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D&D spell templates

by thelowrunner Feb 27, 2018
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We tend to use hard squares. What you have for cube areas works, but would like to see you add a more squared off version of your cones.

Hi !

Got a really small printer (anycubic photon)
Would it be possible to split the 30foot cone in 2 parts ?
Thx a million

Comments deleted.

Two parts wouldn't be enough. I just checked and you need to cut it 4 times to fit it on the buildplate. You could cut it in meshmixer or 3d builder to fit it on yout buidplate.

Would it be possible to split some of the larger parts (such as the 40ft cube and 60ft cone) into several smaller parts, and possibly make a 15ft sphere? My printer can't make things that large, and my group often needs those measurements.


Another request for a 60ft cone here! It's actually pretty common, e.g. for Cone of Cold or a dragons breath.

Allright, thanks for notifying I added a template for 30 and 60ft extendable.

You're an absolute legend, thank you so much!

Love these! Any chance you are working on a 15 foot circle (for Spirit Guardians)?

Any plans for an addon/attachment for the 30foot to make it a 60ft cone for dragon breaths?

Just added the 60ft extention.

Sorry to bother, but I saw you were helpful to others with the same issues. My 3d printer is unfortunately too small for the 30 ft cone, which is oftenly used by us. I saw you were working on broken down versions of the larger cubes, would it be a ton of trouble to have a 30ft cone broken down version? I have no modeling experience, and my printer can only print 5.5" cubed space, making the 6 inch long templates too large.

Again, sorry to bother, you've been more helpful than you needed to be to others, and I hate to ask more, but your templates are just so damn nice.

Could you please make a version in meters? Non-US versions of the game use meters instead of feat. The actual size is the same, only the label changes.

Here are the conversions:

  • 10ft = 3m
  • 15ft = 4.5m
  • 20ft = 6m
  • 30ft = 9m
  • 40ft = 12m
  • 60ft = 18m

I myself live in Europe but have still feet instead of meters in my books (books bought in Europe).
I will make the meter versions soon.

By non-US version I mean non-english, sorry. Italian for example.
If it is not a lenghty process, could you please also translate the labels? (far less important than the distances)

  • cone = cono
  • line = linea
  • circle = cerchio
  • square = quadrato

Are there no square in the files?

Hey there! great work and loving them. Would you have any plans of releasing a 60ft circle aoe anytime soon? At least the pie version to separate for easy printing?

I have added the 60ft circle in pieces. Hope you like it :)

Was not planning on make an 60ft one. But ill make one in the near future.

These are a fantastic idea! Thanks for making them! One little thing though, your 30ft circle and 30ft pie piece have a minor typo, you've got the 'ft' as 'tf'.

Thanks for noticing! I have fixed the text.

Why there is no full 30ft circle, but there are the parts of it?

Someone requested a 30ft circle in parts so I made it and not directly the 30ft circle as well.... not very efficient. But I have added the full 30ft circle. Thanks for notifying :)

Oh, figured that was the cause. Thanks! Awesome work!!

These are amazing! Any chance you could add a 30ft circle (in pieces like the 40ft ideally) as well?

Just added a 30 ft circle in pieces.

I hope you enjoy the templates.

Ill work on it soon :)

Awesome! Thanks so much, I'm enjoying the set very much so far.

I love these! The labels are awesome! I do have some requests, if you're able to: Would you be able to make an add-on for the 30-foot cone (with an unlabeled 30-foot cone I suppose) to push it out to 60? Also, would you be able to make templates for the cubes as well? My players like to try to shoot them at angles, and math is hard...

I am sorry that I just now noticed your comment. I will make a 60ft cone in two pieces and some cubes ASAP.

Edit: I added all the cube sizes (withing reasonable size) form the Player Hand book

Sorry that this reply is so late, but thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

I second this, cubes would be awesome

These are great. They've really helped to streamline my game. Any chance you could add bars for shorter distances to the 30ft line template like you have for the circles and cones?

Thanks! Ill add one with the extra bars soon :)

Awesome, thanks!

I have added a template with notches every 2,5 cm

Any chance you might break the biggest circle into 4 pie wedges that slot together? My printer isn't big enough to do the whole thing, and scaling it to fit my print bed kind of defeats the purpose.

I'll look into it! I hope that you find them useful :)

Just uploaded the files for the 40ft circle in 4 pieces.

Woohoo! Thanks! So... print one of pie_1 and 3 of pie_2?

Yes indeed. I also added in the thing details that you need one pie 1 and three pie 2.
Hope they fit and come out great!

The last section of the 40 foot circle is printing now. I've got a pic up of the three sections I have done put together. Took quite a bit of trimming to get them to fit without having to force anything or causing any warping. Looks great, though!