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Easter Eggs

by Antonin_Nosek Mar 17, 2018
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These are incredible. Had I tried to make these, I wouldn't have even been able to consider them easter eggs. Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to Thingiverse.

Great design, mate! I edited one of the eggs slightly to make it printable in Cura's Spiralize Outer Contour mode (aka Vase Mode). You can find the remix here:

Polygon Easter Egg

What setting is optimal for the minecraft egg? And should i use support?

These are awesome and printed excellent. Thank you.

Is the Basket STL available?

Anyone got a version of Kraken without holes?

i managed to remove the holes but it ended up in a huge file. anyways, happy printing!

Hi, Antonín, I have some problems with slicing the low poly egg. I suppose that it's a result of my bad printer settings, since I did't find anyone else, who had this problem. RSVP. Thank you for your models, they look awesome and eggcelent. :)

I ran these with PLA plastic, no infill. 1.2mm shell thickness (.4mm nozzle, so I did x3 that). I gave them out as gifts last year and now my friends expect new ones, haha. Thanks!!!

Are these recommended for ABS? or just PLA? Having some major trouble printing in ABS, but PLA is fine!

I'm having a little trouble getting some of the eggs in a good quality. The eggs that have a lot of small structures don't turn out great as they are curling up the whole time during the print...I tried different extruding temperatures, lowering the bed temp, lowering and speeding up the print speed... I just don't know what to change anymore...do you guys have any tips I could try? My cooling fan is on max power, the printer is a CR10S, modded to direct drive and better filament cooling. 0,4 mm nozzle and i varied print speeds between 25 mm/s and 50 mm/s. printing with pla between 200 C and 215 C. These are great models, I'd really like to print all of them!

I know this doesn’t matter but it bugs me. The “Minecraft” egg is actually called a voxel egg. Love the designs though!

Cool designs, they look spectacular printed using this filament!

Great design! :-)))
Do you happen to have entirely round versions? I would like to hang them from some twigs as easter ornaments, and the flattened bottom doesn't look so good there.

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nice.i'm gonna make them soon. whats the software you used for modeling ?

Where is the Facehugger egg from Alien?

I thought there was one in the thumbnail, lol

The Minecraft Egg looks like the real thing. So cool. Also, love the creativity of the kraken design.

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What filament are you using, please? It looks great!

Having trouble printing kraken in s3d. I've run the model through 3dbuilder to repair it but there are areas that still prinnt seperate from the rest of the model. Slic3r seems to slice the model fine. Anyone get a good print of this using s3d?

i made the 8 bit egg but it took me FOREVER to get the supports off

If you chip away the support at first and able to get a grip on them you can brute force "peel" off the entire support layer exposing the bottom of the egg. It looks great. (they all do)

Where is the basket ? stl

Please send help. Cannot stop printing these.

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great files but my only complaint is the files are to big but other then that they printed beautifully!

Great work.
The pattern_-_kraken is very interesting to me. I tried to print it in single outline corkscrew (vase mode) as a demonstration and found some bonus structures on the interior. Can the design be refined to be uniform shell wall thickness? This would be a great demonstration piece for the kids.
Thanks again - these are beautiful.

Hey coolhand,

Try doing a vase print on this version here. Should have all those interior structures smoothed out. Hope it works!

Antonin_Nosek, please let me know if you want me to send you this model!

These are great! I was able to run a few on Easter weekend and handed them out as gifts to friends. They were very well-received.

fantastic work! What 3D Design program were these designed in? :)

Will appreciate the response!

Hello :) It is combination of Fusion 360, Blender and Meshmixer :)

Fantastic! :) Thanks

These are amazing! Thanks.

I made a bunch of these for a nice little centerpiece for Easter, amazing work!

This remembered me of egg inc

Thanks, they look spectacular!


These are awesome! Printing one now. Can you please supply the bottom ends to be glued on ?

I printed 5 of the egss (Pattern_Kraken, Pattern_Polygon, Wavy_Abstract, Wavy_Simple, Wavy_Abstract, Wavy_Complex (here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:467987).
I had issues with the Wavy_Abstract, will have to play with it some. It is probably an issue related to my MMU on the prusa. I love the egg designs. One suggestion: make hollow variations of the Pattern_Kraken and Pattern_Polygon so that they use less filament and less time.

Easter Eggs
by zil4002

Use Meshmixer and the make Hollow option

Hey Mate, I printed wavy one on Prusa too! :) I wrote you a comment (your make). It will help :)

Excellent variations on eggs, man you're creative! Kudos!

This black carbon-fiber look you've got going makes these seem like something out of Prometheus. o_o

these look amazing! cant wait to start printing them.

These are gorgeous. I wish I were skilled enough to remix these so they can open and store candies.

15 Mins of Meshmixer Tutorial and you are able to do that! ;)

These look amazing. Will probably print some for Easter :)

Its Hectic3D from instagram, in the process of printing all of these right now and cant wait to see how they turn out

Hi Mate :)

Please post a made after printing! I will repost it on my Instagram :)

Cheers Antonin

I just saw these on your Instagram. Wow. Amazing!

Thank you so much Steve! :)