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Titan BT 7274

by TheProbe Mar 21, 2018
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Ok, so I am a huge Titanfall fan and new to 3d printing. I love this model and how it looks, but i cant figure out how to orientate the models and I don't know which parts need support, and I figure that the creator would be the person to ask. Also, what infill should it be printed with? Any help would be much appreciated!

Check the manual, it is included! Infill is good about 10/20%

Look the manual and tell me if you understand everything!

I found the manual (love the way the manual is put together by the way) now what kind of supports should I use for the various pieces? And is there specific brand of gummy glue that works well, or does it not matter?

If you are very new in 3D printing, this model could be a little challenge to realise! You should maybe do practise with other prints before.

But it is ok if you follow instruction carefully: you have just to enable support as the manual says, just for those object who needs it
There are two main way to enable: "in every places" - "from the plate"
The only one who needs the support on "every places" it's 'The Frame'.
For the others who needs support, if i remember right, they just need support "from the plate".
Then just look by your slicer and see if in your opinion support go on every place it is needed.

About the glue, in order to slow and stabilize movements, you can try Vinyl glue or some soft glue gel, JUST DO NOT USE acrylic glue or similar strong glue

Thank you so much for your help! This is my first "complex" model. I've mostly done moderate level stuff to this point and I'm really happy with how the pieces have been printing

Can't wait to see your model completed! :)

Hey, did you ever write down assembly instructions for this?

Yes, i did It yet! You should find assembly instruction included in download files

Hi Frankensig, i updated Titan BT 7274, take a look on it of you like :)

Hey there, just wondering if you can share how you achieved the different colors on one piece, such as the black details on the frame piece. Did you paint the red plastic, and if so, what kind of paint did you use? I'm planning to give this to a friend, and would love to paint it like you did. Any info on how you painted it would be appreciated!

Hi MaineMade, in the case of the red Titan, I printed it in black Pla and colored it with a red spray can, covering the parts that had to remain black with paper tape.

You Just need spray cans in the color you like and some paper tape. The Little logo in the chest of the titan Is just (2D) printed :D

P.S. i really would like to see you work, before and after :D

Thanks for the reply! I'm very impressed by this model, as well as your other titan models - especially the ion! The detail and fidelity are top notch.

I think I'll take your approach to painting - initially chose to print the frame in red PLA and planned to paint the black details on by hand, but your method sounds much easier.

I certainly will post my make when it's done. It'll be a bit, since I need to wait for my PEI sheet to arrive, since I just switched to a glass bed due to the stock bed being warped, and now I'm having adhesion issues (the frame model popped off the bed at about 75% complete). Funny how one things leads to another with this hobby! Thanks again for the reply, and the great models.

Hi MaineMade, i Just wanted you to know that i did a big update of Titan BT 7274 and now even NorthStar Is online, on cults3D :)

really liked your model... you thing to make another titan?

Hi Gungriffonbr! I have already done others titan, as: Tone, and Ion. You can find them on Cults3D :)

Hi gungriffonbr, i did a big update of Titan BT 7274 and now even NorthStar Is online on cults3D. Take a look if you like :)

Im having some trouble with the hand pieces, for some reason the finger connectors are messing up and look like a scribbled kindergarten drawing. could you have any incite?

Maybe you downloaded old wrong files of the hand, try download them again if you didn't yet. Please follow instructions, on how to build them, try put the staples forming a 'Z' between the pieces using a pincer. next time, if you fail, try complain yourself and your skill, and less to a designer and his free design

I appreciate the advice and help, but my question was(sorry i didn't clarify) if filament speed or infill type is important because the finger numbs that allow me to place the staple together (which I have learned from you assembly instructions) are not printing right and keep looking like a filament mesh mess. the thumb hole prints fine but the three finger numbs aren't printing correctly. is there a specific way you printed?

Okay Micheal, maybe i understood the problem. Probably you didn't enable supports, that's why the hole for the finger of the hand couldn't be created. Try again enabling supports.

In any case it is good to know for improving assembly manual or design of pieces. Let me know if you will make it

Wow! That is amazing! Great work, dude. I myself am working on a full sized SERE Kit that can hold the Data Knife from FusedCreations. I would love to see Scorch or Legion from Titanfall 2. I love the Ogre chassis with a passion. Keep up the great work!

Thank you! That would be awesome! I cant wait to see some of your work. I prepared another titan, but it is Tone! (coming soon). A lot of people asked me for every tipe of titan, but it cost me a lot of work, i think Tone (which is one of my favourite) is the last titan.

Very few days and Tone gonna be online on on a very small price. If the project would be successful maybe i gonna try other titans :)

Would you be willing to take commission or some form of payment to create the other titan models?

Looking forward to the new Titan model
Thanks for all your hard work on the Vanguard Model It is a work of art, And I'm sure Tone Will be great too
Is a shame that No more titan are joining the Collection

Hi Max, i just want to tell you my new titan Tone is available on Cults3D, just type "titan tone" :)


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nice model but what do you use to connect some of the joints like the hands, is their a file with the pegs that is not finished yet, otherwise could you tell me what you used

Hi! I'm updating new better files, i think now should works! I'm sorry about the mistake, let me know how the work is going, i would like to know your experience about building the titan

How do you fix all the joints together

What you mean exactly? Are you trying to build the titan? You have an instruction manual included for it

the elbow joint as well as all three similar joints in the legs have holes but no matching pegs. and it is not specified in the manual how to attach these pieces together. honestly i might just glue the thing together so nothing breaks. excluding ball joints head, upper arms and wrist joints.

I thought in the manual was written about using Screws and nuts for arms and legs, (two m2x13mm for arms, on the elbow, four m2x18mm for legs). Of course you have to buy them.

If you're going to make another titan My vote is ion!
Also, There is a model of ion Online But it is not optimised to 3D printing
Maybe you could take Bits and pieces of the model And incorporated it into your existing design

Not easy at all anyway D:
I see what i can

Are you thinking of making another titan?

Hi marcusbaze, i'm working to the last titan, i'm thinking about 'Tone' from Titanfall 2. Do you have some special request?

Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Absolutly amazing design. How did you do it? I’m having difficulty with scorch prime in blender.

Hi Little_Neo, thanks. Well, i work with blender too. I loaded on it screenshot captured from my ps4 and modelling tracing the shapes of Titan BT 7274, it was not easy at all. I had to work to it about a month for the first prototype. Just work hard, and you will!