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Customizable Flower Pot - classic style

by robertwallace Mar 8, 2018
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scad doesnt work for me, i dont have bottom and part of pot is missing

If you're generating off-line (not using the Thingiverse Customizer) you may need to update your OpenSCAD version. The flowerpot code uses a more recent implementation of rotate_extrude() that allows the specification of the angle amount to rotate (previous implementation is always 360deg).

I'm just guessing that this is the problem, since it is the only difference that I can come up with. If you use the default settings, does it work for you?

So, why spend time and money printing out something you can easily buy for less than a dollar?

Because I cannot for the love of god find the right size at my hardware store that fits my custom-made cachepot. Thank you for this :)

You're welcome. I'm happy that my work on this helped you out. Hmm; a custom-made inner pot for a custom made outer pot. A harmonious beginning.

I get "Parser error in line 226: syntax error" when I try to compile Customizer_FlowerPot-_RC2.scad without having changed anything. I'm running OpenSCAD version 2014.03 in Linux Mint. I'm completely new to OpenSCAD, so maybe I'm missing something or doing something wrong. I just opened the file and used the "Compile" command to see what would happen.

Hello, Jason.

I've never tried running OpenSCAD from Linux. And while the version your using is a little old (latest official release is 2015.03-3), I don't believe I've used anything in my code that relies on changes made in later versions, and I'm not pulling in any libraries or outside modules.

Still, a missing comment marker or semicolon can certainly cause syntax errors to appear -- and often far away from where the error actually sits, so I'd try downloading the scad file again, load it in and without making any changes, hit F5 ( or select "Preview" from the Design menu ) - you should get a default flower pot. If you're still getting the error, try using the latest OpenSCAD from http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html

I've seen a lot of code in my career as a programmer, and yours is among the best out there. If others commented their code as well as you then my job would be so much easier! Hopefully your code will inspire new programmers to "comment the heck" out of their code too!

Thank you for the praise. Even better when it comes from a fellow programmer looking under the covers, so to speak. Most of my programming career was in one SCIF or another and very few people will ever see that code. It's refreshing to receive an unexpected compliment or two, now and then; thanks!

One of the most beautifully written (and well commented!) SCAD code I've ever come across. Thank you for putting all that time and effort into it. I've learned a lot tracing it and will aspire to write my scad with such algorithmic grace =)

Thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it. I learned what little I know of OpenSCAD by reading the code of others, so I try to reciprocate.

I tend to use a lot of parameters and that makes my code look more sophisticated than it actually is. That also means I have to comment the heck out of it so I can remember what I was thinking when I wrote it. Also, as I mention, I'm having to re-learn geometry and trig, so... more comments.

I've used several programming languages over the years but I'm still at the beginning of learning OpenSCAD - and 3D-modeling, for that matter. There's probably some very elegant and efficient way to accomplish what my flowerpot code does. Still, I'm satisfied that it does what I wanted it to do and that someone actually looked at the code :) Thanks, again.

can these be printed in vase/spiral mode?

Sorry, no. The sidewalls are too thick.

Thank you for sharing, love your set. Thank you new to 3d printing da vinci 1.0A not lots of 3d printer choice in south africa at time of purchase +- 2 months ago, now they are starting to burst at the seams, go figure.

Glad you like the model. You're right, 3D printing is now mainstream so everyone and their mother-in-law can make money selling a 3D printer. Good news for us, I guess. As long as we can still find quality in the pile.

Staring at a empty space where my printer was, in for minor repair, small fix but i don't want to lose my warranty it's depressing lol. Thank's for the reply keep well.

Hi there, could you also upload a customizer for the saucer (scad)?

It's the same thing. The saucer is just a shorter, wider pot with no drain hole and, if you choose, risers to keep the pot elevated a bit.

Oh, ok, I looked into the sourcecode but did not found the risers at the first look. Thank you!