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Red Dragon

by mz4250 Mar 18, 2018
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Hey there, I got a quick question. Maybe i'm stupid, but the model I printed(the adult dragon model) had the right base size, but it looks like the main model(the dragon) seems to be the size of what a young dragon would be. Did i do something wrong or is the scaling of the model that way?

The scaling of the model is that way. I checked and it is bigger than the young but not by a huge amount. If you need it to be bigger you can edit it in the Blender file if you want.

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Hello What settings do you use in Cura to print? I am not sure if I should use supports if they should be everywhere or just on the build plate and what to set the infill.

I use a Prusa i3 MK3 and the profile called "Prusa Pretty PLA " . Google that profile and you should see a share link for it. If that doesn't work, go with the profile on Prusa's website for Cura. That is solid too. Use line supports, with a roof and flood and at 10% fill. Print at 0.05 to 0.08 for rez height. Infill at 20 percent. Use rafts. Print at speed 30mm.

At first - I’m pretty new to 3D printing - I did the red dragon at 80% size!
I had a lot of trouble with stringing but that is probably put to me selecting some wrong settings!
All in all I’m happy with my print - by the way - I printed the dragon in one piece!

Daayyyuummmmm nice job!

When attempting to slice the baby (the Wyrmling file), my slicing software ends up removing part of the wings and inserting support material in very odd places. I think there are some vertices missing or intersecting in weird ways.

Currently printing the 'Young dragon'-sized model. Very eager to see how it will turn out!

I never had that problem with Cura. Strange. Run it through Windows 3D builder and try again. it can catch errors and such. The other option is just sizing them up a smedge. That's why I provide the blender files. I hope that helps!

dude, I'm with half the other comments. the parts don't fit let alone matchup. I could understand if they needed to be sanded a little. but at least tell people. Also, my personal opinion is to never use these types of sockets. it's much easier to design with plugs rather than miss shaped sockets. that way if there is an issue with the plug you can print that small piece over rather than the whole part.

Take pride in your work, fix issues if they come up. always improve. These are things that will make people support you/ become patreons.
I wasted over a 1/4th roll of filament printing this wonderful-looking creation for it not to fit/ look nice, there is you patreon money wasted.

Hi. I updated the file. Please understand I don't have the tech to make things fit perfectly. I eyeballed to the best of my ability but it should be fine now.

If it isn't perfect I'm sorry. Its the best I can do. Please try to understand I do this as a hobby and am not a professional. I do have pride in my work, otherwise I wouldn't have continued to make these for 4 years with over 1500 models counting and all for free. Good luck with your prints and I'm sorry again this wasn't a perfect model.

thank you, I noticed you are using Blender to model and slice the models. an easy way to add pegs as I mentioned. First slice the model in one place. create a rectangular cube or cylinder as a peg or plug, you can then put this rectangle in the middle of the 2 parts. then use the tech in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qryNcBPHyE) to cut the rectangle out of both model parts. This way you don't have to eyeball it. Now when we print the model we need to print a peg to join the 2 parts. but if our printer isn't as good as yours we just need to mess with the plug to put the model together. Also, try to use the same peg for all locations so that it's easy to print. Again thank you for the quick turn around.

I didn't realize what a problem this was. Sorry :-( I'll work on it soon.

Dude stop taking crap, you did a great job and shared it with everyone. Hats off to ya and well done. If anybody gives you crap tell them to feck off and go do what you clearly enjoy doing.

Why thank you!

Awesome work

i printed the parts and was very excited how good it looks, but then i came to the assembly
the neck doesnt fit to the body there is a gap of 5mm

Sorry :-/. Sand away I guess

may i ask what orientation you guys are printing the wings at on fdm printers? i dont want to mess up the wing detals too much but adding a ton of supports.

Comments deleted.

Hello Miguel. Thank you so much for all the work that you've put in. I've printed some amazing stuff using your files. Question on this red dragon (and also the green dragon). When I use Cura to slice the wing files, a hole results toward the middle top of the wing. This is on both the red and green (that I've tried so far). This does not happen with the Tiamat wings which I've printed successfully. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks again.

Yeah sorry. There were some mixed up vertices there. I fixed it. Same for the green.

My players noticed the hole on the green dragon and thought it was really cool and intentional, I agreed telling them an arrow pierced it when she was a young, careless and inexperienced dragon.
Thanks for all the models you make, I think they're brilliant and have saved me so much time making my own, time I can spend on splotching paint all over them and DM prep :)

Hello Miguel! You said somewhere that in order to get an adult one you have to get -20% from the files. The adult one you have here is much smaller!!!!! Its the same case for the Ancient one even! (in picture Ancient and body part unscaled!)

Aahhh that's because of the base. Ah well. You can always edit it as you wish in Meshmixer or Blender.

I desided to use recipe and scale the individual parst by -20%! Thanks for the answer mate! You are doing a great job! :)

hello, first amazing model i like dragons :D, second i tried to print individual parts and i see who neck an up boddy dosent fit toghether, but however amazing work, thanks

The gaps on the neck and head are on purpose. I like the look. If other parts don't fit right just sand away until they do. My printer made parts bigger in the edges when I made this model years ago, so some pieces are not exact on purpose. Again, just use sand paper and you're set.

I tried to print this is parts but the individual parts does not seem to fit together at all. Am I doing something wrong or it it just supposed to sort of fit together? It leaves big gaps between each part, the neck and body is the worst one.

The gaps on the neck and head are on purpose. I like the look. If other parts don't fit right just sand away until they do. My printer made parts bigger in the edges when I made this model years ago, so some pieces are not exact on purpose. Again, just use sand paper and you're set.

Hi, i come back on this arguments, because something is not clear...The stl body seems low poly, is completely different from blender file. Also the body hole is larger than neck and the profile of joint is totally different, the body hole profile is flat and the neck no. I presume you made different version, so is it possible that are mixed? I would like the HD body as the rest of dragon, because in this condition is unprintable, and it's a pity because it's a wonderful design

Hi. There is no mixing in the Blender file. If it doesn't match perfectly that's on purpose because when I printed this the pieces either printed too small or too large because the filament expanded in some places and shrunk in others. I gave up on trying to figure out why this is the case and just sanded areas down that were too big or used gorilla glue in areas that were too small. If you want the HD body in the Blender file, just select the piece you want and export it as an stl file. Its that simple. And its very much printable. There is literal photo evidence that I printed this just fine as have many other people. If you need help with how Blender works and how to export files here is a tutorial I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdEUGXBdQmg&t=13s

I hope this helps.

Thank You for the answer. Yes I'll try to print the HD body, but it is full body, neck included so a bit harder to print than the divided one...

You're support game needs to be on point then. It can be done though. I've seen people actually print the whole dragon in one piece. Its hard but it can be done.

How much filament did you use?

I honestly don't remember. About $2 worth?

which software did you use?
It looks great!

Thanks! I use Blender

Which printer do you use? Resin or filament?