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by ericsko Feb 18, 2018
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excuse me but I would like to know how we do to change the size for glasses thank you

Did you read the description?

nice, I think I'm going to make my next pair of frames 3d printed but with neodymium magnets instead of screws, that way if you want a different color you can swap out the sides

you dont wear glasses in your profile picture...

Just for reading, you know, elderly people..

Whoa, these are decent but check out @har509566!!!
They are super trendy and an amazing timeless piece that goes with every outfit imaginable

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi Ericsko and All! I really love this project and I want wear it. I have the first printed version and it looks very impressive but i already had two optician comments:

  1. It needs a facet for lens like here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21888
  2. Front needs to have a little slope angle, like you can see here: https://s7d3.scene7.com/is/image/OliverPeoples/827934412231_090A?scl=1&bgcolor=f7f7f7

I'm probably retarded so such change in project surpasses me, that is the reason of my request, could you/someone else help with that?

Glasses replace v1

can anyone help with that?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Does anyone thing that a company would make lenses to fit these?

I've been wearing glasses for most of my 43 years, but I have no idea how they're made. I want to print these for a friend who's never had glasses, but needs them now. Could lenses be made to fit these frames? It seems most people are printing these to fit existing lenses. Thanks

Yes, if you take the frames to a glasses store, i.e. vision works, America's best, ext they can cut lenses for them.

What make/model of glasses did your lenses come from to fit these?

Not sure, some I bought in the streets, but I have ordered very similar ones, when they arrive, I will update the design, so those fit and you all can buy yours too, without worrying of adjusting the design to fit yours.
Here is the list on aliexpress, where I bought the new ones:
(you can buy any dipotres from +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00, +3.50, +4.00)

what if i just heat up the plastic with a heatgun a bit to make it malleable enough to shove in my preexisting lens, if size is similar?

I actually did this because I was a bit too lazy to go and learn new software to reshape the glasses. It works fine, though there are some scorch marks from when I wasn't careful with the lighter.

Try it and let us know if it worked. ;)

this is a great model and I was impressed with the qulit, but what do you put through the holes on the side that connects the legs

A tiny piece of 1.75 filament.

Thanks! I use short piece of filament. Hole has to be rasped with some small tool (drill bit or so..)
This is a bit sensitive, so do it with caution..

Incredibly intelligent design. Very fine work sir. Funny story: the hinge on my glasses breaks, using old glasses and decides to look through Thingiverse for no reason, first thing I see...


Hello. I have a quick question. Can these glasses be resizeable for figures?

You can try to resize it, but the smallest size depends on the joints and the frame width.. Probably not.
Unless your figures are at least 20-30 cm high ;)

My figures are around the 20 cm range. To size them I need to download the files and size it in a 3D program?

Any slicer sw should do the job

Awesome thanks for your help.

Having just broken my glasses, how do i go about modifying this so my lenses fit?

I love the idea of printing my glasses, but I'm still struggling with much more basic geometries. Can't imagine trying to get my lens shape right. Great job.

The onshape link doesn't work for me. Cool glasses though!

you have to make an account..I had the same problem.
now i cant figure out how to adjust it for my lenses :(

Just tested the link and it's working fine here in UK

Not sure why that link does not work for you, try to use another browser maybe, Chrome works fine.

Amazing!!! thank you so much for this design. ^_^

Thanks! And also for the tip!

It's such an amazing design, just had to tip tbh. ^_^ Currently got a gold version printing. Hair dryer worked perfectly to bend the front as well. :)

I've done a similar thing for the past few years using OpenSCAD.


BTW, you could take these frames as-is and a sheet of polarizing plastic, cut to fit, and viola! [sic] sunglasses.

Another thought - for those who like hardware stores, pick up some number zero screws and let them self-tap into the hole for the temple joint.

I may fiddle around to try and recreate the lens holder part in OpenSCAD so people can measure a few points on the lense and a spline can fill in the rest.

Oh gosh please do!

The way mine are generated are with a manual dxf outline made in librecad, and then imported into an OpenSCAD script.

Ah, interesting. I've used this closed spline library very successfully on my Fireflash design (though use a different lib for open splines for technical/historical reasons!) and it should be able to do lens shapes pretty easily.


Splines for OpenSCAD

Great idea, thank you, I don't know why but I would not have thought to do this despite wearing glasses for over 40 years.

What type of filament has worked well for these?

Thank you!
It took me some time, I was lazy to do it, and postponed it so many times, but there came the "Let's go" moment and here it is.
I only tried the PLA, but other materials can be used as well.
PLA is a little bit sensitive to heat, so leaving them in the summer in the car could be disastrous.
But what the heck, you can always print another pair right? :D

Thank you for that. Maybe you should emboss your "ericsko" into the arms, might become as popular as Gucci or Armani :-)
The biggest reason I decided to get into 3d printing was for practical applications not trinkets and this is definitely up there with some of the most practical designs I have seen. For those who need to wear them, they are often a reasonably expensive item to replace particularly if it is only for cosmetic reasons. For those concerned about lenses fitting probably my plan is to save the design and print frames before approaching someone to make the lenses to fit, that's pretty much the way it is usually done now, a purchased frame is sent with an order for lens manufacture.

Thanks again

Love that you made these, just a little note, if the filament hinge doesn't work (my printed holes are a little small), I've found that you can use the chinese food container metal as a hinge. (I know, a little weird to think but it works and it's cheap as long as you're already having chinese take out)

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those look exactly like a pair I got for $50

PLA for those costs about 10 cents.. ;)

Would it be possible to get a link to your glasses to possibly get the lenses the glasses are designed for? Also, is it difficult to modify the frame to fit my lenses?

Well, I have no idea, where I bought those, but you should be able to modify it for your lenses.
Not a trivial task though, you have to know something about it, but hey, we learn something new every day right?

That's an awesome idea. Especially since frames are expensive. Question, how do you attach the lenses to the frame, some glue?

Thank you!
No glue used, there are just a little protrusions printed, lenses are held by those.

You can also use 3d pen to fix them in place.

I as trying to make some glasses in past but I had not much time so I resort to that solution.

Damn ! It also cost almost nothing ! Great job.