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Filament Clip

by intofocus Mar 27, 2014
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the 1,75mm version is useless . just printed 20 pcs: all have the complete hole being too small / can't fit them on any of my 20+ rolls, the snap-on hole being to big/ not tight enough also on all roles. since scaling up /down won't fix both problems = useless.

Works perfectly out of the box! Thanks!

what nozzle thickness do you use ?
with 0.4mm the hole is too narrow

Best clip design I've seen so far. Your description says this was originally made for up to 3mm filament, but it looks like the STL's are only for 1.75 and 2.1. Do you have a file for 3mm?

size a bit small for 1.75 filament. doesnt snap. should make one yourself since design is good.

Worked out great using the 1.75 design at 0.1 resolution. End fits in nice and clip works snug =) Thank you so much! I'm going to make one of each colour as I use them >.<

I printed both but only need the have the 1.75mm clip.
Unfortunately the 1.75mm clip did not work for me, it's to big and need to be scale a bit down.

I tried another clip that works better for me. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1635106

Universal Spool Clip Filament (1.75 mm)
by mc0676

What size is it? 1.75?

Simple and works perfectly! Thanks!

Wow, printed one just to see how it would work and it fit perfectly. Thanks, time to print 30 of these bad boys!

Printed at 100% on my Anycubic i3 Mega and it works perfectly. Thanks for this neat design!

Suggestion: give the the hole on both sides a sligtly cone-shaped intake (an extra 0,25mm radius should to the trick). Filament ends are often slightly deformed when they come out of the extruder. This way it would be easier to push them into the clip.

Is the very detailed height of 0.1 still needed? From the info I read that you now changed the way the part is placed on the bed. I can't see which a simple part like this would need 0.1? I would have done it in 0.3 .... but I'm not a pro ... can someone enlighten me?

I've been printing them at 0.2 and they work fine.

I'm disapointed. Unable to print this .... little piece !!!!

5% is not enough. I do not want to go higher, since at 5% the filament does not clip.

My holes are ... as always, a lot smaller than the model.

This is a problem I do not know how to deal with !

... except for this trivial one: rotate the model 90° around X or Y axis, then print at 100%

Try slightly under-extruding your final (outermost) shell. For small circles, I've had good luck with 95% extrusion.

Works great on all my 1.75 filament - better for the way I store the spools - the spool mounted clips I tried before kept popping off. Plus this is one size fits all. Thanks!

1.75 doesn't fit for me

I had to file the hole out a bit with a circular file (30 seconds of work vs. reprinting). I tried scaling up the 1.75mm by 5% and the filament fit through hole, but the open side wouldn't grip the filament. Filing produced the perfect result, but the original needs a 5% larger diameter hole to work right off the printer.

Simpel and universal - no matter what type of spool. Great! Thx.

Worked well without scaling for the 1.75 version. Thank you for making this.

Scale up 5% and they work perfectly.

I have M3D printer and I tried 1.75mm clip and it printer slightly small but use hand drill stuff for my RC stuff and works fine. probably could use little more largest hole. Otherwise works great.

When I printed the 1.75mm clip on a printrbot simple metal. The hole was too small so I used a size 50 drill bit which was just enough to widen the hole? I used the default settings on Cura so perhaps changing those would impact the sizing?

I printed a 1.75 version and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the design!

Thanks a lot, works great !

I had to scale the 3mm version at 1.05 (original size is too tight)

I do like it but i found the problem with it... atleast for me. When i switch filament, i dont want to need to take it off possibly lose it. But if you leave it on the spool it may find your extruder...

Its too good. Tiny filament clip! it rocks! I just printed 1.75 mm filament clip and it printed in flat 3 minutes on my prusa i3 printer.
Awesome share!

Comments deleted.

Works great, thanks for sharing such a simple, but very handy design

I made this clip and thought it was clever and quite useful... I also ended up writing a review of it on my blog: http://blog.contemporarymaker.com/2015/06/thingiverse-review-282242-filament-clip.html . Thanks for sharing the design, intofocus!

I made the 3mm clip and found it to be a bit snug so I dialed it up 5% and it is perfect.

This is easily the best filament clip out there. Thank you for sharing!

Hi Intofocus,

Any chance of bringing a 1,75mm clip as STL? or do i have to upload it myself?

You can simply download the STL and scale it to 68% in your slicing software before printing. If that's too difficult I can add a 1,75mm version, no problem ;-)

I've tried the 68% downscale, the 1,75mm snaps but the hole is too small to put the filament trough, so it doesn't fit properly, i could try 72% or 75%, but then i guess it won't snap...

Also people using 3DHubs cannot print the 1,75 easily without giving specific instructions, therefore it's better to create a 1,75 mm filament clip of your version ;-)

I personally don't think people without a 3D printer would ever print this clip ;-) Anyways.. I added the 1,75mm version for your convenience.

Thanks! i will give it a try soon!

I hope this works well, or I'm going back to using a LEGO minifigure. He's pretty helpful.

Excellent thing, I use it for all my spools!

Btw: I guess it goes without saying but it's easier to print if you rotate it first so that the hole the filament goes through is perpendicular to your buildplate. No overhang that way.

I have a situation where I have lots of loose filament and only one spool which already has filament on it. This is great as it allows me to use my spool with the loose filament as I can clip the spools filament down and also clip the new filament on the existing filament.
Thanks you saved me a lot of hand feeding!

I really like your idea and creative use of my clip ;-)

Printed at 68% for 1.75mm filament. Works nicely!

Used your 68% scale for 1.75mm and printed at 1 perimeter 0% fill and it works like a charm!

Great to hear that my design is also suitable for 1.75 mm clips!! I will update the infotext.