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Anaconda 2 Part (Elite Dangerous)

by Kahnindustries Mar 23, 2018
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how big it can be??

As big as you can fit on your print bed, resolution of the model is humongous

Could you PLEASE do one of the Diamondbacks?

I'm fairly new to printing and slicing, but when I import this into Slic3r, I see a lot of gaps that I'm not sure how to repair. I get similar when I open the back part on its own

If anyone is wondering; I ran the STL files through Microsoft's 3D Builder on Windows 10 and it looks like it's fixed the models quite nicely. Next step will be the real test - printing it!

Can you publish the result as remix?

The hotel WiFi finally decided to play ball and let me upload the file. I've attached it here rather than publish it as a remix for now. Looks good in Slic3r, but like I said without being able to actually test print it I'm not 100% sure if it's totally right or not.

Slic3r reckons around 5:30 to print at 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill and with supports. Not sure what it will make of the hollow body...

Hi! it took some doing, (first time using blender and all) but I managed to cut the repaired file in half for easier printing. thought I'd share the STL's for y'all.

Edit: btw, printed it and it's awesome.

Hi Studley! Thingiverse didn't notify me that you'd replied. Glad to hear you got it worked out, I actually have a friend asking me if I can print an Anaconda so I'll investigate your model for him =)

I have actually re-made the stl’s from scratch and.they are perfect now :)

Federal Corvette is nearly done too

I'm just looking at them now, they're spot on!

Thanks, I am nearly done on the first diamondback, I will need to come back passed the conda and give it a revisit using my new techniques

nearly perfect! only thing I can see that's missing is the starboard side weapon port at the nose of the ship is missing after you slice. picture provided as reference.

otherwise, everything else I've seen appears as correct as you can without adding the super incredibly small details.

Comments deleted.

Sure, but it’ll be a while until I can. I’m on holiday at the minute so I’m not near my printer to test it to see if all issues were resolved

If you have Windows 10, 3D Builder should be installed by default if you want to try it yourself

Yes lad! A 1-piece part!!!! Thanks so much

The job of splitting it up should be job of slicer, If we would get full model, probably it would fix that problem and we would be able to split it wherever we want.

I have some full models, one from another site, and another ripped directly from elite, but they're no better, or in the case of the game model, actually much, much worse. honestly I would have done what repairs I could but I'm no good at 3d modelling!

I found full model from other site and it creates errors when I try to split it, so now I'm trying to print it whole with support, god knows how it will turn. But still probably pre-split model on this item should be present as a fallback.

my problem is that it was missing entire layers on the slice, or having odd hollow cavities in random sections. I presume latter problem is because of gaps in the model. just looking at the slices layer by layer told me that it just wasn't viable no matter how I tried. the models require fixing before they can be print worthy.

thicker walls, and sealing up the gaps, from what I'm seeing.

Exactly same experience, and gave up on splitting it.

I want to like this, but I'm having problems but I'm noticing the pixel thin walls as well as some gaps in the modelling is causing my slicer some major problems in getting a viable print.

I'll watch this closely for updates/fixes!

I found how you fix the issue with the slicer not recognising the hollow design! You must rotate them on the build plate first so that they are vertical and then your slicer should be ok.

Nice model, but there are some errors in the structure. Would you consider publish 2 other variants, one with solid internals so the software is not confused by the hollow. And one variant with the whole thing together making me decide where I want to split it or if I want to try to print it in one piece.