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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mini CoreXY 3D Printer

by Bobbyofna Feb 26, 2018
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that's one chonky printer. I love the design :P
Some people design super thin parts for 3d printer printers and it bugs me (Ehm ehm hypercube)

Can you please provide the files for your Duet 2 Wifi case? Thanks.

They are already there. It's the .ai files.

Very cool 'little' project. I'm currently scoping out something similar myself. I'm curious why you had to reduce speeds with the linear rail? Also curious about what manufacturer of linear rails you are using, I'm prepared to give some Chinese rails a shot, 'CNA' seem to have a reasonable name.

Thanks! The reason the printer can't move as fast anymore is because I used cheap generic Chinese linear rails from aliexpress. They are surprisingly decent if you take them apart, clean them up and then regrease them with a little white lithium grease. They have no play at all. They are however a bit harder to move as compared to the smooth rods and bearings from Misumi, but I still much prefer the cheap linear rails. They are easier to design around, it made the X-axis much more rigid along the Y-axis (the smooth rod version had some play angling the X-axis at each end), I have more print area now, and I doubt I will ever take the printer over 650mm/s when printing anyways, even for travel movements. Here is the link to the rails I used in case you are interested. They aren't the best in the world but they are still pretty darn good especially considering how cheap they are...


Are you going to post your BOM or the guide to make it?
I want to make one like yours and don't know how to start.

Yes once the design is done and I have built and tested it, then I will be posting the BOM.

Please update, I would like to build one too, thanks!

Just posted an update & a video that you can check out now

really awesome sir, keep it going, the printer looks so nice btw

Very nice. Some great components you chose for this build: The Duet 2 WiFi32 bit board is the real heart of the whole thing and it allows you to do things many high end printers cannot. The addition of the 0.9 degree steppers is the 'coupe de grace' as they can fully take advantage of that 32 bit processing power. Simply adding 0.9 degree steppers to a normal 8 bit stock printer does not a better unit make- you need the higher CPU power (32 bit) which in turn gives you twice the resolution of most FDM printers. Self leveling bed via Duet board and BL Touch, E3D Hotend Core XY frame...congrats, you've got a real winner here!

My next LARGE Core XY printer (in progress) has the Duet Ethernet, BL Touch, Dual E3D hotends with Titan Extruders. Building small things is o.k. but my prototypes can get large...I gotta have the extra room! I make one of these mini's just to take in the RV or to friends houses to do little demos. : )

How's this project coming along? I'm really interested in building one.

Hey I was thinking on building something very similar to yours, can you please detail bed size and extrusion lengths?

What is the bed size on my his little guy. Looks awesome btw

This is a very wonderful project, I really want to repeat it. ))) Waiting for all the data to work with this printer !!!)))

Great "mini" project! Which use firmware for this 3D Printer? Thank you!

Great "mini" project! Which use firmware for this 3D Printer? Thank you!

Можно, 3D модель стола!

Good luck with this project! :D