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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by MercedMike Mar 2, 2018
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Brother spotcheck, thanks so much for those kind words. I love the Senior Deacon's lecture of the second degree and have delivered it often. I am not quite sure what you mean about centering the column on the step. I use Blender 3D for modeling and it has the capability to import and edit a .stl file. Perhaps yours has the same capability?

I have Blender on Linux. Haven't used it before, but I'll take a look. Never to old to learn!

When I printed it, the column on the second step printed at the very front of the step, not in the center like the others. Could be an issue on my end slicing it. I'll try to post a picture of the make once I get it painted.

Thanks again, Brother!

Here is what works for me in Blender 3D. Select NEW. Delete the default cube. Go to FILE>IMPORT>stl. Navigate to the stl file and import it. For some reason, I need to click ORIGIN>GEOMETRY TO ORIGIN. You may have to zoom the view. Click tab to go to EDIT mode. Select WIREFRAME for view. Hit C for circle select and select some vertices in the column. Right click to turn off circle select. Now hit CTRL-L to select all linked vertices in the column. Hit C again and select some vertices in the capital. Right click out of circle select. Hit CTRL-L to select all linked vertices in the capital. Hit NUMPAD 7 for top view. Now use the drag arrows or CTRL-G to move the entire column to your preferred position. Hit TAB to go to OBJECT mode. Use view SOLID to check your edt. Use FILE>EXPORT>stl to save your edit as an stl file for Printing. Hope this works for you.

Thanks so much for putting all the work into this design, Mike! It printed out great on my Ender 3. We plan on using this during the degree lecture in our lodge. The only change I could even imagine making would be the placement of the column on the second stair. It'd be great if it were centered just a bit more. Is this something you'd be interested in doing? If not, would you have the CAD file available? I'm a novice at CAD, but would be willing to try to edge it over just a bit.

Again, great job, and thanks so much, Brother!

This has been tweaked and I hope Jess and others will find it improved. I can't see any problems in Thingview or XYZWare.

This is awesome! Well done!!

If you design any more Masonic stuff please let me know at blendon339@gmail.com. We've got a growing hub of Masonic 3D printable stuff. Mind if I feature it on there?

I'll definitely print a copy of this for Lodge, but it looks like the geometry has some issues in slicer. Hoping a quick pass with netfabb (which I don't have on this work machine right now) will fix it up once I get home.

HMMM. I sliced it with XYZware, which is usually considered an idiot slicer, and had no problems. I printed it on a Da Vinci Jr printer , ;which is usually considered a baby printer, at default settings without supports and had no problems. Please let me know how it works out for you and if I need to make some changes someplace.

The corner of the bottom step in the curved one is where it's giving me the most trouble. You can see it in the preview here if you load it in Thingview and turn it around.

i see it. Let me work oh it.

I tweaked it. Hope this works better for you.

I tried printing it over the weekend, but ran into a problem. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgPNZbFBCxm/ It looks like there are spaces under the column bases, and 4 of our columns came off mid-print. I think if those were filed in and it was solid, they should print okay.

Jess, I posted a version COLUMNS4.stl with the columns sunk deeper in the stairs. I couldn't see any space any place but maybe your slicer will do better with the new version. Good Luck!

I'm still unable to get this to print properly. https://m.imgur.com/a/5Tsm5 there are still holes at the base of the columns where the letters are, and there just isn't enough adhesion for the print to hold together.

I've loaded the most recent file in both cura and simplify3D, and both of them have those holes in the model where the column labels are. To print it at a fine resolution and speed makes this like a 48 hour print. I've tried the most recent version three times now, wasting almost a whole week of printing, and no success.

As much as I'd love to print this for the Lodge, I'm not going to try anymore until someone else manages a successful print.

i tried again, removing the labels left over from the original entirely. I test printed it at 50% scale, 0.3 resolution, standard speed. The picture on thi9ngiverse is my new print. Why don't you try that first? It is only a 3 hour print or so. If that is not it, I don't know what to do.

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