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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Tenor G Major (E4-C6) 12 hole Transverse Ocarina (WIP)

by Karuuv Mar 1, 2018
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Could you also try to make an even lower one? Something like a baritone or even bass Ocarina?

I am hoping to do this eventually, but right now I'm taking a slight step back to learn the basics a bit better. Once I have a firmer grasp on the sound mechanics then I'm hoping to be able to start churning out all the designs rattling in my head.

How did you finish the one you did with wood filament? Looks pretty nice.

First I sanded it with 80 grit, then 200, and I think I finished it with 400 sandpapers/sanding sponges. I try to go with the print lines so I don't leave too many scratches, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to do it.

I stained with Minwax Water Based Walnut color wood stain.
I only leave it on for a minute or two before wiping it off, as the water stuff seems to dry into a 'paint' really fast. Be careful not to touch it when it's wet with your hands, it can cause the stain to look blotchy in those spots. I stuck a paintbrush through the finger holes to hold it while I stained it.
I did this step twice.
(I use the water based stain (and finish) as it's safer to use indoors, and easier to clean off hands. Oil based would probably work fine too.)

Finished with 4 Coats of Minwax Water Based Polycrilic Clear Satin - some coats had about 30 minutes of drying between each coat, some got to dry for a day.
Make sure you do not shake this stuff, only stir it gently. Shaking adds a ton of bubbles that will end up leaving marks on the item you're coating.

There's probably a lot of room for improvement on these steps, so I recommend tinkering :)

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

Best one of yours that I have printed so far. Thank you! Fits my man hands quite well and the deep sound is very cool. It's in tune too. I am such a fan!

I do still have trouble blowing the highest notes, and am kind of stuck at how to fix that. Do you have any ideas?

I think that's an issue with the model itself currently, as a few prints of these have given me different results, and none have been perfect on the highest notes.
I really want to improve it again when I have time as this one is my favorite tonal range too :)

Do you think one might be able to modify a printed model to work with the highs, or would that require a complete reprint? Do you know what problem is causing the highs to behave in this way? I'm curious from a physics standpoint.

Sorry for the slow reply, I caught a bit of flu and it kicked me on my butt for a while.

I believe the voicing window on the back is slightly too small for the chamber - So it actually might be fixable by gently filing the voicing edge so it's slightly further away from the windway stream.
Or this will kill the sound entirely. They're really picky buggers.
And if you go too far that you hit the infill that'll probably kill it too.

The windway exit should also be a bit wider (I think) but I'm not sure that could be fixed without changing the model and reprinting. I am still hoping to take another pass over these models soon, and work is settling down a bit so it might actually be possible :)
I also have a few additional designs that have been simmering in my head that I'm wanting to make soon.

For the physics side of it - they make sound via helmholtz resonance:
This is a bit beyond me at the moment, though I really should read into it one day.

I think your breath starts by filling the ocarina chamber, which increases the pressure to a point that your breath will instead travel around the OUTSIDE of the ocarina - which causes the internal pressure to drop back down enough for the breath to switch back to traveling into the ocarina.
And this repeats so quickly it causes enough of a vibration to make sound.
I'm going to once more emphasize the "I think" as I'm really not positive I have this part down correctly ^_^;;

I filed the voicing edge a little bit and the second highest note - one thumb - is definitely more audible, if not entirely as good as the others. I think you're onto something here! Will update with further progress

I'm really happy that worked for you :-D
I'm planning to work on this one a bit today (I'll extend out the voicing window a bit since that worked for you) and try to get this version working better - and improve the tuning as I think the last notes are off a bit.

As soon as I've gotten it printed and verified I've improved it instead of making it worse I'll upload a new model. Given how long it prints I probably won't get to start the print until tomorrow morning though.

Thanks for your help!

New modifications I tried seemed to have no affect at all. Not sure if I just was too gentle on the changes or what. Will be longer than I hoped to get this one with stronger notes I think, since the print is so long.

pls make a double ocarina with 2.5 octaves one day that would be awesome!

I'm currently planning to make both a Double Ocarina and a Harmony Ocarina :)
Not sure when I can start those projects or how long they'll take though, so no ETA as of right now. I'll try to remember to reply here when I get them done :D

This is my new favorite thing on thingiverse!
I have been printing for years, I use Fusion to model brackets and other random parts for robots. I guess I didnt have high hopes for this model when I printed this out. But WOW it plays perfectly, I play trumpet, piano, and recorder, but never played ocarina ever, I didnt even think it was going to work. In less than an hour I am literally playing all the zelda tunes, and I couldn't be more satisfied with this print. WOW, thanks, please make a soprano ocarina!

So I strongly believe that anyone who took the time to leave a message deserves a reply, but I've had trouble with replying to your message here. The most I can say is thank you, I really appreciate hearing this :) But that feels a bit lacking.

So since I couldn't formulate a good reply in my head, I decided to go a different route. I am printing V1 of the Soprano Ocarina right now - I had to make it from scratch since the shape of these ocarinas doesn't translate well into the Soprano (Fingers get too mushed together) so it's a bit ugly at the moment and V1 may never see the light of day :)
But I should have a soprano ocarina online within a week or two, assuming the voicing being this small doesn't turn out to be something I can't figure out.

Thank you again for taking the time to write this.

Of course, I appreciate the time it took to model this, I probably have spent more time playing it than you have modeling it ;) I have spent so many hours playing this Ocarina, every note works perfectly, even the high pitch ones. Other Ocarina models on here dont work as well. I didnt get any slicing glitches, I use Cura. Tho it is important to dial your settings to ensure you dont have and strings or any artifacts that could change the interiors surface. Also careful to adjust your supports to make sure they dont ruin the inside, or the finger holes. Its very important all air flows across smooth surfaces, so make sure you calibrate your printer if you want a good sounding ocarina.
I am excited to see what you come up with next.

The Soprano ocarina is up, with a sound sample! It's still a little ugly, sorry, I haven't figured out a good way to smooth the neck/mouthpiece into the body yet.

Thank you again for taking the time to leave a message. I really do appreciate everyone's feedback :-)

Working 12 hole Soprano Ocarina
by Karuuv

It's incredibly ugly, and it doesn't play the full range, but here's the first beta version.
Darn thing did not want to stay on the bed, so I might tweak the printing orientation and see how that works. Next test version is ready, and as soon as the Ukulele part is done printing I'll be giving the second version a try. As soon as I have a version that's good enough to upload I'll throw it on Thingiverse :)

Hey. I really love the work on your other ocarina project. I printed the v10 and v17 ones and they turned our great. This one (G4V3 specifically) didn't work out for me at all. I can't get it to do the slightest sound. Really wished to get my huge hands on a larger, lower pitched one.

Update. I figured out, there is a bad face right inside the airway which caused Cura to do one layer (printed it pretty much horizontally) of allmost full clock somewhere near the middle of the airway. Should be able to break it without destroying the oracina. May post update then.

That's super weird - I don't see any extra or reversed faces in Blender 3D, and it's not seeing any non-manifold errors.
So I pulled it into my Cura (version 3.1.0) and it looks ok in there too. I even stepped through the windway creation in layer view just in case it wasn't visible in the x-ray view. I'm out of ideas :(

I'm guessing you already double-checked that it wasn't a support, and that the voicing window is clear, so I'm not really sure what could be causing it :-/
Could you send a screenshot of the error on your end?

I hope you can get the extra plastic out of there and it fixes it - good luck!

I figured out the issue there and updated my make to be some kind of issue/solving protocol. It turned out, your design ain't faulty at all!

Tenor G Major (E4-C6) 12 hole Transverse Ocarina (WIP)
by blender

If I scale it down, will this cause it to change pitch? Thanks for any help :)

Yes - scaling it down will make it higher pitched. It also might change the difficulty of playing the high notes, though not sure if it'd make it easier or harder.

If you definitely want to preserve the pitch, I would suggest splitting the model in half and rejoining it after. Just make sure you don't cut the model around the voicing window on the back, as that part is a bit finicky.

I'll try to get a split version of this model up on future versions.

Ahh, thought so! Well thank you for the reply :). A split version would be fantastic and would help partition the build times! Thanks again!

:D new version, I cannot try now. I run out of filament but after I get refill I will try this one. Thank you for your hard work.

I'm always excited to see your prints :)