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Hypercube Evolution Nut Remix

by Beezen Mar 4, 2018
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Been reprinting some parts for my HEVO build with these parts. So far they all are perfect fits. Too bad the designer of this remix no longer responds to comments or questions.

No posted makes and nobody has answered my question whether this remix assembles as well or is as strong as the original. Anyone with experience building the HEVO with these nut version parts please post a reply. Thank you.

Will the HEVO build be as strong and stable with these parts as opposed to using the melted in brass thread things? I would much rather go this route than heating up and pressing in all those threaded fittings.

A very good thing! congratulations!

Is this still being updated? I found an error in the Exruder mount. The holes that hold the two nuts for the retainer in are too big and the nuts just spin around. I don't suppose its possible to fix this and update a new one? Thanks!

Just measured and i think its around 6.9mm and should be around 5.7 I think.

You are a Champion!!!


For 20x20 or 30x30 ?


Its for the standard 30x30.

You are a lifesaver! Building a 2nd HEVO and don't want to deal with the brass inserts anymore (I don't mind the 6 on the x carriage). It looks like the X-carriage you have here is for LMU8 bearings though. Do you know if there's a nutted version of the x carriage that uses LMU10 as I'll be using 10mm steel rods on the X axis. Can't seem to find one that's both nutted and uses LMU 10. Thanks!

hi i can upload the IGES file and you do your changes yourself ,.. the question is to do it here as remix or extra ?

Thank you for the design i made a change for the x carriage to even don't use the Brass nuts.When it is tested i release it
thx thomas

yes i send an remix thomas

@tkamsker, did you have any success with the x carriage redesign?
I am very much interested, since the brass inserts keeps popping out of the original version.
All the other parts are fine with the brass inserts, since they are pulled in to the material when used.
On the x carriage part, they are pulled out of the material. :-/



which screws are to use? M3x????


Which infill do you recommend? I would like to print in PLA.



Many thanks for the designs.

I have spotted an error in the Y carriage designs for the LM8UU, looking at the part with the x rod screws towards you the left hand nut slot is not wide enough, looks fine on the LM10UU ones.

I, can you repair the 8mm Y carriage ?

Its repaired :)

Many Thanks.


Nut isn't aligned with the hole. Can you modify it ?

My failure. I have only controlled one side. Now it is aligned on both sides :)

What is the exact diameter of the holes for the 8mm rodson the Y-Carrriage v1.0? 8.4mm like the original?
I have printed the Y-carriage (LM10U and 8mm rods) and it looks like the holes are too big or sth. is wrong with my printer :)

XY Idler Mount 1.1 Left
XY Idler Mount 1.1 Right
XY Stepper Mount 1.1 Left
XY Stepper Mount 1.1 Right

Hole dimensions??? 10mm or 8mm rods?

10mm Versions. The 8mm coming soon.

Do you have the 8mm version of the xy stepper mount ready? Would be awesome!

I have added the 2 Parts :)

Thanx mate! Saves me a lot of trouble ;P

Can you please change your details.. i have been dumb printing wrong part for 28 hours now and failing 3 of the tries.

I thought the Y Carriage 1.0 (10mm) was for the 10mm X rods. So please make this more detailed :)

Y Carriage 1.0 (8mm rods)
Y Carriage 1.0 (10mm rods)

I have now updated the Name in the detailes and in the files

The Y Carriage 1.0 (10mm) is for X 10mm Rods and Y 10mm Rods

hi! can you give fusion files?

I have added the Inventor Files.

Comments deleted.