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Skull Jaw Phone Tablet Business Card Stand

by kencam Feb 25, 2018
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I'm running into an issue with this print. It has layer shifted on me at exactly 8.3mm high, every time.
1st time, came to check on it and it had gotten to around 20mm high by that point, but i noticed the severe layer shift (positive direction on Y axis), so i stopped the print. Started again, went to bed.
In the morning, the print had, for some reason stopped near the top (not sure what that's about, but maybe octoprint thing), regardless, down at 8.3mm high there was the same layer shift again.
Ok, lets try a 3rd time, resliced it, changed to .2mm layer height (previous was .15) started again. checked on it and happened to catch it just a layer or two after the shift, again at 8.3mm.
So, this is weird. 4th try, resliced it after dropping the model down -7mm. Wanted to make sure there wasn't something weird with my z axis causing this. Sure enough, at 1.3mm height the print layer shifted again (which makes total of 8.3mm in the actual model)

Moved the print on the bed, turned it like 70ish degrees, kept it dropped -7mm and printed again. Once again, at the same height, it layer shifted in the +Y axis direction, even though relative to the model this is a different direction.

I have since printed some other random models (same filament, same layer height, and everything else) to make sure it's not the printer or the slicer. No problems.

Any idea what the deal is here? Very weird that it shifts like this, and even more weird that it does i in Y direction regardless of model orientation, but only for this Jaw model.

Image attached, back row are in order left to right 1st thru 4th try where it shifts at 8.3mm high. Front is the sideways twist. 4th and the front row are both dropped -7mm so layer shift starts 1.3mm up.

I've personally printed this on 3 different printers and there are now 9 posted makes. I'm pretty sure you have a printer issue. The Y axis on a Cartesian style printer (which I assume you have) is the actual bed moving back and forth. That's quite a bit of weight to jerk back and forth. Things you might try are to slow down the print speed and/or slightly increase the vref to the Y stepper.

Best of luck

Im open to it being a printer issue, except it doesn't make sense that only this model does this. and that i dropped the model down below the bed, issue happens in same place, relative to the model, not the bed. And that i've printed, just yesterday and currently right now, bigger/heavier models without this issue.
Just doesn't make any sense from any angle I look at it.

It's possible that this model causes bed movements that cause the issue to happen. I still think it's your printer. This is one of my most popular things. It's been up for months and you are the 1st person to complain about it.

got one with out the pirate shit on it ?

I just added a 2 piece model. The back has no design. You can leave it like that or add your own logo or text.