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by HemdaMakers Mar 26, 2018
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Thing Apps Enabled

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Hi HemdaMakers,
a stupid question: is the chess pattern on plate required, for better scanning results ? Or leave it as it is ?

Hello everybody. Everything is working fine but I can,t find scanned pictures on my telephone motorolla g5. What is default location for those files? Can anyone advise please?

HC-05 can work or not ?

Should work perfectly. Wiring is the same and same goes for the code
Read here for more details about the differences between the hc-05 and hc-06


but motor is not rotate and only one picture can capture out of 30.
and I check serial monitor, it shows "2345" that's it. Any suggestion please.?

What phone do you use? From the info, we can't really spot it out.
Can you supply more details, re-check code? try again to upload it? re-check wirings

I use "moto G5 plus" and "Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1",

I will done everything according to the instructions, the bt (HC-05) works, the arduino sketch is uploaded ok, but when i connect with the app the stepper doesn't move.

I attached two screenshot one is application photo and second is serial monitor photo.

Looks like you manage to send the start scan "2345" string to the Arduino but then you have a connection loss or you get stuck somehow.

Can you confirm your BT connection? Check by looking at the BT module LED
Can you Check with another phone? Do you have another BT module to replace the one you have?

I check on moto G5 plus" , "Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1", and "Huawei Honor 6X" but same problem as early.
and yes I check the BT connection it connect to the phone continuously (double quick flash every 2 seconds).
I don't have a another BT module but if you sure it's BT module problem i can change it.
And I also check the motor using sample code from the internet it's works nicely.
And I also replace the Arduino Uno to Arduino mega but same problem.

Can you please check the code is it correct or not?


Adafruit Arduino - Lesson 16. Stepper


int in1Pin = 12;
int in2Pin = 11;
int in3Pin = 10;
int in4Pin = 9;

boolean isScanning = false;
boolean isNextPhotoCount = false;
int maxPhotoCount = -1;
int currentPhotoCount = 0;

const float resolution = 5.625;

const int NEXT_MESSAGE_PHOTO_COUNT = 3456;
const int PHOTO_SESSION_CANCELED = 4567;
const int NEW_IMAGE_CAPTURED = 5678;
const int NEW_ANGLE_IS_SET = 6789;

Stepper motor(64, in1Pin, in2Pin, in3Pin, in4Pin);

void setup()
pinMode(in1Pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(in2Pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(in3Pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(in4Pin, OUTPUT);

// this line is for Leonardo's, it delays the serial interface
// until the terminal window is opened
while (!Serial);


void loop()
if (Serial.available())
int message = Serial.parseInt();

switch (message) {
    if(!isScanning) {
      isScanning = true;
    isScanning = false;
    isNextPhotoCount = false;
    maxPhotoCount = -1;
    currentPhotoCount = 0;
    isNextPhotoCount = true;
    if(maxPhotoCount != -1) {
      if (currentPhotoCount >= maxPhotoCount) {
        Serial.println(PHOTO_SESSION_COMPLETED, DEC);
        isScanning = false;
        isNextPhotoCount = false;
        maxPhotoCount = -1;
        currentPhotoCount = 0;
      Serial.println(NEW_ANGLE_IS_SET, DEC);
    if(isNextPhotoCount && maxPhotoCount == -1) {
      maxPhotoCount = message;
      isNextPhotoCount = false;



Can someone help pls..i've done everything according to the instructions, the bt (HC-06) works, the arduino sketch is uploaded ok, but when i connect with the app the stepper doesn't move. I've tried another app and arduino sketch for simple stepper testing and the same, no movement. I even bought another set of stepper/driver and again nothing..what am i doing wrong? :(

Looks awesome thanks for the share

  1. What printer did you use?
  2. I like the filament color what brand is it?

Did you share your images on the make section?

Never mind, i flashed it a couple of times and it worked...don't know why though lol

It happens sometimes due

I have made this thing. Everything is good except the app. My camera won't focus while in the app but Out of the app everything is perfectly clear. So...kind of a waste of time at this point I guess. Unless you have any ideas? I only have one phone so suggesting i try other phones isnt an option.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear, What phone are you using? Focusing issues are phone related and perhaps need to be adjusted in app code per specific models. We tested our app on Meizu's, Samsung Galaxy s5, LG's...
Anyway if you have the scanner made we will be happy to see it if you share in the I have made one section.

I have downloaded your Arduino sketch , but I cannot place the file in the Arduino app states that the file has an error.

I do not see the results of the scans .. normally the scans with the only object that rotates are useless


Our scanner device and app aim to facilitate the way you scan your objects to be later process by 3rd parties photogrammetry apps such as Autodesk Recap or 3d Zephyr and others.
Our app simply knows to control the rotation of the scanner depending on your input for the No. of images you want to create and then creates an organized folder with the images to export to your Photogrammetry app.

Hope it helps you to understand our projects intention and please share here your make,
Thank you

hi, I know the software but I will to see a result... di you have video or pics of yours scan? thanks

For some reason the wiring diagram is cut off for me. Phone and pc. Could i possibly get an email of this from someone?

perfect .Thanks.

Thanks for replying him fast (;

Hello, my Arduino says "Could not create the sketch" (tried version 1.6.8 and also 1.8.5). What should I do? Please help

Are you sure about the line: motor.step(2048/maxPhotoCount);
I seem to remember the motor steps to be 4096 instead of 2048 but my memory is not very good, so can you confirm?

For us it's working great!
Anyway if you do test 4096 and it works for you please report back

Well it does work, but it seems to do multiple revelations with the steps set to 4096.
As I haven't had a chance to check if I can import the pictures to make a 3d model I don't know if multiple revelations cause a problem.

Your Fritzing Schematics are not right!
HC-06 TXD must match Arduino RXD, and HC-06 RXD must match Arduino TXD!

In your Schematics match TXD-TXD and RXD-RXD...

Best Regards

Hey. I understand that you were able to launch the application. I would be happy if you explain what exactly needs to be done. Thanks.

YOu completely right! Thanks for the comment it's been fixed

Is there any way to use 608 size bearing wheels instead of the suggested ones? Can only find those in China, very weird choice..

Also, is the checkered pattern required? Is there a specific one for this project or i can print any of them available on the web?

I've got everything wired and programmed correctly. App seems to be working fine. I connect via Bluetooth and the app starts recording but it doesn't capture images or spin the stepper. It stays 0/35 images the whole time and the motor doesn't move. Any suggestions on what to look for? Are the images not capturing because the motor isn't spinning?

I have a same issue too.
I connect via Bluetooth and the app starts recording but it capture only one image out of 30 images and Doesn't spin the stepper motor. It stays 1/30 images the whole time and the motor doesn't move.
when i check serial monitor " 2345 "

Give me suggestion pls.

I am having the exact same issue too.
Everything you described is what is happening to me.

Connected the Bluetooth device and stars the recording but nothing is capturing images.

I have tried it on Moto X4 and Samsung Tablet.
What phone does it work on?

We have tried on Samsung's , Meizu's, Xiaomi's and LG.


I tried to set the images No. to 35 as you did and it work wonderfully.
I would suggest you:

  1. Since we haven't tested the app in all the android mobile devices obviously, I would suggest you first to try with another device.
  2. Are you sure you get a connection with your BT? After you set up the project name, image no. and click next you should proceed to the next screen where you will see the cam view, in the upper right side you will see a connect button, be sure you establish a connection with you scanner BT (If so you will see that button transformed to cancel instead of connect).
  3. Double check wiring? Double check your hardware, sometimes you can get nuts just to find out that your hardware is bad.
    Let me know how it goes and please post an image that you have made it (:

Could you post a video of you running the app and scanning an object?

I have some video in my Instagram if you want to get an idea https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg0cLZ_hqPY/

All parts ordered. You got any video yet?


Thanks for giving it a try. We are currently on vacation, we are planning to make really soon (:

Instantly ordering the rollerbearings and the stepper. Love me some automated tedious tasks. :D

Definitely making this asap. Gotta order some of the parts. I'll let you know what I think of it when it's done :)

I would like to see some results of objects you scanned with your solution. Thanks in advance.

We will upload some, you right (:

Nice project!
What application do you use to create the points? Is colmap working with such set of pictures?

Thank you
We used the above linked softwares to process the photogemmetry points. The app does a folder with the no. of the images you have choose to scan the object. So you can choose the detail resolution of the scanned object