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Taurus hard feet for Prusa MK3 and MK3s

by jltx Feb 25, 2018
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I can't seem to figure out how this works. Could it be that my wedge isn't large enough or my clips don't bend correctly? I can get the wedge and clip into the frame and add the foot, but no matter what I do, the whole assembly slides along the frame. What stops the sliding? Should the clip be pushed tight against the sides by the wedge? Or should the screw be long enough to hit the frame? I'm not even sure where to start troubleshooting.

It should slide when you first insert it. Then you slide it up against the endplates and tighten the screw. The screw pulls the wedge further into the clip, expanding the clip against the extrusion and holding it tight. You have tightened the screw and it still slides? Easily or just if you push hard? What filament?

It slides very easily. Maybe something is not sized properly for me. The wedge sits snugly inside the clip without a screw in it at all. When the clip is first printed, is it fully open? Or should the wedge push it further apart? I'm using PETG. I printed as-is; no scaling or rotating.

The wedge should fit in the clip mostly but require some push to fully seat which then expands the clip. Yours isn’t doing that?

I realize this goes against the spirit of this design, but I wanted to share as it's offered some phenomenal results; after initially installing the feet my printer I noticed the vibration from the motors seemed to carry more through the frame, after seeing this design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3496474, I wanted to see if it would be possible to diffuse the vibration through the feet while still having the printer firmly planted to the surface. These .75 hemispheres https://www.amazon.com/Sorbothane-Hemisphere-Non-Skid-Adhesive-Durometer/dp/B00AJ1IWBO/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sorbothane+.75&qid=1555075851&s=gateway&sr=8-3 work amazingly for that purpose, giving the printer 12 points of contact that still resists movement quite well (There's some math on the sorbothane site as to loading the material, and it turns out the weight of the MK3 falls right in the sweet spot for 12x0.75 50 duro pads)

There is practically no vibration that can be felt anywhere but the motors themselves, and my prints have never looked cleaner; I highly recommend taking a look if you want to try having the best of both worlds.

Prusa MK3s Anti Vibration Noise Sorbothane Feet

The clip bearly slides up the horn, I already broke a couple of clips and a horn trying to assemble. I'll try to shave some of the clips and see if that works.

I had similar issues first time, make sure to print the clips vertical instead of horizontal. Gives more strength when you pop them in and shouldn't snap. Also don't put the wedge in until after the clip is popped in, just use a small flat head or something similar to push the wedge into the clip after it is in place. I pre-fit everything before installing as well to make sure they went in how I wanted.

Check your bridging speed and fan. You may be getting some sag on the horn channel. There are bridging test objects to help tune for the filament you are using.

These are awesome, first test print after installing them I can already see way less movement from my printer and seems way more solid. I used thin adhesive foam pads on the feet for mine.

Printed the new version and it fits very well, Only my wife doesn't like them at all.
I'm using a LACK enclosure and the sound just tripled when printing, So I'll have to add some different adhesive stuff underneath them.

Well I don’t like the sound of that. ;-) I definitely don’t want your wife directing anger my way, she should be pointing at the LACK for amplifying the sound. Can you add inertial mass underneath the platform? This might help print quality too depending on the resonance. You can also try sorbothane like BallisticBurrito below (love that name) if you can find in a size the fits or sheet form you can cut.


At a local cheap stuff store i found a anti slip pad to hold a mobile phone on a cars dash. I cut the flat part into 4 pieces and glued them under the feet, Sound is way less. Still have to go out for a concrete slab.

Printed the single-foot style and put some sorbothane on them. Works great.

Where can i buy sorbothane??

Cool. But be careful. I’ve heard that sorbothane will stick tenaciously to surface after a few weeks, then won’t come off. Also, may want to slice shorter to lower center of gravity and reduce lateral play.

Yep, I had the stuff on my first printer and it glued itself to the table. Worked great, though.

I can't find out how to mount the new feet, Do you have to take off the front and back brace?

My fault, I did found it now.

To use the slot-lock system, insert hex nut into wedge and fit into clip. insert M3x18mm through clip and screw into nut. push wedge out back out of clip so there is a gap. insert into extrusion slot and press clip until it snaps into place, also pressing screw to keep the wedge out of the clip. Now remove screw. clip should slide easily in slot but not come out. slide up against frame and slide horn over the clip. Should be snug. Now insert screw back through horn and screw down. should lock in place with no play in any direction, including twisting.

Definitely do NOT disassemble your frame! Thanks for pulling over. I will get instructions added on details page so people do have to hunt. Sorry about that.

Hah! I just printed the old version on Saturday.... guess I'll be printing the new version this weekend. ;)

Would these still work on a bear mod? I have them on my stock mk3, but going to be migrating soon. FWIW, I tried these with sorbothane and hated it. The sorbothane sheets I cut out were so sticky, half the time they’d stick harder on the surface I put them on than where they were attached, sticky side on these feet. Also, with sorbothane, it stuck so well maintenance was difficult and moving the printer was impossible.

I bought some 1 inch round cork pads off amazon, and they are perfect! I imagine the cork pads are better than felt! Anyway love these feet and hope they would be compatible with bear <3

I don't have a bear. You will have to let me know.

Will do! Thanks :p

Would these be OK to print in PLA? I'm not sure how much weight it can withstand

Sure. no problem. I used 30% honeycomb infill. should be plenty strong.

What infill % should I use? Thank you

I used 30% honeycomb since it’s vertically loaded.

On my factory built printer the wire bundle rubs juuuuust slightly due to the low clearance of these feet. Any chance of a version with just a bit more clearance? Great design, seriously.

Can you use a slightly thicker felt pad? Also maybe cut the zip they used and flatten wire bundle and rezip

works flawlessly and the Printer feels sturdier