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Iron Man Mark 50 Bust - Avengers: Infinity War

by HappyMoon Mar 12, 2018
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I created a rough version of the Eyes and Reactors for anyone looking to include those in their build. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3761706.

Eyes and Mini Arc Reactors pieces for Iron Man Mark 50 Bust - Avengers: Infinity War by HappyMoon

Ty!!! U are the best!

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Hello! awesome work, i made my print in 140% scale but i have a question... anyone have the eyes and collar led parts for print?

See comment above.

Comments deleted.

hello sorry what is the measure of all armed the height

Hello, very nice bust, do you have lens for eyes with led et for the 2 holes on the neck ?

Hi. With the led version of the helmet do you need the supports everywhere or will it work with supports just touching the build drop?

Hello my friend. I need some help from you, can you please separate the chin of wearable helmet to another part so i can print and match color with the mask. Such an awesome work, thank you.

thanks happy moon for the files .i made mine

How tall is this at full scale?

The model should stand about 30cm tall at default scale :)

Having some gaps between the parts, too much. Detracts from it being a whole unit. Maybe it’s the angle/shape of the arms holding the shoulders?

Is everything scaled the same amount? It seems like the chest plate could be a little small as it looks like it's contacting the neck piece but not the shoulders which seem to be aligned pretty well with the neck piece too.

Yes it’s all scaled at 100%. Why do the arms Of the base top part come off so easy? they are not one piece it looks like they were meant to come off. Also the tiny l Square peg from the bottom of the base top part that goes into the base bottom. It’s not enough to hold the weight of the whole model above it.

Ah I think I've found the problem - apologies I forgot to make the 'basetop' a uniform mesh and the parts are breaking off because they're separate, intersecting meshes. I have uploaded a new file called 'MK50basetopFIXED' which should be one uniform mesh and should print properly.

Sorry about that, I have had reports of other files with the same issues in the past so I thought I had fixed them all but it seems I forgot one :D

Comments deleted.

Sorry to hear that, looks like it came out really well though! :)

Your work looks fantastic, Ill be keeping an eye out for future uploads especially the busts trying to do a good selection of marvel busts for my son.

What scale would I have to print this one at to be the same size as the deadpool bust?

The Deadpool files are roughly half the height so I believe 50% should work :)

Looks great, if you ever need photos you cant find please let me know, might have the figure/statue you need.

Comments deleted.

wow, i love the design. You are awesome. Any plan on making a full suit?

Thanks! I may attempt it in the future when more reference images are released as it looks a little complicated :D

there is a lot of new refrence images now and toys could you please make a full suit i want to print one for my room if you could incooperate both these photos into a design that would be awsome and scale of about 30 cm total i have the paint and the printer just no files

Hi! I'm not sure if its my printer but I tried printing the base (bottom, top and back) and it stopped midway. Can I ask if it needed support, infill, and its layer height, resolution etc. Thanks!

Sorry I'm not too sure what could be causing the problem, as the files seem to work fine on my end - I printed mine at 0.2mm layer height, 10% infill and a raft just to stop it from warping too much.
Perhaps try re-downloading the files as I did have to repair some of them a while ago due to them not slicing properly.
Hope that helps! :)


This model is amazing. I was wondering if you could make a version of the wearable helmet where the faceplate and the helmet are separate? so that once printed the faceplate could be snapped on with magnets or something. Thank you.

I have added two new files with (a) and (b) at the end of their names.
Hope that helps! :)

Thank you so much!

What scale would you think to use to print full size

I believe around 265% should work - the wearable helmet file is 18.2cm wide and the helmet meant for the bust is around 6.9cm wide. :)

Love the design and how the parts are made to be printed separately. I'm printing the base atm. Will do everything on 60% scale.
I'll upload photos when done. Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Look forward to seeing it! :)

Almost finishing the prints (my diy printer is not so fast).
I have a problem with the MK50arcreactorLEDversion. It seems to have a layer missing near the top. Is it intentional or is it a bug?.

Sorry about that! There was an issue with the file so I have repaired it and reuploaded it. :)

Thanks for the quick response!!

Also had a problem with the join part between the colar and the head. The pillar of the collar seems hollow underneath, so it broke off easily when i tried to fit the head. Since the head is also hollow, i'll try to print a separate pillar to glue them together.

Sorry to hear that - I have gone through each of the files and repaired them.

Gave it a go and will upload the pics shortly. The only issue I have is with printing the base. It seems that the base has a few empty spaces that causes some weakness. Hard to describe unless you are looking at the print preview layers.

Sorry to hear that! I'm not exactly sure what is causing this problem, however I have posted another file called 'MK50basebottomSingleMesh'. This file contains the base as one solid mesh - previously the base was constructed from several different objects intersecting each other so I'm guessing that could be why it wasn't working properly.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you run into any issues :)

Great... I will give that one a try and let you know how it works out.

I've been printing the pieces for the last couple days. Printing the last piece at the moment. I'm going to share photos of the finished print soon. Thank you for sharing this beautiful model!!

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing it! :D

hello! looks great! can you share a model in a single file! all together?

Thanks! I've uploaded a file called 'MK50bustcomplete' including all the pieces. Hope that helps! :)


heii i love this work but can u help me to make the head into helmet version ?? realy want it

Thanks! I've hollowed out the helmet and scaled it up to fit a head of around 15.2cm in width - the file is called 'MK50helmetWEARABLE' :)

Looks great! I am gonna give it a go :)

Thanks! Good luck :D