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Articulated Slug

by 8ran Mar 8, 2018
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Pretty Nice and very very cute! Thanx!

My 4 years old son love them !

Has anyone tried to print this using tpu?

Would I get a better outcome if I use support.

currently on the 3rd of my black slug pack. Great design, clean loose print.
Is there any chance you could do one the same size but with twice the number of segments - for really slinky movement.
Thanks !

love this ! Also looks like a great way to start playing with flexi animals. Reckon a shiny black one would look good. :-)

Wow impressed! Feels very creepy. Printed directly on glass so the bottom is glass like. Kido loved it

Printed on Creality CR-10s. Clean, easy and perfectly constructed item.
Thank you.

Qidi X One is the best

I've printed several with my ender 3, and they all turn out great!

Hi would u be able to give me your settings as I also printed on and Ender 3 and sliced with Cura but one side of the hinges fused

I use the normal profile 0.15mm in cura, nothing special.

One of the best prints so far! Thanks for this design.

My kids love this one, printed a few of them now. I need some more colours now. Thanks!

You're very welcome - those came out great!

This is just brilliant! It prints in no time and is really, really cute. Love it,

I’ve printed 3 in a glow in the dark filament. My 5 yr old daughter loves them so much she’s tucking them into bed every night and telling them stories. So I’m printing 3 more, each 5% bigger than the last. I’m going to start replacing hers every few days with a bigger one to convince her they’re growing. Heheh

soo cute love the idea

That's adorable!

Perfect as a fidget toy, my Daughter loves it. And a fantastic 'first ever' print for me, on a new Ender 3 machine. Thanks for the model.

Excellent! My kids print them by the dozen when I'm not home and give them to anyone with pockets ;)

This got me famous with my friends and street cred with work, hah! I printed it with glow-in-the-dark filament and it is AWESOME. It is SO popular with everyone I show, that I'll admit that I'm a bit tempted to sell the prints (with proper design credit of course), but I've had so much fun just giving them away (and seeing the joy on folks faces) that I doubt I'll ever make it that far.

I'm still quite the beginner at this, so the success I've had with these has been beyond encouraging. Thanks a million!

(photos below show the glow-in-the-dark version :)

Glow, baby glow! Great looking print.

What a Wonderfull and simple design. My kids absolutely adore them. Good job!

Simple and awesome thing

Really liked this model to show the articulation. I will add a photo of mine. Would really like to know how you designed this as that is my next step in learning here. Thanks for posting your model.

I tried this print for my first time printing without my husband's help and I think it turned out pretty well. Unfortunately the filament came up from the bed while printing so it's def not perfect but I still love him anyway.

I cant get the slug to print without it sticking together. Whenever i try to pry it apart it just snaps in half

I've printed the slug at 50% scale and 100% scale. Gently wiggle it left to right and up and down, like a wave. Focus on the middle outwards or from one end. Hold both sections when doing so. You may be putting too much pressure on the joins initially. You may have better results whilst the slug is still warm. Best of luck :)

Do you have to print this with support?

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this project. It prints wonderfully and my children love them (and everyone else who plays with them).

Keep up the good work.

This print makes me smile

I'm glad to hear it! The world needs more smiles ;)

hi I have made 1 of these slugs but the 1 side doesn't have a space to be flexible.
i have a ender 3 printer and used cura

Maybe your X axis belt is loose. Make it more tight ;)

Do I have permission to sell these printed?

Check the licensing, credit the author (who designed it) and if you're still not sure - there's no harm in asking the author/designer for permission. :)

From the license they have shown you should be able to. When selling you would need to say "8ran" designed it. Look up creative common rules otherwise I think you are fine as they don't have the non commercial license listed.

im looking at printing and selling some designs and selling them at a market to introduce people to printing and for their kids as toys.
im just asking for your permission, obviously if you would not like this i am happy to just print some for myself and freinds

Blatant copy posted earlier.... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3166908

These are great for patients in therapy sessions

Flexi Slug
Comments deleted.

my daughter absolutely loves this. out of 15 prints so far it is my favorite

If you will take a heat source (I use a heat gun) and apply it to the base of the antennas you can curl them up and make it more "realistic".
I really like your design!

I like that idea. If you print the snail shell to go with it, it'll look like a really cool snail.

Excellent idea! :D

Wow !!! it's my first articulated print and it work perfectly !!!! Thanks !! it took 45 minutes with 100%infill

Excellent! Articulated prints really are the best! :D

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I love that model! Really simple to do and it tooks me only about 15 mins to print. I use it as a stress relief. Thank you!!

Love this model. My first articulated make. Prints super clean. Posted pics on Facebook and two friends started chatting up the idea of getting their own printers!

Depends on the license and they may have the author's permission. Always good to let them know though :)

Thanks a lot man! Its pretty cool...my first non-pre loaded (on SD) 3d printed! =)
Works great!

there is no problem very good :D

Hey, I'm a primary school teacher and want to use these with the really young kids and their counting. Am ok to separate the slug, and then add/ remove some of the centre links to make them longer/shorter?
Hoping to put them up on here if that's ok, to share as a teacher resource. Obviously I'll link back to your page, just thought I'd run it by you first!

Absolutely! Go for it :D

I chose your slug as my very first 3D print, and I love it! We have a group of 150 elementary school kids coming through tomorrow morning, so I want to print more to give them something cool to handle. Thanks so much for this!

Not only did the slugs survive the demo, they were so interesting that it kept them from touching the STEM class guitars on the table. I told them about Thingiverse so some may look you up.

Great! Dual-purpose slugs! Looks like you had quite an interesting session with them. Great looking work space you all have there :)

Awesome! 150 kids will be a true stress test for the articulations ;) I hope it goes well and you see that look of wonder in their eyes!

Awesome! Made a gang of them, they're cute as a button! I'll hope soon they'll be united for a family picture.

For sure! I'd love to see them :D

You have infected me with The Bug ;)
Here is my latest mod.
My wife thought it needed legs!


Awesome. Reminds me of centipedes.

A great little critter :)
I've added a magnet so he can hang on the fridge (along with all the geckos I've made) :)

Magnetic Slug

Brilliant! Here I go on a shopping spree for magnets :D

I am about to make this! I think students will love it as a fidget tool... I saw that you printed it using a Qidi printer, I am just curious if you use their software for slicing, or something else? I just got my printer setup and I find the slicer quite clanky... I also have not been able to figure out how to set which extruder I want to use, as I have a dual extruder... I would appreciate any tips

Oh boy, yeah - I took one look at the slicer they provided and immediately bought Simplify3D. I didn't know the first thing about slicers and settings, and S3D got me up and running pretty quick. It's not cheap, but it was worth it to me to simplify my learning curve and give me lots of options/control now that I know what I'm doing. If you end up buying it, open up the Factory file below (that's what they call their project files) and take a look through the settings. They're what I typically use for a model like this. It's set to print a single skirt outline to make sure the filament is flowing nicely, then two perimeters with 15% infill. The first layer prints nice and hot at 215 degrees (60 degree bed temp) to get good adhesion to the bed, then the rest of the layers print at 205/40 degrees. Also, the first layer prints taller and slower (again, for good adhesion). Probably overkill for a simple model like this, but they're kind of my default settings nowadays.

If you don't end up getting S3D, load the gcode file below into your Qidi Tech I and it should print nicely!

Unfortunately, I've never used a dual extruder machine so I can't be of much help there.

Thank you for the recommendation! My 3D printer was funded from Donorschoose.org, so I am about to put a project for the software next... The Qidi software is just horrible... I will however print the slug before I get the new software, because it is just too nice to wait! Thanks again!

Oh wow, that's really awesome! What a cool organization! Good luck with the print - I hope it turns out great :D

This is my favorite fidget toy. I seriously can’t put it down. Thank you!!

You're welcome! I'm the same way with it - I keep one at my desk and fidget with it constantly when I'm on the phone ;)

+100500 for the best fidget so far.
Really amazing work, thanks a lot!
BTW, Have you considered making a caterpillar?

My printer crapped out just before finished this print, but it at least finished all the hinges and it still works quite well. Soon as I fix my printer I might print another one. Thanks for sharing this!

Bummer! I hope you get it going again soon. I've only had two major crapouts in my 3D printing life, and they were both very sad times ;)

Hey ist it possible to get a file with 10 or 12 sections? Printed one in 50 and one in 200%. But a longer one would be really cool

Such a nice design, my kids love it.
I like to heat the feelers with a hair dryer and bend them upwards

Great idea!
While we're on the subject of making it less "flat": is there a design that is more rounded so there aren't sharp edges?
Maybe print two of them and glue them together?

Unfortunately, I can only get this to bend the opposite direction than the picture, and one of the pieces broke when I tried to bend it the way you show there

Nice design.. Any chance you could make longer versions?

Is it made in one piece or more than one?

It prints all at once and the pieces interlock as it builds. So they're six distinct sections, but they'll all be connected by a pin that goes through a hole. Just pry it up and it articulates :D

Thanks AnaErwin! It's been so fun sharing on this site and seeing all the "makes"! :D

You should try and make it so that it can move in all directions more