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Tronxy x5s single Z motor conversion

by napo7 Mar 13, 2018
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You just modified the lower part. A foto from the upper to confirm may be helpful though.

Some ideas for improvements:

If the rods are too short, then modifying the hight of the assembly may be a solution. One may loose a bid of height on Z-Axis. But I would not mind this, as there is enough left to play with..

Also you are screwing in the 3 parts on the outside of the frame. Changing this to the inside may make the printer much easier to be enclosed. I do not think that the force on the belt will be so strong, that it can not be stable mounted on the inside and top of the frame only.

Other than this: great work

If none else dose this, I may redesign this, once I find the time, as I want to use a different board for the printer with no support for 2 z-stepper motors.

I just made this and your holes are in the wrong places so I lost 4 hours printing one of them then I find out, just now, that the damn 1220mm belt is too short by 20mm, No way in hell am I going through all of this again so I will print a different motor mount once I get this on as I will mount the motor on the left hand side so the motor holes need to be rotated by 90 degrees. This was anything but an easy project due to all of this but I still thank you for the ground work for me to use Solidworks to remake everything from your stls.

Anyone reading this buy a 1250mm GT2 closed loop belt not the 1220.

I have a question but I am doing a 3:1 or maybe a 4:1 for the gears (12t,16t,40t,and 48t so a lot of combos) and going from 8mm/rev to a 2mm/rev so if I do this my steps per mm should be (8/2=4) 4 x 4 (48t/12t) = 16 times my current steps, right?

Comments deleted.

the lead screw support in the files were is this installed i notice you have the lead screw bearing at the bottom do you still have the one at the top also? one other thing if you went to 40t pully on the motor would you not need to change the steps?

Yes there are bearings on top and bottom.
The nut is screwed on a block, that cannot rotate but can translate a bit in the X and Y directions.
This allow to compensate for leadscrew imperfactions.

Cheers fornthe reply, anychance for a pic of the install? Just so i make sure its out together corectly the first time when all the part arive lol

Do i get it right if i say that the Z stepper motor must be changed to twice as many steps in the firmware then original?
Still waiting for parts and excited to get this done.

You got it !
That's exactly this.

Great, thanks!

hi, can you post the exact line of code that you are talking about here? thanks

What is the length of the closed loop belt?

As stated in the thing details, 1220mm .

Thanks I must have missed it.

Very nice, i just ordered parts for this mod.

Hello, great work !!
Exactly what I wanted to make, have you more photos ? (leadscrew top)

Is it safe to assume you did verify the original rods were not long enough?

I've bought 500mm long rods, and they are a bit short... It woud be perfect with 52 or 53cm rods.
It works perfectly with 500mm rods, but I'll modify a bit my design to accomodate 500mm rods.

Originals rods are about 43cm, that would need too much modifications to make them fit !


I'm still waiting for my new threaded rods to complete the build !
A member of the facebook group built it, he says it went perfect, except the belt was a bit tight...
Perhaps choosing a slight longer belt with some tensionners would be a good idea !