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Geode City

by sirofsky Mar 21, 2018
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It worked! Thank you so much I used a robot that was flashing different color like a rainbow and it looks really cool! thank you so much for the advice and help!

Hooray! Of course, so glad it turned out nice. Would you mind uploading your make? I'd love to see it.

This looks cool, my 3D printer bed is kinda small so I am going to do it as a project saying I am going to have to scale it just right.

the outer works great we scaled down 2 percent also is it supposed to have a light slide in or go on the back?

Awesome! I usually place a light under the print and display it like a lamp.

Cool! We are going to try a candle light that might fit if not we might take the candle apart to make it small.

Rad! Please post your make when it's done I'd love to see it!

Go for it! The model should be able to scale down to fit. Just maybe scale down the inner geode an extra percent or so to allow room for the tolerances.

Cool, Thanks!

This looks cool, my 3D printer bed is kinda small so I am going to do it as a project saying I am going to have to scale it just right.

When I throw the file into Cura, its really small. How big should it be?

Hey there! No worries, that's a common issue, some problem with export settings from Fusion 360. The good news is, you can scale it however you'd like. But, the intended scale should be 25.4 times the imported scale (converting from millimeters to inches).

I appreciate it. Thanks!

THIS came out GREAT...I used a nice BLACK for the outside and used Clear Filament which gave it a milky white finish. I put a LED remote controlled light on the inside that allowed me to change the COLOR and even cycle through various colors. I increased the size a bit and it does take a while to print...and NOTE: You need to be VERY careful when taking out the supports for the City Scape...but I am very happy with the outcome of my little project and it was a gift to a Senior in my Senior Apt building who absolutely loves it.

Is there any options to modify city? Can you send blank inner model or model fo fusion?

This is a fantastic project, but I am struggling to print the base with Cura. Since it's modeled as a hollow objects I can't put supports inbetween the surfaces, and it doesn't recognize it as a bridge. Tried printing it upside down with similar results. I am going to make my own base in Fusion 360. Can you make a solid model or upload the cad files?

Ooh this is almost Castrima comm (an underground township carved from a geode) from N.K. Jemisin's Broken Earth series. Cool stuff!

that is exactly what I used. I like the idea of the remote control and the ability to change colors...I am now printing a Mindcraft box for a friends son and will put one of those lights on the inside...

Bad design because it broke my printer

lol it's not the design...

I'm sorry to hear that! Out of curiosity, what settings did you print with?

I really like the design you've made here, interesting concept. I'd like to print this out of translucent filament and coat it in varnish for a seamless look, but the "walls" make it so that there's an inaccessible gap inside even at 0% infill. Is there a possibility you could change up the design to not have the supporting structure in the back, so as to print this as a thin, one-line-wide shell? Screencap attached - I'm meaning the side that's facing the top-right side of this image.

Do you mean you'd like the model to not be hollow on the inside anymore?

That's actually an option I hadn't considered that might work - as it stands, Inner_Geode's hollow interior is preventing me from doing the above mentioned, and making it not hollow could let me do that. I think a zero infill with a completely "solid" model (which would let me cut a hole out of the bottom) would get the desired result.

Wow. This is GREAT both as a print AND a concept. Love it! You are very gifted for sure. Here's an idea for your next Mt. Everest to climb:
Model an 'actual' geode rock sliced just like a real geode. Model lots and lots of random crystals into the geode shell. When you print it, print the crystals with clear PETG (or similar). Here's the twist: Inside EACH crystal are layers, that are actually thin support material printed in either UV (or glow in the dark) trying to mimic layers of crystal. When the geode is LED backlit like your Geode City above, I bet it would look simply amazing. : ) EDIT I see someone else was kinda thinking along the same lines only the crystals are not filled with translucent or (mostly) transparent material. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2591643

Crystal thing

Looks like this could really benefit from variable layer heights. But I'm an S3D user.

You can do variable layer height in S3D

Yeah, but it's not a variable curve, but it's possible.

this looks great I would love to give it a try but I'm finding getting started a little challenging because CURA opens it up so tiny! I want to scale it up just to the point that the LED puck fits in there...

Hi there! Sorry about the scaling issue, I modeled the piece with inches as my units but Fusion 360 exported it in mm. To scale it back up to intended size, simply scale by a factor of 25.4. That should be large enough to fit the LED puck inside (albeit a tight fit). Scale it up a little more than that for a more spacious fit.

Hi, this looks really awesome!! I was about to print this, but in the file that gets downloaded, the inner geode file is not just the inner geode but also has the shell attached. Could you please take a look, maybe the current file is mislabeled or something. Thanks a ton!

Hello! I've uploaded the model in two flavors. One is the one piece model you're describing, the other is in three parts, the outer shell, inner city, and base. Did you download all the files or just the one piece?

I downloaded all the files(attached) and it doesn't include the city separately to print in different material

Hmmm, when I downloaded it all the files were there. To clarify, the inner city piece still has the rest of the shell form around it. Some of the other makes that have been posted show what that piece looks like. I'm attaching the inner geode stl here too. Sorry for the confusion, I hope this helps!

Just GORGEOUS! I can't wait to build one.

Thank you! Please share your make when you're done, I'd love to see how it turns out

Now that's really cool, I love it!

Thanks for sharing.

I printed this on my Ender 3 and let Octoprint create a Timelapse! Looks really cool.

Nice Timelapse!!

Wow! That looks awesome! Thank you for sharing

Very Nice! I guess you could also use clear Filament? And put a Led bellow it also?
I was wondering if you had any difficulties using the UV reactive Filament? I haven't used it yet?

Thank you! Yes you could definitely also use clear Filament and illuminate with an LED.
I had no trouble with the UV reactive filament. I used Makerbot filament on a Makerbot printer and didn't make any change to my settings.
Happy printing!

I like the platform that he has made. But the city theme, while neat, isn't my style. I'd like to have a blank Insert that I could edit the mesh to add a bust, another theme, or maybe even a Litho. Only problem is the Insert mesh has too many faces and crashes every program I use. Anyone able to edit this? Tried in Fusion360, Freecad, and Blender. All crashed.

Hi there! This has been requested in the past, but to be honest modeling the city took a lot of work to figure out how to make it printable with no supports and I'd rather not publish the piece sans city. You could maybe try remixing the outer shell piece?

When I import the file to Slic3r, the object is less than 1x1 cm. Do I need to rescale?

Yes, it does need to be rescaled. I sometimes experience this odd glitch where it flips mm and inches, so scale it up by a factor of 25.4 to get to its original size. However, you can scale it as large or small as you'd like.

Hi, great model. What top, bottom and wall thickness do you recommend for inner part?

What a fantastic model. Thank you for sharing your work.
I've been searching for a suitable colour changing LED model but nothing seams to quite fit the bill.
Can you tell me what you used please?

Thanks so much! I used an LED color changing light puck. I'm having trouble posting an amazon link but mine looked like the attached image.

Thats fantastic, thank you. I'll see if I can find them this side of the pond.
Oddly, my email notification included your link, just not here. Very strange.
Appreciate the quick response.
Of course I will post a make when it's complete

I kept trying new links but none of them linked back to the product page so I edited the comment and removed it.
You got it! Excited to see your make!

No problem, some things just don't go to plan lol. But I got it anyway.
I'm probably going to use an Arduino micro with some WS2812 LEDs so that I have more control over the brightness and fade times etc.
Either way, I will post a make when I get time to build it.
Appreciate all you help.


Appreciate your answer. Keep up the fine designs.


Love the idea and shape as lamp. Is it possible to add an inner part without your city?
I could then add some own statues in it and print as lamp because I really like the minimalistic looking shape of your creation.


Hi Leo,
In my opinion I believe that defeats the integrity of the model. The city was the part I spent a lot of time and effort modeling. You're welcome to remix it on your own but I'm not going to remove the distinguishing feature of it and post it. You're also welcome to just print the Outer Shell piece and do whatever you'd like with that.

Absolutely fantastic. I will be printing it today, thank you for posting this piece very well done and thought out!

Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm very excited to see how your print turns out!