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Anti-vibration feet for Prusa i3 MK3

by schuetzi99 Feb 16, 2018
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Hello schuetzi99,
thank you for the simple but very effective design! After printing and installing these feet, I thought my printer was broken because it was suddenly so much quieter! Top!

Thanks. This is my simplest design, but it's almost the only one that gets positive feedback. You can't imagine that it works that well, either.

These things work a charm! I could hear my printer from downstairs as my chair is right below it, and I was also worried that next door could hear it. I only have PLA so ive put 6 on to spread the load and I put fleece furniture pads on the bottom. Cant hear it at all now from downstairs and can barely hear it when in the same room. Such a simple design works so well!

Hi, the stl file looks like one solid piece. How do I print it as you have it?

Hi. Print it as descriped:
I recommend 3 Shells, no infill, no top layers, no bottom layers. Use PETG oer ABS.

do you think you show me a screenshot of your actual settings?

In Slic3rPE, go to the following settings:
Print Settings - Layers and perimeters -

  • Vertical shells - Perimeters: 3
  • Horizontal shells - Top: 0 Bottom: 0
    • Infill - Infill - Fill density: 0%

That's all. Don't rotate the feets, they are printed laying on the side. Guess that's as good as screen shots, or?

Awesome! Thank you so much! Didn't know you could do that

I have no Prusa but are those normal 2020 Extrusions where they snap in?
That would be great!!!

I have no Prusa but are those normal 2020 Extrusions where they snap in?
That would be great!!!

An ENORMOUS difference with IKEA lack setup. Silenced my MK3 after already trying paving slab with soft mat on top. So simple. Printed exactly as recommended (no infill, 3 lines thick all round - in generic PLA 200 microns). Great little design, thanks!

The resonance sounds of the IKEA LACK housing are no longer heard after fitting these feet.
A huge difference to the original feet.
The printer can no longer be heard inside the case. Only the soft whirring of stepper motors.
A difference like day and night.
I printed the feet in PET.

Thank you for this impressive innovation

I dont know how to print it "3 shells"? I am using Cura, can setup 0 infill, no top and bottom, but I dont know how to setup shell :-/

If I say 3 shells, I mean 1.2mm shell (or wall) thickness, as default nozzle sizes on Prusa printers is 0.4. I don't use Cura, but I guess, you should find something like wall thickness or wall line count.

Fist off let me start off with giving a big thank you for remaking these for the i3 MK3!! Just had a few suggestions if possible. It was a bit of a pain to have to go into the settings and find the settings to remove layers do what was necessary. I really think this should of been done when creating the stl but it's just my opinion. Also adding a center spring for support would be nice like the one used in the "mini monster truck model with suspension". If you could replicate that type of suspension and add it to the center of feet I believe it would help even further with reducing sway, swinginess, sag and vibration.

For me this totally wasn't necessary - and this would just introduce more vibration as it increases the interfacing parts.

Thanks for your suggestions, although I understand not completely. If you print this like I have written in the Notes, there is no center spring necessary, and it is also impossible to create a spring in a filled object. The Trick of such a filled object is, that you can configure the count of shells at your Slicer with only one STL file. That's your choice while slicing, and it's much more flexible as to create multiple STL files. The original PRUSA feets of the MK2 are designed in the same way.
I recommended to print in ABS or PETG, because (my) PLA is a bit too stiff and will brake when acting as a spring. But if the feets are working for you with PLA, that's fine. Regards and happy printing.

Thanks for the info. I've been putting them through a lot of work and they are holding up great. I even bounced them around a bit and put some weight on them and they seem to just bounce back. I mentioned the spring not because I think they will break but just because I thought it might help with shock absorbtion as it does with the truck my 2 year old son bounces and thows around and those springs work great (also made of PLA). Anyway it's working awesome and vibration and wobble are definitely cut down significantly.