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Chaos cruisers (Mk2)

by Italianmoose Feb 17, 2018
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Great work!

Does the 1:1 size of these model fit the original one ?

Thank you!

They should be more or less the same size (the Mk3s are closer still). The Mk2 bays should fit in the originals, but they're very hard to get to print right.

Do you think would be serviceable as a Grand Cruiser for the Imperial Navy

I hadn't scrolled down far enough to see that >.> thank you. Also thank you so much for your designs. I am trying to put together a campaign using both BFG and regular 40k but no one has any BFG stuff. I'll post some pics once I get everything all cleaned up and painted.

You are most welcome! I'm really glad they're helping keep BFG going in a little way, I'm excited to see yours.

Can we expect in the future for models of chaos battleships?

Yes, although it may be a while! Work is manic at the moment.

Thanks a lot! I'll be waiting!

Any chance of a Lance Deck module in the near future?
Feel free to use
as a base/reference!

Are you looking for separate module or a specific ship? I can do both :)

Honestly, I would love all 3 modules (launch bay, lance deck, weapons battery) separate and a modified upper hull with flat surfaces for them to sit on (like the original models) instead of cutouts: my old IN lineup is magnetized, I want to see how these compare...
Plus, that way the standard modules will fit on battleships!
edit: your Grand Cruiser already does this, it should be easy to make the normal cruiser match for cross-compatibility...

This was the original way they were designed, as it happens, but launch bays are a bit of a pain to get right. Batteries, lances, and a blank upper hull are now ready for download!

You might have some luck printing the launch bays face-down with a bit of support...

Rebuilt them from scratch and tweaked the hull a bit, it should work nicely now!

Protip: for easy modularity, the "side walls" of the deck that weapon modules sit on should be perpendicular to the "back wall" so that rectangular weapon batteries and lance decks will fit (same for launch bays, although those are side-specific regardless)...

I'll put my hands up and say I did it wrong! I always assumed there was a slant to the weapons bays, had to have a look at the genuine article. You're quite right, the weapons bays are rectangular and the mount is angled slightly instead. I think a mark II is required!

Printing them is easy, it's designing them so they look right and print neatly. It might be absurdly simple to fix and I'm just overcomplicating it!

Just apply logic: if the same weapon modules fit on both the port and starboard side of a chaos ship, then the slots must be the same...
Do you not have minis for reference?

I do, that's how I know I was wrong ;)

If you made the mesh without referencing the model even once, I'm amazed by how detailed your memory of it is: do you play Chaos fleets? If so, I was not aware your lists could take the "hybrid" Grand Cruisers...

I have a good memory but a bad habit of making assumptions! Usually I start by making some measurements but do a little re-designing to make them better to print.

The Chaos Incursion fleet list can only take the Repulsive class grand cruiser, but most other lists can take several others. Given the nature of Chaos fleets they can, fluff-wise, take almost any loyalist vessel. The 13th Black Crusade list is one which can natively take several Grand Cruiser classes. Check out Battlefleet Gothic: Expanded Revised, that has a good set of Chaos lists to choose from.

Speaking of assumptions, here's one that you only need to tweak one file to correct:
Note how the ventral hull gets wider toward the back: just rotate the "face" and you're good!