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Surprise Egg #5 - Tiny Fire Truck

by agepbiz Feb 24, 2018
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Printed on a Dremel 3D40. Egg was fine, but the fire truck melted on the down side. I don't have a heated print bed. I turned off rafts and adhesion. I had tried the loader with the .1mm build and it had the same issues. Increased to .2mm and same deal. Thoughts?

Hard to tell without a photo of the issue, but my first thought is the nozzle to close to the bed making the first layers become squeezed

I reprinted the fire truck as a double print this morning in the hopes that 2 at a time might help the nozzle cool a little. I stopped it a few minutes in and the results are the same. I'm a super novice to this so I'm not sure what I need to adjust to make this print correctly.

It looks lile you are overextruding and the nozzle builds up preassure giving it these uneven lines. In the slicer I use, Simplify3D, there is a setting called "Extrusion Multiplier" which I lower du adjust the flow of filament. Also relevel your bed, you should be able to slide a piece of paper between the bed and the nozzle and feel a bit of frictio. Use good quality filament, cheap filament are a bit hit and miss

Hello, thanks for the good models.

It is possible that you upload a 200 procent model of this... When I scale it to 200 procent, there are a lot of holes in the part...

Thank you

Really love this series of toys, had my first go at printing this Fire Truck last night, but failed to read the comments about layer height, so I struggled to get the parts to rotate. Will be trying again tonight with the corrections made!
I don't suppose you'd be willing to provide the actual CAD file for the egg at all? I'd really like to be able to add a name to it (by recessing into the shell (only slightly so as not to break through into the vehicle "bay")) for that little extra touch. Unless you know of another method to achieve this? Totally understand if you don't want to release it though :D

Any new ones in the pipeline?

They all kinda vary regarding layer heights and what they'll work at, though in general lower will mean they'll work at the expense of increased print time (which you'll want to be going slow on these regardless for the most part). Some of the different ones they can print fine at even 0.2 at the default size, others you'll want 0.1 or else they'll fail badly and things will be fused. It also depends on if you're scaling up or not, I've printed the fire truck for example fine at 0.2 scaled up to 200% with only 20% infill, but for the small size I have to use 0.1 as 0.2 will not work.

Thanks for the beautiful toy

Nice job! Although I already broke a part of the hinge while removin the supports, it still works. Don't have any red PLA to print the Firetruck, but I'll buy some soon. I'll post a make, when it's done.

Supports? These are made to be printed without support structures. Supports sure will ruin these :)

I just feared, the horizontal parts in the upper half of the egg will sag too much, if there are no supports. But I will try without. And slightly bigger, 50% plus maybe.

There might be one or two strands drooping a bit, but not an issue with a good cooling fan.These designs usually print very well upscaled but I have not tried upscaling this one. Please let me know how it goes :) Also these surpriseeggs are designed to be printed at 0,1mm. Lower layer height do overhangs better.
Here is a few photos of my other eggs upscaled
racecar at 200%:
carcarrier at 200%:
excavator at 400%:

Just posted a 'make'. Made it 120% taller and with some adjustments to my print settings it came out pretty well, wheels and ladder are rotating now as they should.

Just saw it! Thanks

Can these be printed bigger than 100% and still work? I just did this one at 100% and it worked great!

These sure can be printed bigger :) Though the joints will be looser. Here is the Excavator egg printed at 400%

Do you have any idea, what I need to do, so that the to parts of the egg don´t stick together at the bottom?
I print 0.2 mm with adaptive layerheights and 190° on the nozzle and 60° heatbed.
I reduced the filamentflow to 99%.

Make sure your bed is level, and that the nozzle is not to close to the bed. if it is to close it will smudge the filament and fuse the first layer. Also make sure the first layer width is not above 100%
Screenshot is from Simplify3D

Thanks for that quick response, I leveled the bed previous to this print by printing some squares in each corner, so the bed should be pretty leveled. On my first attempt it seemed like the whole joint was fused, but I will have a look if i can adjust the width in Cura.

Keep in mind that the bed might be perfectly level and will print on all corners, but the nozzle might still be to close. On big prints that is not necessary noticeable, but on tiny articulated parts it is. If that is the case the first layer will get smudged as I mentioned making the printed part will be to wide even if first layer width setting is at 100%

Thanks for giving us this amazing item but it sure is not an easy print. Trying to get decent results, I learned a lot about my printer (Ultimaker Original+). It turned out, the standard cooling with one fan blowing only towards the left side of nozle is rather insufficiant for some delicate print jobs, especially when using a heated print-bed, as I do.
I printed the egg-shell first and noticed the left side looking perfect, whereas the right side (away from fan) was looking a bit ugly in the bottom part. It reminded me to over-extrusion, which wasn't the case as I printed with 95% material-flow only. The real reason was overheating in that area. So I ordered a second (identical) fan and installed it at the right side. Then I took down the fan-speed for both fans to 80% and that changed things to the better quite drastically.

Once again: Thanks for the design. You made me learn a few things about 3D printing and my own machine in particular!

Regards, Uwe

I am glad you was able to use my models to calibrate your printer :) And thank you sharing the photos of the makes!

Brilliant design!!! im still in disbelief this printed out my first shot....on a budget Tronxy X5. My boy is going to absolutely love this...now one for me lol.

I'm so excited to print these for my little sisters for Christmas - I'm planning on putting some plastic wrap over the eggs and dipping them in chocolate to make pseudo-Kinder eggs, since those are illegal in the US. Fingers crossed they print well!

Note: Kinder Eggs are NOT illegal in the U.S. Walmart sells them, in-store.

Interesting video about the matter: https://youtu.be/ffzbfO0c5Qs

Actually that is a modified version of the original kinder egg with the toy and chocolate in separate containers. The original kinder egg do have the chocolate surrounding the toy container, and that is whats makes them banned, because it is illegal to have something non-edible inside something edible

Thats a cool idea! Please keep me updated

Hi Agepbiz, I love the design of your firetruck, I'd like to use it as a keychain.

would you be kind enough to make a version with ring on the rear ?

Thanks lot

could you please do a police car? just because.

Everything worked except rotating the ladder as it was stuck and broke off when I tried to use force - can't have it in the egg with the ladder pointing out to the side. But wheels are rotating and the ladder moves up and down, only rotating that is stuck. Any ideas?

What printer and settings? No support I hope? Can you upload a photo of the failed print here? usually if parts gets fused it is because the printer is overextruding. try lowering the feedrate (In Simplify3d that setting is called "Extrusion Multiplier")

I tried yesterday with a resolution of 0.12 and 0.08 and it is still stuck. Firetruck and the first truck. The external print is looking great though. I will try again after the weekend with setting the extrusion lower. It is now set to 109% that is the standard for the FlashForge Finder on the FlashPrint slicer.

I see you print with a resolution of 0.1 and an infill of 50%. How important is the resolution vs setting the extrusion lower regarding it getting stuck? Do you have a recommendation as to how low I should set the extrusion if normal is 109%?

Extrusion feed rate is by far the most important setting when it comes to tolerance in my opinion, and this setting can vary depending on type and quality of the filament. Also if just the first layers gets fused it means the nozzle is to close to the build platform and needs to be leveled again. I use S3D and the extrusion numbers a counted differently so not sure what the best setting for your slicer is

I won't be able to confirm this until tomorrow, but I think maybe it was the standard quality print that did this. I will try a higher quality print with a higher resolution tomorrow. If successful you'll see me in the Makes section :-). Thanx!

Is it possible to scale this in my slicer and have it still functional?
I´d like to print it in the size of a "Kinderei".

I dont know, it might still function. These was designed for a 0,4mm nozzle and scale to perimeters ratio was finetuned

in the egg theres a fire truck
a male deer is called a buck
when shot at i will surely duck

ps its a good design! keep up the good work!

Hey, printed on my Cr 10 mini, but the ladder rungs keep on dropping halfway down. I have tried printing it at normal speed, faster, and slower, but it keeps on happening. Help!!!

Edit 1: oops, forgot to do 3 shells, will do that and raft and see how it turns out

Do you have a photo of the issue? It do sound like some temperature issue. Do you have a partcooling fan?

I have a radial part cooling fan, and printed at 190 in PLA. I turned it down to 180 for the ladder, but still got drooping. I used a pair of pliers and some sandpaper to remove it and it looks a bit nicer now.

Very cool, but like others, my truck broke. The parts can't move. I wish you provided a larger tolerance between parts that move... at least for printers that print at 0.5.

It's kinda a torture test. Try making it at a larger size if your printer can't handle it at this size.

So far so good. Thanks for the Stl love these things and still printing the rest will post pic
Also for who asked this was done with the Anet A8 using E3D bowden
Setting dont know if it would work for anyone since they are all different but i
Had it at .15mm 205/50 infill 40% speed 40 flow 80% Agephiz well done with these
Keep it up cant wait to see what else you make. Update: finally did them all now time for the

Awesome! Thanks! Clean prints :)
It would help me a lot if you uploaded these photos as makes, then it would be easier for everyone to see them as well :)

Sure i can do that i do take any credit for this is not my project its yours.
Only one thing if you can help how do i put it on makes and credit you for it?

You just click "post a make" on the designs, then just upload photos and write about what printer and settings used . It will automatically be attached as a make to the original design

Got in there. Thanks for your help

I'm from China. This model is really awesome.

Fantastic quality and great build

It's amazing, I'll try right now.

Thank you! I also appreciate it if you upload the make when done, I love seeing the community makes. Have a nice weekend!

Hello Agepbiz,

I just upload my make. It surprised me because the quality is good and it can be movable. The egg can be opened/closed and the ladder is rotating and up/down.I enjoyed your product as well as my kids.

However, I have some questions.
When I opened the egg for the first time it was broken near hinge area as shown in the photo. Should I cut the hinge area with knife before I try to open the egg? Actually I just bought 3D printer 1 week ago, its my first one. So I have not much knowledge abut 3D modeling & printer. Could you advise how to open the egg without broken.

And, the fire truck,
I used knife to separate moving ladder from the truck body. Now the ladder can be up/down and rotated. But, the tires are not still moving. I have no idea how to separate 6 tires from the truck. Could you advise?

The overall print quality is very nice, but it looks like your nozzle is to close to the bed making the first layer squashed. This makes the parts fuse. You need to level your build plate again. There should be enough gap between the nozzle and bed that you are just able to slide a piece of copy paper between with some resistance

How do you get it so the ladder part spin? Does it spin? Whenever I do I break the whole ladder part off.

Does it break, or just fall off? It is supposed to turn, but all these surprise eggs do require a rather fine tuned printer. Print at 0,1mm height without support

Thank you! I am currently printing up a bunch of the fire truck to leave in the gear lockers of the guys on my department. They'll find then first run Easter morning.

That is awesome!

Love your work! My three year old son Gage plays with all five designs everyday, so thank you. He is really into rescue vehicles right now and continuously asks me for a helicopter, ambulance, and police car. I realize the ambulance and car would be pretty boring lacking moving parts but the helicopter would be right down your alley! Keep up the great work and we look forward to your next design:

Thank you for the comment! I have had a helicopter on my list, but so far I have been unable to solve how to design and print it

Is a 0.4mm nozzle too coarse for this?

0.4 is perfect. I have done all my designs with 0.4 nozzle. Print at 0.1mm height, no raft and no support

genius!!..I like your design. Print all this for my kid. keep this god work.

Comments deleted.

Stop spamming

if i printed these bigger would it need supports?

If you do print these bigger please let me know how it went - I'm also thinking of scaling up. I guess the bridging depends on your particular printer - I may do a quick bridging test to see how large I can scale up before things go droopy.

Someone printed my first egg at 500%, Crazy big! There is no bridging on the truck though, but the egg hinge do have bridging

Stopped by in the comments section to see if someone printed this in 150 or 200%, that 500% egg is just amazing looking.

Råkul design! Blir bra til adventskalenderen :-)

I dont thinks so, but not sure. I have seen these designs been printed big before without the need for support, but not yet this one. The only issue I can think of is the ladder steps, you might see some drooping on the if the bridging gets very long. But then again I thing support might do more harm than help if it gets inside of moving parts

These are brilliant mate, would love a sports bike version if you had the inclination :)

I reckon you might be able to get working wheels and possibly steering and centre stand?

Hey mate
i am loving these. going to finish printing them all and going to give them to my nephew for easter when he comes over with my brother an dhis wife.
any chance you might do a train for one of your surprise eggs?

Thanks. I have had a train in the back of my head, but have not figured out how to do it yet. Also a train do lack some of the articulated features that I am looking for in these. I dont want to do static models. But we'll see, I have not given up yet, it is just not on the top of my list at the moment

Even if it just had moving wheels and coupling rods, that would be pretty fantastic. I can't imagine that would be easy to do, though. Hopefully we can at least get a bulldozer in the near future!

Need to get red filament!!.
Great work.

Thank you!

I love your designs. They are amazing!!!. How do you make the object have the hinge. I want to do something similar with the eggs but with dinosaurs inside for a program I doing at my library. I know how to make the egg have the dinosaurs inside but I'm running into problems with making the hinge for the egg.


Seriously amazing!!! Wow and wow again! I love seeing things that expand possibility. Genius!

Thank you for the nice words!

Brill love it. Printed a couple of the others, this is on the list too, thanks

You know you are running low on filament when you have to print a "burnt" firetruck. Thanks for the file, it was fun to tune my printer in using a new nozzle and a finicky black filament. Now just waiting for my filament shipment to arrive to make eggs and mini trucks. Used Cura on my CR-10 and it worked like a charm after I slowed the bottom layers down

Thanks for making the Firetruck. I know we talked about it one time but you were working on another. I was thinking how were you going to print the ladder without supports and you did it. It came out awesome.

Would "support touching buildplate" help with the egg shape? when i printed without support, it got a weird shape in the bottom.

What kind of weird shape? Do you have a photo? You might be printing at to high temperature? If you print with support you might ruin the hinge and the inside, but not sure though, never printed with support, no need for it

This is from the forklift, but it happens with all of them. It noticed that it doesn't look like that in the slicer (cura)

I have seen this a few times before from user uploads. Not sure what is causing it though, but I suspect heat related. To hot and makes the overhanging filament curl upwards. Is this a heated bed? Are you able to lower the printing temperature a bit and test again?

It is a heated bed. i'll try lowering the temperature on both extruder and bed. I'll try support as well, it doesn't seem to interfere with the hinge in the slicer preview. maybe lower res as well

Thanks for testing! Please let me know how it goes

Ok, so you can see in the picture how it did. The one printed with lower temperature (210°C instead of 230°C) definitely did better, this could also be because it's a different pla brand, lower resolution (0.2mm instead of 0.1mm), or faster printing (80mm/s instead of 60mm/s). the one printed with support did really well, and no support material messed with the hinge.

Thats great! Thank you for sharing your experience

Comments deleted.

How did you get the two-color print to print in place? do you have a dual extruder?

This is two print-in-place objects. The fire truck is one and the egg in one. If you want to print the vehicle inside the egg without support structures you need something like an SLS printer. My first egg was printet as all-in-one piece on such a printer, the Sinterit Lisa; https://twitter.com/agepbiz/status/925670694960156672

Thank you So much. I love all your Surprise Egg

I am having issues printing these toys with my Flashforge Dreamer and Simplify 3D. Generally, the parts are fused together. I saw in previous comments that I should lower the extrusion multiplier in Simplify3D, but I was wondering what value I should lower it to (I have mine currently set at 0.90). I am also having issues with bridging and overhangs not printing very well. I was wondering what I should change and by how much. It would be very appreciated if I could know what your bridging, speed, and extrusion/layer settings were set at in order to successfully print the toys. Thank you very much!

If you struggle with bridging and overhangs as well as parts getting fused you should try resetting your profile to default (if you have been adjusting it), or try a different slicer? Simplify3D did print almost perfectly out of the box on my Makerbot Replicator to, I only adjusted the Extrusion Multiplier. I am at work so unable to check the rest of the settings now, but they are pretty much default to the profile that fits my printer

Okay. Thank you.

I love these, but unfortunately every one I've tried comes out with all articulated parts fused together. I'm new to printing so these are probably a bit hard. I thought that my Prusa Mk3 might be able to handle it out of the box but it clearly needs a bit of dialing in.

Thanks for you continued hard work on these, hopefully I'll be back!

Thanks! If thw parts are fused you might be overextruding. Lower you feed rate. In my slicer Simplify3d there is a setting called "Extrusion Multiplier"

How well does it scale? I tried printing at 0.1 but it is a mess. I’m new to printing and probably my settinf are not dialed in. I can bring bigger items fine but not small ones..

Yeah, these models are nice to use for dialing in the printer. I have seen many scale them up and it works. I have even seen BIG prints. What kind of printer do you have? How do the print fail?

I'm using Creality Ender2 and Cura. Basically overhangs and stringing all over the place.. The bottom part are fused but as it reaches the top, the quality improves.

Maybe I'll try a bigger version of it and some of the recommendations I read above on over-extrusion.

Thanks for the very impressive work!

Sound like you might have a heating issue, is the ambient temperature in the room stable? if I, let say, open a window in my room, just a simple draft might do funny things to my prints. Also, If the first layers gets fused only then you need to recalibrate you printbed, your nozzle is to close to the bed

I love these things! Thanks for the new one

I love these surprise eggs. A co-worker collects toys and his wife is very sick so I've been surprising him with these every week. I'm glad there is a new one. I'll have it ready for him on Monday! thanks for doing these, they are great!


I've printed the others and as a retired firefighter I'm so excited you made this. Have you thought about making the ladder extendable?

I intended to have the ladder extendable, but it was to hard to do. The working version was to ugly and bulky and the nice looking version ended up to flimsy to print. Believe me I did a lot of testing :) By the way, I have attached a photo of some of the iterations, where you also see a few attempts at the extendable ladder. Basically I decided to go for the best looking version. Form over function :)

Wow. That is a lot of iterations. Thank you for all your work. These are some of the coolest things on this website.

Great to see that you are adding a new vehicle to this series! Was hoping for another construction type vehicle, such as a crane or tow truck... maybe a cement mixer? Or perhaps a compactor next? :-) Thanks!

Thanks for the pics and I know that you must have tried very hard. Thanks again

Thanks. Crane, Cement Truck and Road Roller are all on my to-do list, or at least to be considered at some point. I wanted to branch out the series to a different type and color to avoid getting stuck on construction vehicles

A tank would be cool!

Yes indeed. But what to do about the belts? Since I make the wheels rotatable I would not settle with static belts, and making movable belts would be close to impossible. The aim for these toys are that they need to be print in place and articulated

Plenty of APC type vehicles that would work. The Stryker or the Patria, the Patria is practically square already.
Love your tiny vehicles. Have a couple of the excavators on the desk at different scales already.

Thank you! Yeah I have been looking at APC type vehicles, and they are definately an option although they are not as cool as an WWII tank IMO :)

Curious. What about moving wheels in the middle, and "just for show" on the side belts, slightly higher?
That way the tank still rolls on surfaces, and keeps the threads?

I had some similar ideas when I was working on the excavator. I was thinking about belts before I decided to go for wheels on it. We'll see, this might be an option, and I do love tanks, especially from the WWII era. Maybe in the future, I cannot promise anything

True, I didn't think about that.

very nice as all your Surprise Egg