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Filament Box Grommet

by Flip_Schaumal Mar 24, 2018
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great design and cool "mechanics". the clamping mechanism for the filament is ingenious. Since I have no(!) idea how to programmatically create 3D structures or, no clue how to operate openSCAD .. how can I make the thread of the inner grommet longer?¿ I don't want to use the seethru ikea boxes and the wall thickness I have is about 8mm .. I have tried changing numbers but it just won't work ..

thanks for everything


Hi b.,
I have to admit you're right, the script does not work properly for a wall thickness different to 1mm. I have to rework parts of the script to cover this, but it could take some days until I have the time to do so. Sorry and thanks for reporting!

This would be great, thank you so much!

ps : I don't think anybody here uses anything different than IKEA Samla boxes with 1mm wall thickness. And every filament manufacturer writes "No exposure to UV light". I haven't checked, but I think they are still seethru, no tint ;)

Did an update to the files, the result is being printed. Will upload the files if they work.

Awesome, can't wait!

I uploaded the updated files (v2).

The standard values in the files (mount_thickness = 0) are chosen for a wall thickness of 1mm and produce the identical result as the previous version. For your application with walls of 8mm thickness, please set the parameter mount_thickness to 7 and generate new STL files. You might want to verify the impact of the parameter in OpenSCAD. Good luck / have fun!

I will test it tonite and give you some feedback. Thanks again for all the work!

Have you been able to test the files? do they work for your box?

Sorry, "familiy business" kept me off the printer. Testing it with 8mm thickness (mount_thickness = 9.0) right now ..

Compilation with OpenSCAD (macOS) produced the following output

Compiling design (CSG Tree generation)...
Rendering Polygon Mesh using CGAL...
PolySet has nonplanar faces. Attempting alternate construction
PolySet has nonplanar faces. Attempting alternate construction
Geometries in cache: 118
Geometry cache size in bytes: 2283544
CGAL Polyhedrons in cache: 54
CGAL cache size in bytes: 88988144
Total rendering time: 0 hours, 1 minutes, 41 seconds
Top level object is a 3D object:
Simple: yes
Vertices: 6609
Halfedges: 24386
Edges: 12193
Halffacets: 11192
Facets: 5596
Volumes: 5
Rendering finished.
STL export finished.

Sliced with a "not watertight" message, ignored that (as always) and printing right now .. Will post a "Make" in .. 2:38:48 ... ;)

Thanks for posting your make - and good to see that it works for you :-)

Comments deleted.

Thanks for posting your make - and good to see that it works now :-)

SCAD, nice.
I'm learning it too, looking pretty powerful.

This is a great little project, however I cannot screw the cap completely once I have a filament in the clamps. It's like they either need to be shorter or the cap deeper. Anyone else has that issue?

I updated the clamp to have an increased clamping force of the filament. Since it is dimensionally compatible with the old version, you may just print the new clamp.

Having printed already few of this guys I would say that there are some things to consider.
1) If you are making big Drybox with 4 filaments on 32cm tube, make sure that you print adapter that allow each filament to rotate freely from others.
2) Do not cut the hole in the middle! Do it high or low - because there would be some extra tension! I've tried 2 positions - top & center - and both seems be far from ideal.
3) I think it would be much better if threading here on the first 2 parts would be counter-clockwise & on the extrnal cup - clockwise. Often when you unscrew outer part - you accidentally unscrew inner as well. Better even to glue it there.

Thanks for your feedback! On my prints I was able to screw the inner and outer part tight enough so that they I haven't yet unscrewed them accidentally. Since you unscrew the cap from the outer part, I hoped that it would be good enough to keep holding the handle of the outer part while unscrewing the cap from it. But fixing the grommet with glue may help additionally.

What size of filament is this designed for?

Sorry, forgot to mention: I designed it for 1.75mm filament.

Building a box with these little doodads now! I made one and in the process of another. Just what I was looking for! Saikek has good advise though. Getting them in the right spot of your box to eliminate binding is simple but you can be surprised. Make holes with caution.