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Multi-Catch Mouse Trap (Delusion Style)

by davwilso Mar 5, 2018
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good job ;-) one night, two mouse, thank you.

Don't do this to the mice. It could be bad for them.

I think that's the plan, isn't it?

When is slice this in Sli3er PE, it add two layers where the seesaw should be. After that's done it starts the main body, which fails becaue of the 2 layers high. How do I stop this?

Don't do this to the mice. It could be bad for them.

This looks amazing. I will try to print this design.
What looks weird is that the See-Saw is not laying completely on the bed, but only 50% , and from layer 2 the other 50%. This will cause in unprintable design??
Can you give some feedback?

Don't do this to the mice. It could be bad for them.

Hi sorry you’re having trouble with the design, what you are describing sounds vaguely familiar so I think it’s an error in the alignment of the part in 3D. My mistake. I’ll check the file tonight and upload a corrected version if I can figure out the issue. For now I suggest attempting to rotate it in your slicer so that it lays flat. Just keep trying and checking the first layer to make sure it is printing the first layer 100%. I managed to print it ok and many others have had success with it so give it a try.

Don't do this to the mice. It could be bad for them.

Thank you for fast response
I will start with this part , but with Z axis at -0,2, so it touches completely.
One layer will not make the difference

Yes! You just jogged my memory! You are right, that’s the solution I came up with as well. Thanks for asking this question!

This is awesome. I don't wanna use lethal traps for those poor mice and this is awesome! mouses are just too cute.

maybe I'll even let them have the cheese when i'm letting them out :)

Hello there, and thank you for giving a new feature to this old invention. I have a quick question for you. The mouse in my garden are a "lil" bigger then the one you captured. Do you thing it will works fine if i will scale making it bigger of a 25%?
Thanks again and best regards.

The size of mouse does make a difference for sure. I based it on the "average" sized mouse according to my google searches on mouse size and weight. 25% is probably too much to use the same screws, but you could try scaling it up to fit a larger screw size. Everything else will scale up beautifully.
The last three comments on this thing are related to making a bigger version of this trap...I may have to get creative again and design something new for that purpose!

Thanks for the very fast answer. Scaling your model to 10% more looks like fit fine in my case. Maybe you are thinking that i want catch some beavers but is not the case. LOL Anyways, scaling the model create some problems in my opinion. The wall became very thick where is not necessary to have all this material and looks to became a very very long print. The screws are not a problem. I could arrange the size. Could be nice if you would like to share your Fusion 360 files. Thanks again

Can we get the files aswell for the two part lid? :D Also using a monoprice mini select

Possibly as part of an update if I have time, see the below comment and follow me if you're interested is getting updates.

Thanks much for the great design :-) I spent a day printing it at 200 micron in PLA and it all fit together quite nicely. The only issue I found is that the mouse/rat that I've been trying to capture is too large to enter into the opening!

Any suggestions on how to scale this up and still be able to fit most printers?

I'm interested in your problem with large rodents... I am curious if rats are too smart for this design, but big mice... that's a different story. If I have some free time I'll look into doing that.

Maybe it's just me but the see-saw and front door don't fit or work right for me with my Anet A8 default is too wide and I can't see how the see-saw will close the door how it is now.

For the front door, when you put it in place, press the door all up in the guides, when the door is all the way in, you need to push it towards the entry hole. Then the tumbling mechanism will work. if you don't do that, then it looks like the door is to small.

The mouse can easily eat up the plastic walls when it is desperate to get out. I am not sure whether PLA or PTEG would last longer.

So far I haven’t had a single report of a mouse escaping this trap. I’ve designed the interior of the trap to be rounded so there are very few places a mouse can start to chew, and I’ve never had a mouse even try. I’d recommend using PLA simply because it’s harder and usually provides better surface finish which is important for this print because it has small moving hinges. 0.2mm layer height works well. If you’ve got a great printer that can print PETG really well and you decide to try it, let us know how it goes!

Thanks, I will try to make this trap today.

What bait do you use to trap them? Does cheese work?

Super idea. Thanks.
Two questions.
1.What are the differences between the original main body and the remix.

  1. Did you print the main body on the print bed straight up with no support for the opening containing the screw “bars?”

I can't recommend the remix, there isn't much info about it. Supports are definitely needed for two reasons: The overhang where the screws are, and also where the door to the "cell" is. Be sure to use low density, weak supports so they are easier to remove.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. I'm taking your advice right now. Great research and I'm looking forward to using this little gem!

Giving this a shot with a Prusa i3. extruder 190 C base 40 C 30% infill, print speed 50mm/s. New to the 3d printing game, don't know if there is any other relevant info. Giving it a shot! Update in a day or two I spose. Thanks for the model! I have mice at home, gonna try and get 'em like this before my little terrier does.

Is it possible to make a bigger version of the compartment so that the mice don't kill each other out of stress?would be reall awesome great redesign!

Just printed out the main part on my anet a8, took about 10 hours at 0.4 and 10% infill (50mm/s speed) will make the next parts in the coming days, what food should I put in the trap hoping no other insects/creatures reach for it? I'm trying to learn how to desing on Fusion 360, you've got great skills for putting this toghether , well done!

I was designing it, but you outran me.
The screws idea was brilliant.

Sorry to interrupt your creativity! Finish your design, it’s good to have more than one persons ideas!

What was the approximate weight after printing if you don't mind my asking? I want to know if its more cost effective to print one at 0.10$/g or to fold it out of galvanized steel for about 9$.

I’m printing another one right now, I’ll let you know the total weight when it’s complete. (Probably in a couple days)

Fantastic design! The print is unbelievable too.
What program was this designed in?

Fusion 360. It is definitely the best free CAD software I have used. It’s even better (in some ways) than some expensive professional software I have used.

Great design. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks! I’m happy to contribute to the community.

Awesome! Great job converting the old design. Well done sir!

I’m glad you like it! It was quite a fun design process especially because I had zero drawings or measurements of the original trap. I also don’t have access to mice in the winter to test it so I had to do some research on mouse physiology lol