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Claystruder 2, Auger Paste Extruder

by unfold Aug 5, 2012
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Just wanted to update the link to the DPM page since the one on your post is outdated. Awesome job with stepper based extrusion.

maybe changing this extruder so it fits an ultimaker..
need to have a flexible shaft to drive the auger

You could look at the Dremel flex shaft for inspiration.

added instructions and BOM. Let me know if you build one.

Thanks for developing such great technology. I am looking forward to printing clay as well.

Idea: have you considered having the auger (and related parts) printed out of stainless steel/brass, glass or ceramic from shapeways? http://www.shapeways.com/http://www.shapeways.com/

They charge by the cubic centimeter, and based on the size of the auger, I bet you could them printed out of metal for much less than 125
€. I bet you could get 5 for that cost. Stainless steel prints are $8/cc3 and ceramic is only $0.18/cm2, and glass is $6/cc3.

Or another possibility would be to print the auger out of PLA, then do a lost-PLA metal casting.

I was about to answer 'read our blog' on your previous comment but looks like you already did and changed the comment :) Jonathan came to us a while ago and we helped him get started.

In regard to your question. I did exactly that for my modifications of Ttsalo's moineau pump: http://www.thingiverse.com/image:117022http://www.thingiverse.com/ima...

Would be interesting indeed to try it for a simple auger too, never considered that actually :) I lost confidence in the auger. But someone else should just give it a try. I think a 4-6mm diameter auger would be mutch more suitable then the 2mm ones in the DMP. Some people tried drill bits but failed, I think the pitch is way to low and depth of the auger too deep.

Note: I just ran across a parametric auger here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27854http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Auger-based Cat Feeder
by kitlaan

thanks for the link! I will not spend more time on the auger design since I find more promise in the moineau type which is only sligthly different (and more complicated). But I encourage anyone to get a shot at a fully 3d printed auger design. It might just work.

Modular Moineau extruder
by Alienus

I read your blog post with interest.

I hope you manage to crack the nut on clay printing. Hopefully without having to resort to the 2500 dollar augor...

Kudos for the effort!

we're much closer to that actually but I am documenting all past research and this is from last year. The moineau pumps around here on thingiverse are good examples of how to improve the auger based design towards a true positive displacement pump.

I suggest some lateral thinking here - what if a type of "Bubble" printing mechanism can be used to extrude the material?

With other words use a blower to force the material out of the nozzle (In the building industry an air pressure pump is used to spray mortar or papercrete onto the build surface - youtube)

Well, damn. A motor connected to an auger, that's about as direct-drive as you can get, I wish I'd thought of that.

Looking forward to seeing how well this works :)

More questions:

1) McMaster Carr sells this air dispensing syringe adapter. Have you considered using it on your syringe instead of the printed syringe adapter?


The only limit I can see is that it only does max 35cc

You can use whatever you want, the auger has a luer lock connector so you can feed it from whatever size syringe with whatever adapter cap you want as long as it has luer. I like standard 60cc medical syringes that I can get from the pharmacy around the block instead of often more expensive industrial syringes for which these caps are (different diameter). And we have a printer so why not print the adapter?

Any idea whether this will work with play dough? I'm not sure what the viscosity of your clay is.

Could you put together a bill of materials?

bom and instructions added

Never tested play dough but as a general rule, if you can manually squeeze it out of a syringe without hurting your fingers, you'd have a good chance it extrudes.

The BOM and instructions will follow when I'm out of the woods and out of EDGE network range ;)