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Air Spinner

by walter Mar 12, 2018
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Oh my gosh! I love that you thought of Speech Therapists! I'm working with a little dude with cleft palate who has been struggling with oral airflow, and I think this will be a huge motivator for him! Thank you so much!

Awesome print!!! Thank you for sharing

Aiuto!!! Il terzo anello sul secondo ha un gioco esagerato! Il primo e il secondo incastrano perfetti, il secondo sul terzo cade....

just got into 3-d printing got a used machine from a friend and just got it fixed and trying to see if it works. this will hopefully be my first print.any help or suggestions having trouble trying to print.

AWESOME design! Thank you for this!

walter, do you have an estimate or the exact angle of the "spikes" and the holes? I'm trying to design something similar in Fusion 360 but I'm trying to find out the limit of the designs.

My first print ever and went great! Very impressive and fun design

Amazing design! Printed more than 10 of these :) Works right out of printer!

I LOVE this model! I am a teacher and have used it to demonstrate the wonders of 3D printing to kids and also as a fidget toy in class for kids that need it. They are so popular that I'm printing a lot of them off now to sell at our craft fair for a couple bux a piece to raise money for more filament for our 3D Design programs! So much for "useless"!! :D

Thanks for sharing your design. I printed the solid version and it turned out great. Although I printed it with brim inside also and removing it took quite some time :D.

Is it possible to print the test version rings separately and assemble it together? Anyone tried it yet?

I printed the hollow design, and all the rings were stuck solid. I see there have been many successes. Would anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I'm printing on the M3D Micro. I'm just using regular PLA filament. I'm planning to try the one with individual rings to avoid the problem, but I'm just curious why it might not have worked for me this way.

Try scaling it up. Tolerances will get bigger the more you go. Also printing slower might help. 130-200% should do
As to what you have done wrong, there can be many things. Maybe the bed is a bit too close to the nozzle so the elefant foot fused the parts - or you have a lot of stringing and oozing due to a too high temperature. Make sure Support is turned off.
Cheap printers tend to struggle with those kind of prints

Thank you! I will try those things out, and check the calibrations. I think it some combination of your ideas, including the cheap printer issue. It was given to me second-hand by an engineering instructor who just had these things laying around his house. I'm just excited to have something I can get my feet wet with! It's been an educational experience.

Thank you for sharing your excellent design Walter.

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Hello. How do I make the entire thing bigger? I want is to stay the same but bigger overall dimensions. How do I do this? Thanks.

Open the STL file with Cura and click on the "scale" button and increase the size in all three axes from 100% to 200% or 300% or whatever percentage based on the size you want to achieve. Watch this tutorial... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX2_e7RqUH0
... starting at the 36 second mark it will tell you what to do and how to do it. Good luck.

Pretty awesome! Made me make my own design below.

Air Spinner
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I forgot and kept it 18 %fill and its not blowing much , it is but with extreme wind

Beautiful model thanks for sharing

This is a creative twist on the classic design. I like that each segment has a near-constant thickness.

Airspinner2 Solid printed awesome for me. Absolutely NO issues with stuck segments.

Works and it really cool. Printed this on JGAURORA A5, layer 0.15mm, infil 5%, speed 50mm/s. Thank YOU ! :D

This amazing toy is high quality design. Spins easily right out of printer.

My 6 yr old cannot put it down.

I 3d printed this. It works great! I love this design and I almost daily sit down and fidget. Thanks for this design!

Can you share the source files for the two additional versions? thanks man

You might want to adjust the tolerances for the outer two sections. I printed the the Gimbal test and the 2nd and 3rd section can pop out too easily when spun fast.

Why don't you have a video to go with it?

Made a few of them and all are working great! Perfect design.
I thought about how possible it would be, to combine them with cooper and iron filament.
Maybe to print a working electronic engine? :D

Just printed this with .12mm accuracy, and it is flawless! The rings spin very smoothly right off the printer. I will post a 'Made' soon.

Ok w e2z est www ts

Thanks for the help!

Comments deleted.

in the high altitudes there is less oxygen so please carry one of the portable oxygen containers, in would help you keep your loss of breath at ease.

Any chance you could do a bigger design with more rings?

Really great design! But im having some stringing/retraction issues. So it's very difficult to print/clean after printing.
Could you please upload the individual rings to print them sperated?
Thank you!

Edit: oops. You already uploaded the separated files... didn't see

Great model! It would be cool if you could design a wind spinner.

just printed this as a first test with my microswiss upgrade. came out absolutely beautiful but would be nice to have individual ring files to reprint them as they break

Are there individual pieces that you can post? I want to try to make a big one with more layers.

It would be cool if you could make it so that they satay together better, thanks!

I must say it is a cool design but your print quality is absolutely amazing. I cannot come close to that quality even at .1mm later height. I would love to know the name of your printer please.

What kind of printer do you have right now then?
I can easely get this quality and better on my Felix 3.1.

I have a flyingbear p902 from China. It has good specs and I built it myself so I know everything is good structurally. It does only go up to 50microns but it is a full metal construction like yours. I am guessing you have better settings on your printer because I havent messed with it much after I got an ok result with the prints

Yours looks alright but not super sturdy witch may cause some wobble. And you just can expect to get the same results from a 400$ printer than you get with a 1500$ one. But messing around with print settings should help you get a long way. I always just print something small and simple again and again while everytime changing something. And i just stick the prints on a piece of paper with the changes in the settings under it. The Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide from simplify 3D has very usefull info for a lot of problems.

what 3D design software do you use

How about a version with a stand on it?

This is actually a great idea for a remix!

Edit - Thanks for the idea! I went ahead and added a remix

Hiya Walter.

Just wanted to let you know that these are being used by speech therapists helping special needs kids aged birth to three get better at breath support and control. Because your design spins so well, a directed "whoosh" of air is enough to get it going. The therapists and kids both love 'em!

Thanks for creating and sharing this design!

Wow that's really incredible! Thanks for sharing that, it's really cool to hear! Ironically, I had this thing tagged as "useless", I'm glad to see someone prove me wrong in such a spectacular fashion.

Wow, i just gave it a try, I had no idea it could be spun up that way, now I'm out of breath :)

This is the best bearingless spinner I've ever messed with. Great design!

does this need support?

nope prints flat

pretty cool this is pretty fun to fidget with
what was this modeled in?