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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CiiiCooler [Bondtech] for Wanhao Duplicator i3 / Maker Select

by Pawpawpaw85 Mar 20, 2018
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Thank you for this! There’s definitely a need for better cooling options with the Bondtech Mini, so I'm excited to see this model. I printed it in PLA to test the fit - see attached photos. I had to crop the mounting bracket to fit underneath an x-belt tensioner I’m using, and the ring of the cooler was a little off center. I put two washers as shims on one of the mounting screws, which gave better alignment with the heater block and nozzle. The other issue I’m having is that most of the air seems to be coming straight from the direction of the fan and doesn’t circle around to the sides or front much at all so it’s not much of an upgrade over the cooler I was using before. Maybe some adjustments can be done to the internal fins to direct the airflow more evenly around the sides and front of the nozzle.

I had to cut the same part from the adapter. Thanks for your picture.

Hello. The person that originally requested this item had it fit perfectly to his printer, he said that he used the original cooling block but rotated to get it to fit, is that what you're using too?
You should have a freedom to move the cooler ~2mm sideways when mounting it, did you do this before tightening the screws?
Also not sure where your washers are as cant see them in the pictures?

Also about performance, as written, I have not taken time to do simulations or prototypes on this mod, as I do not have the time to redo it all again, nor do I own a bondtech myself and cant dedicate weeks of work to it. The performance will differ for sure from the original that has balanced output now that the air flowpath has been altered (May look like it wont do much, but even small changes disturbs the balance the cooler relies on, how much however I'm not sure about). Now if it's requested by a lot of people that may change, or if I get a bondtech myself, but so far never had an issue since changing to custom extruder gear on original extruder.

Thanks for the reply and the helpful info. I am using the original heatingblock, with a microswiss hotend+nozzle+cooling block. The bondtech mini does require rotation of the cooling block by 180 degrees, though I suppose I could also try rotating my heating block which might improve the fit a little. After reading your comment I tried adjusting the position of the cooler as you suggested, but due to poor cooling on my previous setup there was some drooping filament on the bracket which prevented the full 2mm of adjustability. I carved away as much as i could and was able to reduce the fit to only need 1 washer. The washer sits between the bracket and the cooler on one of the mounting screws. It is very well aligned now, but I'll try making some additional adjustments to eliminate the need for the washer altogether as you suggest.

I totally understand the issue with lack of time/desire to continue editing the air flowpath on the model. The Bondetch Mini, though amazing, is not the most popular extruder. If I ever improve my modelling skills and have the time, I might attempt to modify the stl or develop my own cooler. In the meantime I'll continue testing this one out and very much appreciate your effort to make a model for those of us with the bondtech!

I think that the person originally requested this did have his heaterblock reversed.
Perhaps I can make another version that will have it not-reversed.
Do you know how much it differs so that it will work with your printer?

I have now printed this myself as well to test the airflow as you stated most air just went straight to the front.
The airflow actually seem very good when performing a quick test with a water surface, the surface within the semi-enclosed surface has lots of turbulent air coming from all directions, before escaping out from all sides.
Just holding my hand ~10cm underneath the cooler in open air also verifies that it outputs the air like a column downwards, not in other directions and no air moving forward from the fan direction like you stated.

How did you test the cooler to test that most of the air came from the direction of the fan?

If you tested it when it was mounted on your printer and close to the bed, then yes almost all air would escape the opening in the front due to a surface restricting the flow of air downwards and it takes the easiest way out of the circle, but within the circle where the nozzle is positioned, the air comes from all directions in a turbulent flow before exiting the area, towards the front of the cooler if airflow is restricted downwards.

If you tested it in another way please do let me know how you found out it acted like a directional cooler, I'd very much like to know if I'm forgetting a case that I should have tested and simulated all my coolers on.