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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Hypercube Fusion (Linear rail and tool changer)

by sschueller Mar 31, 2018
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will the linear rail bend after some time ?

For a HEVO with 400x400 build volume, what size on the rails do I need?

Do the pulleys on the X axis line up with standard hypercube idler locations?

To anyone that's printed these parts, what sort of supports are needed? Full or just "on buildplate"? There are some questionable overhangs so I'm assuming full supports.

The Left and Right XY intersects need full supports, the Xcarrige also requires supports. I am working on a new one which is split into parts so it prints easier.

Hey Stefan, this looks great. You mentioned...

"Please note that I had the rails cut short enough that there is a few mm on each end. Because of the motor and roller mounts you will never reach the end anyways."

Do you mean that the rails should be slightly longer, or the listed lengths are specifically what we should order when doing this?

It just needs to be the same length or a bit shorter than the side extrusion you are going to use. I would recommend something a bit shorter as the rods from the original "kit" were too long although supposedly the same size and I had to cut them which is a huge pain.

So if I'm using 410mm for the Y extrusion length and 420mm for the X extrusion, the lengths you have listed should be OK shouldn't they (as the 405 rail would have 410mm of space and the 470 rail would have the space from the 420 extrusion plus the 30mm on either side from the Y frames, making the available space 480mm in total). Does that all sound about right?

Yes, you should also be fine with a 400mm rail instead of a 405mm which might be cheaper as it may not need to be cut. If you want to enclose the hypercube in the future you need to make sure that the 470mm rail does not come out the sides so 470mm will work fine.

Hi sschueller,

i am really new in 3d-Printing, but this is that fascinating, that i plan to build my own 3d-printer.
Studied a lot of concepts So Corexy an Rails seems to be the best solution for an self buld Printer..
E.g. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3382718
But i always wondered about the 2020 Profiles under the X-Rail, are they not stiff enough?
You proofed they are! Thanks alot.
The less the weight of the moved parts, the faster or accurate, it will work in my opinion.

At the moment i´am not sure about the size ( 300300400 or 400400500 Build Volume ) and i collect any knowledge i can find.

So many Information, ideas, concepts and parts to collect and think about.
E.g. https://zesty.tech/ Nimble or the Sidewinder, or the upcoming Duet 3!
Therefore i´ll probably won´t start this project before October this year.
The result i´ll share under the same Licence that Ben Levi uses.

Greetings from Germany

BLV mgn Cube - 3d printer
by Blv

What are the connectors? Link?

10 set/lot 2.8mm 2/3/4/6/9 pin Automotive electrical wire auto/car 2.8 Connector for E-Bike,Automobile,Motorcycle etc.

Excellent. Thanks.

Was considering building my HEVO using your rail system and was wondering if you feel it's solid enough to incorporate in a build? You still have it listed as a work in progress. I'm printing all my parts right now and would rather print what my final config will be.

It's definitely still work in progress. I am currently also looking into changing the Z axis into rails as well for more stability and hardware auto leveling like the railcore has.

Thank you sir!, I'll wait to see what you come up with. For now, I have all my rod parts paid for so I can always upgrade later. Love your design so I'll keep an eye on it.

awesome project, i made my own design with linear rails similar to this, but not as refined. i ended up having issues with Y axis binding which i solved by letting one of the y-axis "float" if that makes sense. did you have the same issue, and if so how did you overcome it?

I am not sure what you mean but it did take me a while to get the XY intersect to not touch the belt but that mostly due to the way I wanted to mount the piece to the rails.

yeah i had similar issues with alignment, i didnt end up uploading my design because i thought dual parallel rails was a design issue, maybe i just had some crap quality rails?

basically my issue was the y axis parallel rails would bind as they were not perfectly parallel, so i basically made one of the rails float to make it workable. you can see the photo of the rig in my titan adapter. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1881918

i like your design, i might covert over.

E3D Titan adapter for Tech2C Hypercube / Prusa i3
by techwit

Any progress on the tool head?

Still working on it, making slow progress. I will post any update I have once it's ready.

I have one question. How are pulleys mounted to XY-carriage? Are there only screws without any nuts or brass inserts?

In the XY-carriage the screws go directly into the PETG, there are no brass inserts. I also started to remove all the brass inserts from the carriage as they are a pain if you are iterating parts. I replaced them with square nuts. I may add square nuts to the XY-carriage but so far it was not necessary.

I have already printed one XY-carriage and I wasn't quite sure about rigidity especially this screw of pulley which has long hole. The end of this screw has very short space in PETG just under the mount of X linear rail. I just hope that the pulley will be stable and the screw will not slide out.

One of the screws should go in past the opening: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/79/86/ea/b5/ce/cfc79c09ef4c639d2f0ebfa3b8f6b707_preview_featured.jpg (you can't see the second screw because its all the way in)

I was talking exactly about this second screw. How long should this "hidden" screw be?
This screw on the left in the picture is quite stable if you mount it into PETG.

I have a 20mm one in there right now

Ok, thank you.
And how deep does the screw go into PETG from the second side, above the pulley?

Its about 2mm, As far as it will go before hitting the linear rail.

I have one more question.
How did you attach linear rail (MGN 12) to 3030 alu? What is the size of screw and T nuts?
In my MGN 12 linear rail there are 3,5 mm screw holes but I can't find 3.5 mm t nuts for 3030 profiles.

And this can be the week point in my opinion but I will try it if you say that it works.
Thank you very much for your project. Great work.
I am trying to join it with zesty nimble and precision piezo mount from this project:

Hypercube Evolution Complete Hotend Assembly

Hello, I was wondering if you are getting any closer on the tool changer?

Sadly I have not had a lot of time but I am still working on it. I hope to have something soon, at the moment I am trying to get the printer to run correctly with the rails (mostly having issues with electronics (RAMPS 1.4 is a pain) and bed level at the moment (moved from piezo to inductive probe))

Try the bfptouch. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2890290. Its even more accurate than a bltouch

BFPTouch - Poor's man BLtouch. A simple, cheap, neat, precise, compact and reliable any surface Z Proble for bed leveling.

Hey, you say "Please note that I had the rails cut short enough that there is a few mm on each end. Because of the motor and roller mounts you will never reach the end anyways." In that case, do you think (for a standard 300mm hevo) that 400mm rails will be enough, instead of 405mm? 400mm is a lot easier to get a hold of here, without the extra premium of jumping to 450mm and having them cut.

Should be fine, you will just be short another 5mm on the rail, worst case you can put a screw there to prevent the carriage from sliding of the rail if it even gets that far

Comments deleted.

Hello Stefan,

I like your idea to replace rods with rails. Now I have a prusa i3 DIY clone and I'm seriously thinking to realize an Hypercube printer (I love the tools change idea even if I don't like bowden solutions).
I just want to ask you one thing...maybe two:
1) how you keep X rail fixed? I see XY intersect don't have stoppers so rails could escape..or not?
2) When you say your build is for a 300x300x300 I think you talk about 'Min. Build Volume / Travel
' field in xls Scott's file with such configuration is there enough space for not bowden changeable carriages?


Ok for point 1 I just saw now a screw, it's visible on last picture

Will the tool changer or extruder mounts that were designed for Scott3d's hypercube evolution fit? Just curious since this is intriguing but am using a bondtech direct drive system atm and have no skills to design a mount for that lol

No, not at this time. The Extruder is also mounted in the other direction.

hello, what fans are installed there. And what a connector for the x axis connections they used.



you can look how i realized my tool changer, especially the kinematic couplings.

CoreXY Tool Changer Motion System
by smoki3

thanks, I will wait for the design for profile 2020. A great job.

Looking at the design, my concern would be is the XY-carriage strong enough in the part where the belt pulleys mount - I am afraid if it would bent from the belt tension ?

Do you have STEP files for this machine available?

I will once I am done with the design.

Pieces for a perfil 2020????

Thank you

Hey, love your work on this! I just wanted to ask you one thing before i hit the order button! Could you do a video pushing the X axis Rail down with normal force? The reason i changing is that my 10mm X rods flex eg"when i try to push filament by hand, https://youtu.be/1024-A5XaeY Here is a vid to show you what i mean. If your design wont do that ill be happy to do this too!

Thanks a lot! You actually put a lot more force than me! I was just putting force equal to the amount of force you put on the filament when you pushing it through the nozzle! I guess it will be a lot better when i do the upgrade. Just want to make a last try with aluminium rods i have around before ordering rails. Might redesign it a bit to add a 2020 or 1515 extrusion!

hello stefan,
i absolutely love this design i have most of it all printed and ready to go. when do u think you will have new carriage and e3d v6 mount ready??

Thanks, I hope soon (I will post the new parts I have in the next few days but I have not tested them). I haven't had a chance to get things working yet with the carriage mostly du to Problems with my bed and not the mount.

Hello Stefan.

I like that one really. Can you say something about the rail quality after some time?
Do they start rusting? corrosion? Are you still happy with them? What about the noise?

I am asking cause i ordered rails once from china and made a really bad experience.


Hi Stephan,

My rails are still good but it has only been a short time. I can not say if these are any good over a long period of time. So far no rust and no corrosion, they are quieter than the original HEVO bearings but I don't know if original rails would be quieter.

I don't know how much more original rails are but if it isn't a huge difference I would probably go with the originals if you are concerned about quality. I assume you also get some warranty on the originals.



Hi Stefan,

Looking at the motor plate and rear pulley positioning... seems like are same as positions and height as original HEVO placement - is that correct? that means only thing changed are:
1) Rods to Linear Rails
2) XY joiners + Clamp => XY Joiner of Linear Rails
3) Change of X Carriage to Linear Rail version
4) Rear Pullies and Motor Mount (Removing the Rods Support) are the same? (Height and position)

The reason why I asked this is that of the screw holes and mount will not fit the TOP of the if I am using L brackets as they will sit down about 12mm from the top of the 3030 extrusion

I kept the belts, pullies and motors in the same position as the origin HEVO. However because of the rail the motor mounts and the pullies at the back don't fit so I slightly modified them but the position is the same.

Hi Stefan!
Just ordered my rails from the place you ordered...
what do you use to hold the nuts in the carriages? brass inserts? I am planning to move my bondtech direct drive+ v6 volcano on this linear rail setup... do you have more photos on how you hold down the X mgn15h rails to the xy joiner?

The carriage posted currently has brass inserts but I am working on a new version which uses nuts instead (green one in the pictures). Here is another photo of the xy intersect: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/79/86/ea/b5/ce/cfc79c09ef4c639d2f0ebfa3b8f6b707_preview_featured.jpg

hi, are you happy with the rails? im in the process of converting and can decide if its worth a shoot with chinese hiwins, since the consistency in quality is lacking compared to the genuine taiwanese ones. what do you think?

I am happy with the rails I got but I have had bad one as well (other supplier) in the past.

Hi Stefan,
Have you used linear rails on the z axis? Not seen on the pictures or in the video. İf not is it because the extra cost wouldn't worth it?

I have not looked into that yet. I think the improvements are probably minimal for what it will cost as the z axis doesn't move as fast and as much as the other two.

Hi Stefan
Printed the parts with one off them modified to take scotts hotend setup.
But when I assemble it in the rails the the pullys on the ends of 15 rails don't lineed up with where the belts clamp to the carrage.
Pic added
Can you shed any light on this for me?

Can you post a picture? I am currently working on a new version of the carrage which is easier to print. I will post it soon.

Don't know what went wrong dut it should have loaded with the origanal post.
Trying again

Odd, I don't have that. Mine line up.

Did you by any chance lower the clamps when you made the modifications?

No only thing I did was to add the 4 holes for the steel pins and a through hole to bolt on

Your right
Just been and checked and its gained 6mm
My apologies

No Problem :)

A suggestion if I may!
Put a link on to the facebook thread?

Hi Stefan

What is the weight of the X gantry? 600-700g at a guess.

How does this impact on speed (print, travel, acceleration, jerk etc) compared to the usual Hevo twin carbon tube style solution?

Hi Siluri,

I don't know the weight, I would have to dissemble to find out. It's about the same as the regular Hevo rods I would say. I have also not tested the speed and acceleration yet as I am still trying to get a working tool head. I will do all that once I have it working with a good tool head and I can print better parts as my other 3d printer is very bad at PETG.

Hi Stefan,
I noticed that:
2 x MGN12H 405 mm
1 x MGN15H 470 mm

Why is it 12 for the Y and 15 for X? can it be all 15? also I saw some ppl have put a 2020 extrusion on X... I assumed that 15 is good enough that it does not need a 2020 extrusion for support?

(I am thinking about changing all of my rods to rails instead)
(also how does it fit a flag for endstops (optical?) just CAD it and add a flag (X & Y) on top of the left XY holder?


Hi Tony,

I used MGN12H's so that the carriages don't stick out of the 3030 in case I want to attach an enclosure at some point. The MGN15H rail carriage would stick out. Yes, the MGN15H is solid and doesn't need any support in my opinion.

The Y flag can just be added on the top of the XY intersect and put in the holes that are already present. For the X end stops some sort of flag needs to be added to the XY Intersect. I am in the process of rotating the belt clamps by 180 so that the hot end faces the back which will change the position required for the X flags. I will post my changes soon.

is there anything to securely tighten the MGN15? from the model looks like it just slides into the slot with no fastener?

There is a slot on the underside to put a screw throught the rail and mount it with a nut.


I have also looked into your video, I noticed that the motor mount still half way out on the inside (supposed where the RODS to go in the original design of the Hypercube and HEVO. Now there are no more RODS, for the motor mount and the pully - can those put push out towards in the middle of the 3030 extrusions instead? (there would be a 12mm offset of course) Also would the 4 screws holes for the Y Carriage Blocks of the MGN12 rail blocks could also be used for the 20T tooth pulleys? which not only save screws - but also helps with the inertia as well, as the X MGN15 would sit directly on the bottom of the rail and sandwich with the pulley blocks than off in the side where "plastic is your weakest point"? Just some ideas....


can you tell me the size for 400x400x400 ??

thank you

Hi Stefan,

i am also working on a tool changer in the e3d design. I also will use the kinematic coupling to align the print heads. I found a very cheap, compact and highly precision way to realize the coupling with standard parts.

I already have design the "T-Bar-Spring" mechanism with 3D printed parts. Next is to design the gears for the servo integration.

So if you want to share infos let me know. I will public my design as soon i have it ready.

Sounds great, let me know when you post your design.

Hi Stefan

Following your work with interest!

Once you have your first build done and you start to look into modifications it would be great to see you look into an "infinite build/conveyor belt" version.

Zechy's build -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2818937
Bill's work -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2358314


Hypercube Infinite Z
by Zechyc
Tilted Conveyor FDM Printer Post Processor

Like the design, building it right now. However I have to make some modifications, as I use all MGN12 rails. A version for that would be nice :)

Once I am done I will look into doing some variations.

any news on the all MGN12 version?

looking forward to convert my hevo :)

There's no flex in having just the rail in the X axis? Could it be made more rigid with a 2020 extrusion?

There is practically no flex. Compare to the original hypercube which easily flexes this thing is rock solid even without a crossbar.

Hi, I'm looking to build a HyperCube Evolution with your mod, and just want to confirm the screws you're using are m2.5? Thanks a ton for your work as well as uploading the f3d files, that'll make it way easier to make future mods if necessary!

Thanks :), most screws are M3, the screws mounting the rails are M3 with 3030 nuts (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/100pcs-30-M3-hammer-nut-M3-block-t-slot-nuts-for-3030-aluminum-profile-extrusion-Slot/32688405142.html) with a M3 hole. I hope to have more detailed instructions soon.

I checked the hole sizes in fusion, and the ones I measured are 2.35mm dia, is that the dia you've found to work for threading m3 screws directly into? If so, I'll just change those values to what I've found to work for the screws I have. Thanks!

The rails in the Fusion files are not the ones I purchased. You will also notice that the holes on the carriages do not line up. See the ali express link in the description for the exact dimensions. The M3 screws pass right through the holes in the rail. When I get some time I will update the rails and carriages in the fusion files to be the correct dimensions

I saw you made it as far as printing. Really looking forward to try that out. It is a costly upgrade but definitely a worthy upgrade.

Watching with interest for my upcoming build. How noisy are the linear rail bearings compared to shaft bearings?

They are quiet but I think it strongly depends on the quality. My shaft bearings were awful and and made scratching noises.

How well does it work to the original rod based system for the HEVO?

I have never had the original HEVO print however I did have it assembled and there was quite a bit of rotational flex on the X axis as well as flex between the X and Y joint (I could pull the one side towards the front and the other towards the back). Using the rails I have almost no flex, it takes a lot of force to flex either. See the attached image.

Thanks. So how far did you get it to work so far? Can you already print and could you give me an overview of how well it works because I am currently building a HEVO and found as well that the rod system is not bad but also not perfect. ^^

It isn't printing yet. I did do a test print but I am still having some issues with Marlin and the TMC-2130 overheat protection. Additionally the tool head I have right now is temporary until I finish the tool changer.

I wont know how good the print is until I finish which is going to be a while as I am also waiting for some parts to arrive. I will post any update in the description.

could you upload fusion files?

Added, please note they are work in progress and will change.

Can you upload a video of it in use?

Added to description