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How to run Customizer on your own computer

by DrLex Mar 2, 2018
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Awesome guide! My PC can do this soooo much faster than the website, with no hicups!

Muito Obrigado. Excelente dica

If you mean by ‘program’ a simple OpenSCAD file, the one from this Thing may be a decent starting point. Try browsing through the set of customizable things linked on the main page and look for things that don't seem too complicated.

thank you for posting this! I've been looking for a program i can understand. haha

News of the day: the Thingiverse Customizer works again! Let's hope it stays that way…

The above thing I would like to customize including font editing feature, however, in OPENSCAD, no matter how I change the font (by customizer window or programming), the preview (and even the stl export file) does not change its text font at all.

Does OPENSCAD lack of font edit feature?

iamburny's Customizable Text - Name Keyring / Keyfob

You cannot use a font that is not installed on your computer, and most likely none of the fonts that can be chosen are installed. Either find the font you want and install it, or use another font that you already have. I guess all those fonts are freely available, but I don't know where you can download them. Just enter their names in Google and you'll probably find most of them.

Note for anyone that may be having problems with Customizer working with the Windows 64 bit installer snapshot.

Customizer does NOT work for me with the latest Windows 64 bit installer:
OpenSCAD 2018.03.10 (git a77a775)

But it does work in the previous version of Windows 64 bit installer from early January:
OpenSCAD 2018.01.06 (git 3473eb1)

Customizer Doesn't Work in Latest Win64 Installer Snapshot · Issue #2363 · openscad/openscad


New OpenSCAD 2018.04.01 Development Snapshots for Windows are now available that fixes a Customizer bug in the previous build.

See http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html or get them directly at http://files.openscad.org/snapshots/


Works great for me. (OpenSCAD 2018.03.17, iMac, OS X 10.13.3)

Thank you for posting this information.

What a relief to find Customizer can live happily on my machine (iMac, OS X 10.13.3) even if Customizer’s life in the Cloud has been interrupted/terminated.

-->For anyone reading this who is wondering if it is worth downloading the Development Snapshot of OpenSCAD, my short answer is "absolutely worth it."

I really like the opportunity to enter variable values easily in the new Customizer panel of the OpenSCAD window. I know that will save me a lot of time in debugging objects that are under development. And it will be great for creating variations of objects that are working correctly

It is excellent to be able to save “Presets” with parameter values. No more lost notes for the dimension settings I used to create a particular customized object.

--> A thought for an addition to your description that I would have found helpful:

When you open a file created in a previous version of OpenSCAD, most, but not all the Customizer window features are available. After the file has been saved from the “Development Snapshot” version of Customizer more features become available. [In particular I noticed that you don’t see tab labels and presets do not work with the “old” file.]

I have figured out when presets don't work: they are stored in and loaded from a JSON file, this file is created when saving a new .scad file, but it is not automatically created when opening an existing file that has no JSON. If the file is absent, presets don't work. A simple workaround is to copy the JSON file from any other scad file, and rename it.

Worked great for me, thanks for the thorough tip!

This helps so much!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

This is fantastic. I have a shape I need to make that has absolutely eluded me in Sketchup, but I could get a close approximation by using the Customizer on a square twisted vase... But the Customizer is offline... But wait! I've been wanting to try SCAD for some time (fraidy cat) so now I have to. I was able to figure everything out in very short order, even without the customizer enabled (just adjust the parameters and refresh). Now that my feet are wet, I can try to generate the shape I want in SCAD -- because I'm sure it's possible. Thanks!

Hello, after i noticed customizer was down on the page i got the scad file and run it on pc, but now im having an app crash at atio6axx.dll when rendering and havent been able to fix it, im running win 8, any posible idea? i already uninstall and install again but no luck.

I have no idea, try the OpenSCAD issue tracker. There seems to be an existing issue about this, you can try reading through it or asking for clues. It seems that if you can upgrade your AMD graphics card driver, it might be solved.

Thankyou. Rightnow im running it on other pc while i find a solution for it, thanks for the quick answer!

I cant get this to work with any customizable item that includes bumpmap\texture import (png, jpg)

It is possible this is a limitation of the customizer implementation inside OpenSCAD. However, if you can give me an example of such a Thing, I can see if there is a way to make it work.


Set "usefacetexturefile" as yes and try to add a face texture to the model, doesnt seem to work.

Hex Tile

I see what the problem is, I've had this before while trying to run one of the lithophane customizers. When using a jpg or png file, the extrusion is too tall by a factor 100. Try changing line 113 in the OpenSCAD code from:
scale([3,3,20]) // use this scaling on Thingiverse

Hey DrLex,

I noticed you mentioned you solved the same issue with a lithopane .scad file. I was just wondering if you had already worked the fix for this lithopane customizer linked below:


I've got it to somewhat work with modifying the z scale variable line 104

Thanks for your help!

Customizable Lithopane

Yes, that's the same one, and replacing ‘height’ by ‘height/100’ in that line should do the trick.

You may also want to change line 118 to the following to get rid of the tiny gap between the lithophane and the frame:
square([length-.5, width-.5], center=true);

Crikey ! It works ! Thansk !

Hi, thanks for posting this. I've followed your instructions 1-4 successfully. I've not used the thingiverse customizer before, so I'm a bit stuck at the instructions "Create a new preset, and edit the values as you would in the online Customizer."

  • can you point me to a more detailed description of how to create / modify a preset in OpenScad?
    many thanks,

Look at where the number 5 is in the third picture, and click the ‘+’ button to create a new preset. Then the controls to change values will appear below.
(The Thingiverse customizer actually doesn't have presets like this.)

I also don't have much experience with this and was also able to follow instructions 1-4. When I try to press the + button it is gray and unresponsive. How can I fix this?

It seems the presets system is still in an unfinished state, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Try clicking the ‘Reset’ button instead. You may need to click the little triangles to open up the controls.
(Also make sure the thing you are trying to use, is actually customizable. If there is no button ‘Open in Customizer’ on its Thing page, it isn't.)

Hey, does this work with .stl files ? It's rare you get a thing that has the .scad files attached as well as the .stl files. Can I just import .stl files into the program?

I'm not sure what you would want to achieve with this. You won't magically get a customizable model by importing a plain STL. You'll just get a representation of the model inside OpenSCAD which you could then export again to end up with exactly the same file you started out with.
Of course, you could use an imported model to add parts to it by writing OpenSCAD code, but importing STL models is not without its problems, and is not supported anyway by the Thingiverse customizer.

you are a genius thank you

Comments deleted.

Thanks for this! I'm getting a warning:
WARNING: Can't open library 'write/Write.scad'.

Also, I can't create or save presets. Clicking on the buttons doesn't do anything. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Everything else seems to work great.

You will need to download write.scad, either from this thing or from GitHub, and copy the ‘write’ folder into the same folder as the .scad file.


Features tab is absent from the preference window. I've the latest version for mac. ¿Any idea?

You need the latest development snapshot, the stable release is 3 years old and lacks this feature.

Thanks I didn't read the instructions either and this was the problem I had.

Thank you very much for posting these instructions. Very, very helpful!

Thank you for this. I was not able to get the thingiverse customizer to work but scad is working for me by following your instructions.

Thank you kindly for posting this. Just an fyi to some user. Using linux openscad version 2015 doesnt have the customizer part. Use the appimage version further down the openscad page to have the option.

open scad has been desperately crying out for this ...

So happy

Any tips on how to make models that work with customizer? Ive got a few creations on thingiverse that I included the OpenSCAD files in, that I'd love to make customizable.


Side Trough for Tevo Tornado and Creality CR-10
by ewr2san

Well, it is mostly a matter of putting all the variables that should be in the customizer UI in front of the file, with a short description in a comment line in front of each, and optionally a comment on the line itself that specifies what kind of input field or slider should be used. You can take a look at the simple .scad file from this very thing to get an idea. A more comprehensive explanation can be found here.
Once you have uploaded a Customizer-compatible .scad file, the checkbox ‘this is a Customizer’ should become available (and must be checked to enable the Customizer button… which currently is still broken of course).

Awesome! Im going to play around with that this weekend. It should be really easy to convert my stuff because I learned early to put most dimensions and options in as variables.

Thanks for posting this.

Firstly, thanks for this - I was attempting to use OpenSCAD without the customizer option - a bit of a pain.

A quick note though, I downloaded the latest version for Mac OSX and couldn't directly follow your guide for unhiding customiser - it wasn't there.

A quick dip into OpenSCAD - Preferences (cmnd and comma) and there is an initial option I had to select under the 'Features' tab - it's 'Enable Customiser'. Without this checked the Hide Customiser option does not appear in the View menu.

Thanks again.


P.S. Sorry for the z/s use in 'Customizer' language settings on my Mac!! :D

You're absolutely right, I forgot about that. Thanks for notifying me. The instructions have been updated!

You're welcome! :)