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Lasercut Panzer IV G (motorized)

by JackCarter Mar 25, 2018
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note: excuse me for the bad English :-)

so, took me about 2 weeks of lasering with a 5500 mw laser. i posted a make in this file.

just a little comment.... the back wheels are not okay, the fueltank is in the way for a correct working wheel... just see the attached picture.

anyway.... many thanx for the file!!!

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem i'm having. I'm importing the SVG files into Inkscape and changing the colours to red for cut, and blue for raster, which suits my laser cutter but when i send the file to print it is showing up as black and really bad quality. So then i saved the file as a DXF and imported it into AutoCad but loads of the design ends up missing. The original DXF file also dont load into AutoCad properly.
Please help! What am i doing wrong?
I have successfully made 'Star Wars' models this way so i know it works. I just cant work out what is going wrong.
These Tanks are amazing by the way!

Can you make this in a CNC machine ?

you will have hard times will the nested part like the hatch but theoretically yes you can...


I hope the corner will be sharp enough but i think it can be okay

I am getting ready to cut the pieces, but I can't find the screws and sleeves you use. The information I think is in european form. I can't seem to comment on instructables, so I wanted to ask the question here. I'm not sure what the Ø in front means. Are the bolts actually 3mm or M3 bolts and what are the dimensions of the sleeves, I think they are 4mm Inside Diameter by 8mm long, but I'm not sure. Also, if anyone in the US has made this and has a source for the metal parts, please let me know. The design is AMAZING, and I can't wait to build it. Thank you.

Hello, excuse me this misunderstanding. The Ø3mm means M3 bolts (3mm for the thread diameter).
But you can scale the tank to fit imperial system, i think it will work, but it might fit the sheet thickness and the screw diameter at the same time.
I'm glad you like it, it is very encouraging !

OK, I'm getting there, I've found a place for the screws www.mcmaster.com large lots, but that just means I have to make more. Now I'm trying to cut out the pieces, but I think my laser works differently than yours, or the SVG File is not coming in quite accurately to CorelDraw (the program our ULS 150D Laser requires). I'm cutting the treads and it doesn't look like a toothpick will fit through the holes. I'm wondering if you can give me the outside dimension of a part after it has been cut. The inside diameter of the hole looks like 1.5-1.6mm. the Body Plate in Step 1 is 78mm wide. Do these sound right? It's about 4 hours to cut all of it. I don't want to waste material or time. Thank you! the other pics are just to show you what I've done so far. I had to put tape on the front after cutting to make sure all the tiny pieces didn't fall into the honeycomb cutting bead, so the pics are from the back side.

Hello, if you are talking about the holed plate that makes the under side of the body, it is 110mmwide according to Illustrator. So your model is 71% of the correct size. I hope it didn't make you waste too much wood...