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Imperial Star Destroyer - Star Wars High Detail

by DavidBogaerts Mar 18, 2018
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I just got my Ender 3 and I must admit I too am impressed with this model, great job! Moreover, how big can I scale this too in Cura to be able to print it as big as I can on my Ender 3 as I would like this to be my first big project as well? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

I don't really know how large the buildbed is of an Ender 3 but with my Ultimaker 2 i could go to something like 2,8 x size.
Offcourse if you split the all models in 2 or more pieces you could go as large as you want.

The print size on the ender 3 is 220 x 220 x 250mm. I am using Cura 4.3 and I am very NEW at this lol. So, from the scale menu what do I put in? Thanks in advance! By the way I really have no idea how to split your pieces to be honest with you.

If you don`t mind, could you upload a single file without cuts for me to print in resin as a miniature model? Thank you

Could somebody tell me the scale of this model?

Why there are 3x 4th file?

So you can choose which one to print.
"4.stl" is the complete part while "4-BOTTOM" and "4-TOP" are he same part but split up so you can print without support and afterwards glue them together.
Some people had problems removing supports when printing the complete part

Hi David, there's a weird planar surface cutting through the lower-left small engine in part 5. I'm using Slic3r PE. Any idea what's going on there?

Yes i think i see what you mean.
Shouldn't be a problem. It's to thin to be printed.
Your printer will ignore it

It's affecting how the engine slices in Slic3r PE. Are other programs ignoring the plane?

Hi Ramadu

I repaired the file and uploaded a new version.
Please let me know how it works out.

Printed at 350% no issues at all. All pieces bunt together nicely. Need to glue and paint, but otherwise, nice solid Model. Thank you!

Printed on FlashForge Guider II.

Hi Great to hear.
Hope you share some pictures of your finished model

Going to attempt to print at 300% lmao this my be a bad idea, wish me luck! Will post pics after if it comes out okay.

Hi Was your attempt succesfull? Hope it worked out! Please show some pics of the result

Hi David,
It's a great model and I try to print it really big (60cm) using the file "BIGSD" you post in the comment at 500% with 0.15 quality.

I print the part 1 and I've got an issue with it. If you look at the picture, some part of the upper part of the ship are not fixing on it, they "fly" other it, dont print well, and fall by itself...

Hav have you got a solution?

Is it only part 1 you are having trouble with?

I only print part 1 so far. But when I slice the others, I see the same thing of some plate not attache on model.
It is because I print it to Big? Maybe this issue happening only on Big printing.

yes it looks like a problem with the manner the model was put together originally.
when printed in normal size it prints quite OK but if you enlarge the models the problem also get larger

How are you guys printing part 4 without a crap load of supports..? Just wondering if they are going to be too hard to get out?

Is there a stand available for this? I'm wanting to print it for a work colleague secret Santa gift

hi, i used the stand in the link below:


Star Destroyer display stand
by Kabory

Thanks David. Printing it now at 150% and at 0.15 layer. Will certainly post a make when completed hopefully today or tomorrow

Can't wait to see the result

Is it ok to flip 3.stl on its end instead of on the bottom as in the attached pic?

yes that's the way to print it
With the largest flat area on the buildbed (like in your pic).

In my pics the models are just put like that for the photo.
Just rotate them for actual printing.

nice model. You posted (2) 5-repaired.stl in the comments. The one that is 8Mb appears to be the correct one with the engine intact. The one in the files section (5Mb) seems problematic. Currently printing this as my last section @ 200% scaling. Using Simplify3D

hi there, the model looks incredible!
I want to print this BIG!
On a CR-10. I was wondering if you could cut it into smaller parts.
I was wondering if you could cut the main 3 big parts vertically( in half) so I could print each new part close to 300x300 volume.
then I could print each section 300mm wide meaning the whole width can be 600mm across.......
that would be huge.
I am happy to invest on the plastic involved to make this possible.
I will also post the final images here thanking you.
If you go to my instagram you will see I have made other star wars pieces huge too and have shown it at my local cinema.
what do you think?
my instagram is hugo archicad

many thanks

Hi I cut all the parts in half.
I numbered them 1-5 going from front to back
I also splitted part 1 horizontally in half because it was a long part
Part 6-files are the shielddomestructure on top

I took the liberty to also separate the domes so you can print these separate. I also included the file with the domes still attached.

Hope everything works out without problems.
Please let me know if you need anything else.

Files are all in the rar file

Good morning!
and a big thanks for replying and actioning it so fast.
Am downloading it now.

I have one roll of Grey PLA, so i will buy more 'cause I have a feeling i will be needing a good 5 more.
Its the morning in Australia but wanted to say thank you and i will start printing them after work today.

Good morning :)
No problem.
I really look forward to seeing the result.

It is exactly midnight here in Belgium :)
Going to sleep soon

Have fun with your print!

Hi Hugo
Tnx for the comment.
This is indeed a model intended to print BIG :)
So I would be honored to help you do that.

I would love to get a printer with a big buildplate like a CR-10, maybe if i see your finished model I might be so crazy :)
I wil start cutting up all te parts into smaller parts and send the to you later this day :)
Can't wait to see the final result.

you'll have the files within a few hours!


Hi David,
the part that defines how big it will be printed is part 4.
So I will be 3D printing it at 600 percent

If I may ask for one more thing.
Is it possible to have it hollowed out (I mean without a full base and top. that way I could print it much faster as it wouldn't need infill to support the top.

I have another friend whom i sold one of my cr-10s is also going to print it big! (Yes for a little while I had two CR-10's)
I thought i could print it at 1200% but when I open part 4 I realised i couldn't, thats okay 600% is great!

anyways many thanks

If you print the parts and set the infill density at 0 %, does that not have the same effect?
And then also set the shellthickness to 2 or 3 mm or more to have a solid shell.

Then also set the "bottom/top thickness" setting to 0 mm, that way you don't have a base or a top

I've attached a picture

YES that I think will work, however will that part that is flat down the bottom with no support..I wonder if that part will come out okay?

You mean like the part in the attached picture?

I don't really know honestly

Normally if you use enough shelltickness i would be OK i think....
You"ll just have to try i guess :)

Or you could seperate that part (the bridge tower) from the rest and print it seperately too

oh!!! I will give it a go now

Comments deleted.

This is a beautiful model. I knew right off the bat this was going to be one of my first "big"
prints as soon as I dialed in my printer (using and Ender 3)".

Printing @ 200%, .1 10% infill, gray PLA.

I' m having slicing issues that I just can't figure out. When slicing files 1 and 2 the edging of the star destroyer isn't attached to either side. I have a fairly large gap in file 2 after slicing (similar to DarthFuhrer), in 4 the shield generators are just orbs on a post, non of the support structure is showing up, and finally on 5_repaired non of the engine cowlings are even atached.

I've tried slicing with Cura (originating problem), Simplify3d, and Sli3er. All three exhibit the same problems. I'm positive this is a settings issue, but for the life of me I can't determine what settings are producing these issues.

I was wondering if you would be willing to share your cura profile, maybe I could see what settings I am using incorrectly.

Can't wait to get this printed! Nice job!!

Tnx for the nice comment and also for reporting the errors.
Part 1 and 2 had indeed problems with their side details.
I corrected them as good as possible and uploaded them.

The gap in part 2, the generator orbs and the engine cowlings however all looks fine here?
(see attached screenshots) I use a older version of Cura (15.04.6) . i enlarged the files all to 200%
I also attached a screenshot of my cura settings. the rest are the standard settings
I'll try to reproduce the errors with a newer version of Cura later.

Please try the new files and let me know if they are OK for you.

WoW! Thanks for everything! The two repairs look fantastic. Have them loaded and in que!

Your settings are pretty much the ones I am using, might try the older version of cura to see if that helps. My first print of section 1 was amazing, even with the side details removed. Tremendous job. As soon as I have this model printed and assembled I will most certainly post pictures!

Let me know how the other files work out with the older Cura.

Can't wait to see the final result!

Comments deleted.

Hello. In 1.stl I am getting a large gap between layers towards the bottom of the model. I'm looking to print at 200% scale and a 0.15mm layer height and around layer 70 is the gap. I am concerned it will make printing the bow of the ship impossible as it will not adhere to itself. I am using Simplify3D.

Hi, I tried reproducing your error but can't see anything wrong around around layer 70 with "1.stl". I use Cura.

Could you perhaps post a picture with the error visible of your screen?

Sorry for the delayed response. I have printed the engine section and the rear mid-section so far. Loving the model!

I tried everything with your settings and could not find a problem.
I however use Cura. I don't have simplify3D
i attached a pic

Comments deleted.

This is a great model and I appreciate the effort. I am having some issues with part number 5 (rear of the ship). When I slice it the engine exhausts are not attached and I end up with gaps and they end up falling off. I have tried Cura and Slic3r Prusa edition and two different printers (cr-10 and Anycubic Linear Plus) but the gcode is the same. Any guidance would be appreciated. I am trying to print this at 150%.

Tnx for reporting the error.
I think i got it fixed. I use Cura and it looks OK
Try it again and please let me know how it works out.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will test the print and let you know.

That fixed it. I will post pic of the Make once I have a chance to glue it together. Thanks Again!

Can't wait to see the final result

What stand are you using for it?

Would it be possible to get a file where parts 1,2,3 are combined? I would like to print this without splitting the part into as many pieces. Thank you

I have combined parts 1, 2 and 3

Hope it's OK

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! As long as the split line is the same as and will connect to parts 4 and 5 correctly (already have them printed) then I'm sure it will be fine. Thanks!

amazing work, truly awesome.


Thanks for the file ! When I print file 5 at 300% there is a hole in the botton of the part?! Is-it normal?

I just loaded part 5 in Cura en scaled it to 300 %
I can't see anything big wrong with it. Just a small hole in the first few layers located under the left engine. But that isn't a problem when printing it
It's on the inside so you don't see it.

Thanks for the quick answer! I used simplify 3D and got a hole... When you look at your file number 5 using thingiview you can see the hole.

yes indeed you are correct
There was a hole, must have happened the last time i repaired the file

I've corrected it and uploaded the repaired version

Tnx for reporting the error

Thanks you! This is an amazing stl. I wish my BCN3D was bigger!!