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Caduceus Blaster

by MKojiro Mar 21, 2018
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I decided to print the body in 2 pieces, but after printing Front_Body, I realised there is no file for the rear included. The rear is present in Body_1_piece and Caduceus_Blaster_Parts. Could you update with the file included or send me the file? Thank you for creating this model :)

Hey wesdewess,
I've uploaded the rear portion for you to the general list. Sorry for leaving it off.

Is it possible to get the editable 3D files, that is not a mesh?

Honestly I'm not sure what you even mean by this?

Body_1_piece.stl seemed to be the only single part file that has the top rear most part of the gun (part that the hammer rests on).

However, now that I've printed it, I have no idea how Trigger.stl is supposed to fit into it.

Is Body_1_piece.stl designed for some specific scenario?
If so, what am I supposed to print to match the Main_Barrel.stl and Trigger.stl parts which I've printed/am printing?

Caduceus_Blaster_Parts.stl seems to contain Front_Body.stl, the rear half of Body_1_piece.stl and a full Body_1_piece.stl. I can't find the rear half of Body_1_piece.stl as a single file. I assume if Front_Body.stl and the rear of Body_1_piece.stl parts are printed separately, the trigger will fit into Front_Body.stl and be covered by the rear piece.

The parts from Caduceus_Blaster_Parts.stl are a smaller scale to the separated part files, so splitting parts out of it doesn't result in a directly usable part.

I haven't printed it, but this seems to be what I want, though I'll have to scale it up 147% to match my already printed Body_1_piece.stl.

EDIT: I resized and split the pieces in 3D Builder. I can't get the length to match the length of Body_1_piece but the width seems OK. They're Front_Body_rear and Front_Body_front.

Comments deleted.

Hi, Im new in 3d printing,and I want to make a mercy cosplay. Are this files on scale? I need to change anything before printing? it seems to me that they are really big and Im worried that the final piece would be huge.
Thanks in advance!

Hey Gabrielmozart. When you say 'to scale' the best I can tell you is it fits most people's hands. It is probably larger than you think (from how it appears in game) but scaling is very simple.

What i would suggest is printing the handle alone first. See how it feels in your hand. From there you can scale it as required. If you're having problems with the scaling, send me a message and I'll sort you out. :)

Im printing now thank you so much! One more thing, would do you manage to take the support out of the center of the piece? Like the supports inside of the body piece? Im struggling every time I try to take the supports.
Thank you so much for the files and the answer! I really appreciate it

If you are using Cura as your slicing software, there is an option to change support placement from "everywhere" to "buildplate only" > I think that's what you are looking for.

Yes! That's was what I was having trouble with. Sorry, English is not my first language and I did not expresse myself the right way. Thank you!!

I don't quite understand your questions sorry. Supports are usually done by the slicing software, not design. Could you provide a screen shot of what you're talking about please?

Sorry, English is not my first language and I think I expressed myself wrong. I was having difficulty taking the support off the final printed piece. I had help from a group in Facebook and now the supports come out very easy. Thank you for everything!!

Just started to print it..
what is the idea of "Mercy_gun_rear_fix" and "mercy_gun_top_fixb" and having other files inside which are looking same (expect holes for screws)...

Will it work to print "Body_1_Piece" & "Handle_1_Piece" oder do we have to print the seperate files?

If I'm perfectly honest, it's hard to say. Some people have reported requiring the 'fix' pieces to get things to work, others have said they needed to do work regardless and others have built it just fine, as is. It's really baffling to me. What I've managed to print went together just fine so... shrug.

I'd recommend going with the base files, unless you have a problem. Then you can either use the fixes or contact me directly. I'll do what I can to clean up/fix whatever issue you're having.

Hello! I love the model, so far it's great, with the exception of one small bit. The rear-body, while easy to get to fit onto the front-body piece, doesn't allow the top cover to fit. I've tried and failed to figure out how you're supposed to get it to fit correctly. I even went as far as dremeling the squared edges of the rear-body even with the front-body to get it to fit correct, but even then it's not wanting to fit.

I'm open to any suggestion one may have!

Could you by chance post a pic? Unfortunately my own printer is too small to actually make this model (in particular the top piece) so I'm not really sure where it's going wrong, but I'd like to fix it. I might suggest asking the people who have made one- there was one posted just a few days ago that seemed to fit together but did mention he had to do some extra work on it.

I'm sure if I could hold the model in my hands I could identify the issue, but it's not apparent from only the 3d model (at least to me). If you could give me a photo of the bits and where it's not working that'd be great. I'll try and work it out from that.

Even compositing the model together in 3ds Max shows the issue. I'll get a photo and post it soon as I get able, hopefully later today.

Hey Roseland- I'm not sure if this is what you need, but it should allow a little more clearance.

If not, once you show me where the issue is I'll do my best to fix it.

Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT: So I went back to my original files and re did the whole import. Got rid of all the pesky holes. But I am CERTAIN this should fit together. Please let me know!

Here's the issue I'm coming across:

As you can see, the rounded out portion of the top intersects quite a bit with the body portion when compiled together. On the printed model, I had to go in and dremmel down the edge (which exposed the infill, but that's not too big an issue) to get it to fit properly.

Ok, I did some looking. I believe this is the fix! :D

That piece is actually the front body. The rear body is what is colliding with the top cover. You can see the semi-squared off portion on the combined body, where the two body pieces would meet; that is the spot that's causing issues for me. With your permission, I can go in and edit the file to bevel and smooth it out so it'll fit, and I can post it here once I confirm it worked.

I would swear that's the piece you're talking about? I'm confused. No wait you're right, that IS the front. But this is where I thought the problem was. When I reconstructed it the rear piece sat too high, hence the collision. I've cut a channel for it to sit at the right height.

Also you sooooo don't need my permission. I am a complete amateur at this so by all means, fix away! But if you try this, I think you'll find it does the trick. At least I hope so.

Thank you for working so hard on this. I went ahead and loaded the front and back body pieces into 3ds Max and tinkered around a little bit.

With the Mercy_Gun_FRONT_fix it looks as if the proportions were extended in the z-axis, which has caused the back to fit without the squared portion, but has led to the top cover to not fit, as well as the main barrel. Unfortunately I noticed this too late and split the end of the top cover when assembling. Here's a link to some photos I took with descriptions of how I deduced my findings: http://imgur.com/a/sL2Vr7a

As you can see on the album, the final photo shows what I did for the pieces to fit with the original front piece staying as it was. (if you need that file due to saves and such I still have it) I will likely upload everything (or just the back body) as a remix for anyone else who may be running into this issue. I'm not sure if it's just me who ran into this, I feel bad for you doing all this hard work over something as silly as this!

No probs, I just want the thing to work!

What I find a bit more perplexing is that someone posted a make last night and apparently it fit together perfectly. Naturally I find this somewhat perplexing. It's the third make so I'm starting to worry it might be something on your end if others aren't hitting the issue. But regardless, I'm happy to help as much as I can and that folder was helpful.

I can tell you that with the Mercy Gun Front Fix no proportions were extended. I went back in, rebuilt it, refit it together, and I was certain I had it working. I'm at my laptop just now, but I'll upload the full rebuild here (which incidentally has the screw holes removed) later for you. Perhaps it'll work better That version I can promise has no alterations.

I managed to successfully print the edit I did and it worked wonderfully, as you can see in the photo. I've also attached the file so you can add it to your list if you would like (and can check it out for yourself as well). I'm not too worried about the top cover that split when trying the other updated piece, as the split portion is covered by the halo anyhow, and is easily fillable with putty or filament from a 3D pen.

Hopefully this works out for you and those who download/make it from here on! I'll post a make as soon as I get it sanded and painted!

Couldn't find JUST the back handle file, and didn't realize until I had printed almost everything already, so didn't want to run the complete grip, and have spare parts, so managed to separate the file. I attached it encase anyone else has this issue (it is in the "total" file, but not in a lone file...)

Thanks for that. The separate piece is in the 'all pieces' file (I assume that's where you got it?) but I somehow forgot to upload it when I redid all the scaling. I've added the file to the normal list. Please let me see the finished product! Cheers!

The trigger if printed to work with the assembled mid piece (working on test fits, don't remember correct name) is from what I can tell impossible to insert. You designed it to lock in with a V-Slot, but can't access with the assembled mid frame. Also the top cover... I don't know how it mounts correctly on any combo. The back half of the top cover is designed to slide through the mid frame on the front, but the back half... Doesn't. It can be made to fit, but I spent some time looking pretty hard at it wondering what I messed up... Now gotta decide on which skin to paint it for.

Also, on the front half of the handle, where it meets the finger guard... There does not seem to be a hole...

I am just pointing out what I am finding, trying to help! I don't have the CAD skills to model something like this... I can edit things like this, or design more basic things. Like Robot end of arm toolings... I need to learn more like this for work though...

All good man. I'm not sure I completely follow your issues, but you could always try talking to 19mtrese in the comments below- he/she has successfully printed and assembled the gun with a pic. I personally don't have a printer big enough for the handle or top cover but it seems it can be done. I couldn't tell you how though.


Could you please upload the grip pieces separated as i can only find the grip in one piece.

is the new scale correct? I have pieces from the original files you uploaded that needed to be scaled 152% but the new ones seem a bit smaller.

Thanks :)

Jeez I never spotted that. :(

This should be what you need.

Is this what you're after?

As to scale, it's at my best guess. There's no official dimensions I'm aware of but it should fit in most hands.

That's the ones :) Thankyou!

No probs. If you need anything let me know, and please put up a pic when it's made. :)

Will do :) I'm making it for my friend for a convention

I'm so glad you're still supporting and updating your files on here :)

Hi again,

Sorry to be a pain but have you got the trigger pieces in the new scale?


Trigger should now be available as a separate piece in the pasts list. :)

Thank you very much :) everything is fitting great so far.

I have noticed there seems to be a small bit "missing" on the seperate handle piece which connects to the guard. It seems the handle bit is too short to make a smooth curve and make thr guard flush . I would upload a photo but I don't think it will let me on the phone version of thingiverse.

Comments deleted.

I finished making the gun! Thanks so much! It looks great and everything fit together perfectly.

That looks amazing! I wish I had one now!

Thanks so much! :)

The large white piece of the gun's grip you show in the pic with all the pieces laid out together...... It's different. The hole for the screw is missing and it just has two little tabs sticking out. I printed the parts separated as you provided. Am I missing something or was this a mistake?

For convenience, the grip is presented twice- once as a merged whole and once as parts. I will admit the photo is from the model this is a rework of, so if there's some slight differences I apologise.

If you tell me what exactly you need, I can perhaps fix it?

Actually, a bunch of the pieces are missing the screw holes. The piece the trigger inserts into, the piece in front of the trigger insert and the white part of the gun's grip. Also, the oval shaped hole in the gun's barrel that the piece behind it fits into is too narrow. I'm guessing you didn't print this after you broke it into piece because it's impossible to assemble like this.

I did a quick test of the front barrels, but that was it. Looking at the model it seems like it should all work to me but I'll punch out a test now and let you know.

Most of the problem is where it screws together. In multiple places it's missing the holes for the screws.

Do you really need the screw holes? What I have holds together very well just with friction? I suppose I could add them if I get time.

EDIT: So I did a quick print of the upper split and, as you can see from the pic, it all slots together quite nicely for me.

Hello! Sorry to bother you again, but the last piece I have to print is the Upper Body Separate, and it won't fit in my 3D printer. Do you think you could separate those files? Also, the Upper Body Combine file in the assembly of the whole gun. I don't know if this is intentional or if there is supposed to be a different file? Once again, sorry to bother you again.

To be honest, it was just me being lazy and scaling for my printer and getting lost in files.

It's super easy to do though. Enjoy. Please show me when you get it finished! :)

Thank you so much! I will post a picture after I finish assembling it!

Are those files downscaled? When importing them to CURA or to S3d they are pretty small.

152% is the value you're looking for. I'm sorry, I don't know why I uploaded the smaller ones when I have the proper ones :(

Hi! Right now I am in the middle of printing this, and the side-rear details will not fit on my 3D printer. Is there any way you could separate them into different files so I could print them individually? That would be really great if you could!

Here you go. I didn't think about it sorry. I've included a shorter top cover just in case you need that too. Let me know if you need anything else.

I assume these three files are scaled correctly then? Because when compared to the others, they are huge. Do you think that you could organize all of the files and scale them relative to one another, because so many pieces (at different sizes) is getting confusing :)

Image: Both files shown (Side_Detail and Side_Rear_Detail) are 152%

I've reuploaded what should be entirely rescaled and appropriate sized. Hope that fits.

That's OK! Thanks so much!

This is perfect, Everything will fit on my current print bed
Thanks man

I know exactly how you feel man, nothing fits on mine (I actually can't fit the top piece!) Glad I could help. :)