Otherwise, machina has done a pretty good job with modifying the files to be printable without support. Thats very useful for people that have little experience with 3D printing, but of course there aren't very many models available since I'm sure it takes a decent amount of time to do the remodeling. He'res an example http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:525487

Ryze - League of Legends - printable
by machina

May I ask you something about Raf Manager. Do you know a method how I can search for a champion? Because I looked into my files but didnot found the skn file of the newest champions

some are hard to find. Theres a right click option to search, I'd type the championname.skn and usually would find them. some would be a bit harder to find though even through that method

for those who still want lol champions. I'm busy with exporting lol champions
Champions newer than jinx not available but let me know your favorite and I'll try to upload it asap

Could you do the new poppy base model? she's so hard to find :3

For those of you making requests, I apologize but I don't have the software set up on my computer any longer nor do I have the time to set everything up to fulfill requests at the moment :(

Is it possible for you to make a twitch?

Could you upload braum ?

Hey! great work here..is there any way to get mordekaiser on the list for the files? please

Thanks for sharing all these...great work

what are you printing with, and what are your print settings? I tried with PLA, and the results were sub par. I could never get the quality you are getting.

Hey these are great! I was wondering if you would be able to get the new minions / turrets / jungle creatures / nexus / inhibs since the new SR update.

Can you please convert poro, i searched everywere for one :(

Do these already have supports or do I have to make the supports for them? I believe the printer that I have at school is a makerbot, but I could be wrong, I can't check on it right now.

You will have to check the support option in the software if it is available, as these models do not have support designed into them. You can however check out the remixes of this thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:28402/#remixes
I myself have printed machinas remixes both which were pretty great!

League of Legends Champion Compilation

Could you get Blitzcrank and possibly corki?

Can you make Tryndamere or Lissandra? That would be something cool to have since winter is almost here

Comments deleted.

I tried to get some champs and skins following the steps you said and i coudn't...
I can't find league of legends plugin for Maya - and, when i found it .. didn't work - and couldn't convert skn files in to obj files because the program didn't work so well ;/

Could you give me more instructions please?

Obs. sorry my bad english

I recently upgraded some computer components including the hard drive and I never re installed Maya. I cant really provide any instructions on setting up the STL conversion script since I installed that about 4 years ago. As for the league of legends plugin it doesnt seem to be compatible with any of skn files since the introduction of braum.
I'm pretty busy this semester with it being my second to last before graduation so unfortunately I dont really have time to set up maya again and convert more skin files.

Sorry I couldnt help, and your english is fine :)

I really want the project yasuo skin and ionia master yi

Awesome concept. However i would like a Janna and a Malphite, as they are some of my favourite champions. But nice idea anyway

Hey! These are so freaking awesome and I love them! Would it be possible to get Ice Drake Shyvana??


Sorry to bug you with questions but I tried to print Katarina and have problems with my support material not staying in place and screwing with my print :(
I am new with 3d printing and have a airwolf 3d HD printer and try to printwith ABS 15% infill and the grid support material. The software to slice is matter control that uses the Cura slice engine. when I tried with slic3r it stayed stuck on the calculating support material step..

Any setting recommendations to make this print for my son ??

Thanks :)

Since I have a replicator 2x with dual extruders, I do my prints with ABS as the model material and HIPS as the support. it pops off much more easily and if necessary I can dissolve it. Before I used HIPS, I had to mess around with the support settings for a while to get a nice balance of decent support with minimal removal. I'm unfamiliar with Cura though since I've been using the makerbot slicer for a while now. If you can find settings in cura for "minimal support angle" and "support density", play around with those two to see if you get better results. Sorry if this advice isn't very useful but hopefully it helps somewhat

Were you able to print Katarina at all ?
I wonder if you could help me out as I am still a newbie and did not have nearly enough time to play with my printer as I would have liked yet... I saw some options where you could cut the models and print the parts individually and then glue them.. could you possibly break Katarina into small pieces so I can try to print them seperate ?

Thanks for the help :)

I use CURA, cause the support is better, or at least is easier to remove after, use 20-30%15 infill, it helps to support the model internally in a better way, it helps with details.

I made an account just to ask if you could please make a Glacial Malphite :3
If possible with the necessary support and a circular base <3

Could you upload Defender Leona please? I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for these models, you have made me the envy of my friends. I've printed Vi and Ramus so far, they both came out fantastic, and I hope to share some pictures once I have them painted.
Can I request Veigar?
Thanks again!

Oh, and Piltover Customs Blitzcrank (aka Hot Rod Blitz) perhaps?

Nice work! Any chance of getting Sandscourge Skarner uploaded? You don't seem to have him at all.. he gets no love. :(

love has been added

Hey, could you upload Headhunter Rengar please!

some teemo shrooms ( some type for the skin) and nidaly trap if you find it...and maybe if you find baron
thanks a lot for your work

sorry couldnt get the traps, I did get baron though!

The obligatory compliment : Awesome pack ! Thanks for posting this
Each model I have seen and am working on printing has been great .
The Request : CASSIOPEIA in my humble opinion , seems to have gotten lost.
(and if you don't post her .stl ,please send one to me! thanx)

can the minions be extracted as well or are they too small in detail/polygons to print successfully?

Just uploaded melee, caster, siege, and super minions for both blue and red side!

Can you upload Pulsefire Ezreal? Sorry to burden you, but soul reaver draven, shockblade zed, and night hunter rengar would be awesome. And if possible, dragonslayer pantheon. I realize you weren't able to upload the Braum model or skin, which came out at the same time, but could you try Dragonslayer panth?

Oh, and the visual update for karthus, if possible.

It seems like I cant get anyhthing past the Braum update, I get import errors :/
I did get everything else aside from dragonslayer pantheon and karthus though. Sorry couldnt get the rest :/

Hi. ur work is great and i appreciate it.thing uve done is awesome. i tried downloading these stl files for myself to try n print in my printer. i did successfully download only few of them. i need more and almost all of them if possible. m tryin to download files which are not available for download and showing some "404" error. i tried morgana, elise,fizz,renektok,attrox,and more. please fix this asap so i can print it and upload. thanks.

it may have been a thingiverse temporary error or an error on your side because I can download them just fine. If it doesnt work try a different browser or try the option to download all files as a zip. good luck!

I've been trying to print the Lux model, without success. Have you (or anyone reading this) printed her successfully? No matter what I do, her right boot comes unstuck at layer 20-30

hi, which printer do you use for all these models? can i have an image of that lux model?

I myself have not attempted printing her. Have you tried printing with a raft? if not, try using a rectangular block for the base, and merge her feet with the block slightly (look at my diana print picture for example)
good luck!

I tried a raft, her feet unstuck from that too! I'll try a base block next time I have a chance. Thanks very much for the suggestion - I'm still very much a noob!

Hi there! Good to see people do cool things with these 3D models :). I'm just wondering. You're the 12th person I see who has been able to rip these models and you're the 12th one who mentioned he/she used RAFmanager. The only point is; I'm currently at the 4th page of Google's results on this program but not a single result yields a working download-link. So despite the fact that you mentioned what you used to download this; could you perhaps be so kind and also provide a link to said program? I'm dying to know where in the inner circle of internet's Dante's Inferno this program is hiding. Thanks in advance.

I found a link and posted it in the thing info. Yeah Rafmanager was discontinued by the guy that made it as some point I think, I had downloaded it like 2 years ago so it was easier to find then. But yeah he removed it from his website but I managed to find a link to one of the mediafire links that I found in the forums. Good luck!

Could you get the model of just braum's shield? It would be awesome as a stainless steel paper weight!

Wish I could, unfortunately I cant export barums skin. Read my reply to beardface below :(

Soraka and Tarik! Need them for some friend's wedding cake.

Done, hope it wasnt too late for the wedding!

Wow, really sorry but the plugin I use in maya to import skins isnt working for barum. I'm not sure what rito did but their skin format must have changed in some way and the guy that created the plugin stopped supporting it. Sad to say that unless somebody else makes a new plugin, I wont be able to export any new champions starting with braum :(

I see that there is no model of Jayce, that hammer would make a sweet model.

Hey guys, sorry I've been busy with school and other projects lately. I will try to catch up with all the latest requests this weekend!

Pantheon is missing, please.....

woops I mustve forgotten to select him when uploading the new batch of champs. Really sorry to make you wait, hes up now!

Brand please, and Vel' Koz too (I know hes a little too new)

Aether wing kayle pleaseeeee!

and Rengar!

can you extract some type of new ward skin? a lot of ppl ask for this!!! thanks a lot

Nidalee in cougar form, nautilus, and sorry about this one, but nunu without nunu, just the yeti

Leona maybe? I'm printing Leona + Ashe for a friend and his kid for the kid's birthday! They play LoL together.

Any chance of Lulu upload? I'd be happy to do it myself but lack Maya :/

Oh, and maybe Mecha Khazzy
Thanks :D

The Dinger perhaps? Maybe paired with a few turrets. If you do make him, could you wait for the visual update? It will be coming out fairly soon.

Zomg your work here is so awesome I made an account just to tell you that you should make a dogecoin/paypall so people could donate !!! I'm looking for tips on how to slice Jarvan IV properly (on slicr 0.9.1) because when it goes past his head it seems to miss his lance altogether, using supports already.


Talon, Twisted fate, Vel Koz and Battlecast Vel Koz, Please!



Ezreal, Garen, Yasou, and Jaren IV, PLEASE!!!!

I combine Jarvan and garen so I just uploaded jarvan. Ez and yasuo are done as well

Thanks! btw, where in the folder do you find the champion files?

they are extracted using a program called RAFmanager, you wont find them directly exploring the folder. You dont get .stl files though, they are in .skn format and have to be converted using Autodesk Maya

Where can I get the RAFmanager?

Could you upload Gragas, Zed, and Leblanc please?

Please check if champions are uploaded before requesting. i lose track of who I've already uploaded and I dont want to waste time going through the process of converting a champion thats already uploaded. Luckily I remembered uploading gragas but please check next time.
Other than that, zed and le blanc are done

What do you use to extract and convert the files from the game? I tried using Dargon but I cant find a converter to make them stl files, what are you using to extract and convert the files?

I think ice drake shyvanna would look awesome

Can you upload Fisherman Fizz ?

Is there a way to apply original textures?

These are extracted directly from the game folder so they are original textures, unless you mean something else by that. If so then what are you referring to?

I want to print colored models on a 3D Color Printer, for that i need the uv mapping textures

Ah, the champion art files are .dds format. not sure what format you would need it in but you can get the files by extracting them from the league folder using Rafmanager

Sorry for request delays, just finished getting adjusted to new semester in school

Could you upload Lucian and Zyra please. :)

could you upload any of the orianna skins? sewn chaos prefferred :)

Could you upload elise in spider form?

done, sorry for delay

could you upload fiora plz?

Sorry but I'm on vacation right now and didnt bring my desktop with me. I left it on with remote desktop but it seems to have automatically just down or restarted from an update so I wont be able to access it until around Jan 10th. you can post again around that time to remind me if you're still looking to print fiora.

Out of curiosity how do you do this. export it and convert it to this format. Seems like a something fun to learn. I would want to try to do it with Sejuani

you will need autodesk maya to convert the champion .skn files to stl. if you had that I can give a brief explanation of what you need to do

unfortunately I do not thank you though

Great work! Can you please post Surgeon Shen please? :) I will post it when I am finished with it. Thanks!

can you upload lee sin muay thai and lee sin dragon fist? THanks!

Jinx please? She'd be an amazing model :)

Would a Darkflame Shyvana or any Shyvana for that matter be possible? THANKYOU!

Could you possibly upload subterranean nautlius, and sona?

Done, you'll find nautilus as Nautilus_Subterranean instead of subterranean first

hi, able to upload able to upload amumu, Maokai, kennen and kogmaw? Thank

Have you tested all of your models and what slicing software do you use?? Thanks

I havent tested all the models, only the ones I've posted pictures of. My slicing software is makerware 2.4
I made a custom slicing profile on makerware to print support material with my second extruder (which is HIPS to dissolve it) which I could share with you if you're using a replicator 2x as well

That will be great thanks. Sorry I was using my dads account before XD

I just uploaded my profile in a .rar called League HIPS support. Extract it into the directory where profiles are saved which by default should be C:\Users"your user"\My Things\Profiles
This prints the champion with the right extruder and support with the left extruder so make sure the materials are loaded accordingly. I have the support set more dense and at a lower angle than default so I'd only use this if you're using HIPS as your support material. Otherwise you should be able to get away with using the default low, standard, and high resolution profiles and checking the raft and support options
Good luck!

Thanks so much XD

able to upload amumu, Maokai and kogmaw. Thank.

I just got home for thanksgiving so I dont have my desktop with me. Feel free to remind me the monday or tuesday after thanksgiving since I tend to forget things :P

sure, Thank again. Will remind you on Monday.

Could you by any chance make a Renekton model? Would be great for a Christmas Present!:D

you might have missed him, hes already there :P

I do like to print "Mundo" please

Thank you very much.
Once i printed it, i will upload a pic!

any chance of uploading wu kong?

Garen + Olaf if possible? This is awesome btw thanks

Could you do please do lux, fizz, vi and ahri? Also if possible could you do Spirit Guard Udyr? Thanks.

haha thats quite a bit. Done! post pictures of your successful prints along with print settings under "I made one"!

Is there any chance you could get the Battle Born Kayle skin uploaded for me? Or explain to me how I could go about doing it? I only have Autodesk Inventor, but some friends of mine have Maya and 3ds Max.

Done! Both regular and what I believe to be battleborn kayle are added. For some reason she was listed as gunmetal kayle lol

You're a Saint! Thanks a ton! How/where do you find these? I tried hunting it down on google and can't seem to figure it out lol. The Hero_pak hides too well from me.

There is no Hero_pak. That is from a long time ago before some patch somtime around season 1 or 2 (I think season 1). You can extract the files using a program called Rafmanager, but those are the game files. They still need to be converted to STL format using Maya

Alright, thanks for the assistance. I am currently working on setting up the Battleborn Kayle to be more printer friendly without the use of supports.

I'm dont see how that would be possible, maybe reduce support needed but I dont think you can remove it completely (with the exception of maybe putting her in a very awkard position). If you pull it off though I'd love to see it!

It is turning into quite the project trying to get her to print without support. I have removed all supports from the left wing and some from the right, have angled the sword upward, and rested her right hand on her hip. This removes some support but it is impossible to get rid of some of it. I am limited in my printing time as I am using a facilities printer. I am currently printing out a 50% scaled down version to test some of the supports and edges. Hopefully I can get a proper model made and posted.

crap I hadnt thought about putting her hands on her hips to remove support. I was thinking shed have to have them raised in the air haha. Hope to see it work!

I have tried to print standing characters using Ultimaker and Cura but even at 15 cm in height, 0.1mm layer height the results was dissapinting because CURA didn;t created support structures correctly. A lot of pligons that have sharp edges on the bottom most part didn;t received any support structure at all, or sometimes CURA creates so stupid 0.5mm in diameter and 15 cm in height support structure that never sticks or lasts to the top.

Anyone can help with a solution related to CURA BUGGY structure make ?

How did you get that down (Picture 2).
Im afraid of making it, because i think i wont get it down.
Do you have some hints for me?

Just a bit of time and patience with some needle nose pliers lol. It wasnt too bad all around except for the support around the scroll on his back. Thats the thinnest and most delicate part.

ok then we might not be getting them the same way im getting them from the heropak_cleint folder

Do you get them directly in stl format? I had extracted all the data using a program called rafmanager. The files were in .skn format so i converted them to stl using autodesk maya.

I've been getting my own models from lol and I've been able to get the models of charters and print them but i was wondering is there a way to get the models of champion skins?

If you're getting the models the same way as I am, then in each champion folder there is a model for all their skins including original. You just have to export the corresponding one. Some skins are just re colors though so they might be the same

How did you get of the restain? with a chisle or? what did you use?

I removed it carefully with needle nose pliers and a knife. Some parts are easy and some parts are difficulty. You just have to be careful around the thinner delicate areas

made one. but apparently the image upload to thingiverse is not working.
http://morituri.at/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/ryze.pngryze near a tree
printed on an ultimaker using support and layer height of 0.1mm.

thanks for the model, gj. next I try to print one on his back for less cleanup.

Thats odd, maybe its a browser glitch or something because its letting me see the images just fine even when Im not logged in. Im using google chrome. Also great idea! I think I had considered that but decided not too because it reduces the detail of the face and his front since you'll see the the outline of each layer similar to what youd see on the top of his head. im not sure how noticeable that would be though with .1mm resolution. Id love to see a pic if you try it!

yeah, I ended up uploading to another server, tried in ff and chrome.
reduced details on the front... yes I agree.
If you ever happen to make hecarim printable... by accident... I think i am going to need a powerful jungler in my garden soon.

How long did it take to print?

I dont remmember very well since i left it printing overnight in another room. Id say no more than 6 hrs at 80mm/s but I could be wrong