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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Print N Play Arcade

by JCriotz Feb 15, 2018
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And when I was talking about the SD extender, it could be added to either the back piece ( though it might block the Pi) or on the front between button 2 & 3. Here is an example.


Ender 3 Display Mount for Right or Left of Frame (with or without SD Card Extender)
by mrfochs
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I have the original Raspberry Pi 7" screen. Does this cabinet support that type of screen ?

Unfortunately not. The proper screen is posted in the Bill of Material. The original RPi screen is too wide.

hello good sir! question....did your original button plate require a30mm buttons?? if so are you able to share it? (saves me sometime in tinker cad) lol if not all good! im excited to finish this! thanks for the cool build

Hello! The original panel uses 24mm buttons. There is another plate in here that uses 30mm buttons, but i was only able to fit 2 or 3 onto it.

you should add to the description that only 30mm buttons will fit and how deep they should be. Bought the wrong arcade set (will build another i guess in addition to this one) and they had 33mm, didn't fit, also too long because the switches aren't built in, but seperated out of the button.

Here they are. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B075JBQ5F3/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_enFrBbG31QJXT?tag=tv-auto-20

But thanks for sharing this awesome build dude

Hey there! Glad you like the design! Sorry you ended up with the wrong buttons. I provide a BoM which lists the right sized buttons with the tutorial videos, but I should have added the BoM to the description too. I will correct this shortly. If you are looking for a use for those buttons later on, you might be interested in the 2 person 3D printed cabinet that I designed for ERRF. Keep an eye on my YT channel for details, and take a look at the first tutorial video for the BoM if you want to see which buttons I used.

hey, thanks for the rep, i should've seen that. Now i know only 24mm buttons will fit. But adding it to the description would be a nice move ofc. When you'd also do an upsized version for the cr 10 with 33 mm buttons that would be awesome. The Problem is just that it's expensive to get only the 24 mm buttons, the sets you can get are only with the 33/30 mm buttons, they are cheaper and it's easier because you don't have to pay every part on it's own. And yes, a 2 person cabinet sounds really nice. Was also thinking about getting a wooded one because actually there is no printable out there. But then i'll wait for yours. :-)

James, to get a perfect top layer on your control panel print; in Cura; Turn on "combing mode" to [No Skin] and z hop.
I made a quick video on it:

Smart! Thanks for the tip!

I have a spare 13" screen wondering if can be scaled to use this

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Not easily, unfortunately, there are a lot of precise screws and other holes that would suffer during the process.

What size screen does this take? I'm hoping you say the 7 inch official Pi screen, here's to hoping lol.

It is based on a 7" lcd but, since I used an orange pi and I don't think the official rpi screen works with it, it's based off an AliExpress 7" screen. Might be able to model up a new bezzle for that screen if I got the measurements from it.

If you have the screen and test print this bezzle, let me know if it fits and I will include the info in the build description. Thanks!

I test printed the screen bezel and the one you have is too small for the Pi's official 7" screen.

The official Pi 7 inch screen dimensions: 194mm x 110mm x 20mm (including standoffs) Viewable screen size: 155mm x 86mm

Hey again! Sorry for the delay, we had an illness in the family and all my projects got slowed down for a bit. I don't know why it didn't occur to me immediately, but a screen that is 194mm wide won't fit into the cabinet. The entire cabinet is designed to be less than 200mm across, so as to fit onto a standard bed size.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. My next arcade design is being modeled around a 9" screen, so I could also make one for the standard 7" Pi screen if you are interested.

Will try and model a bezel for it, see if it fits :)

Any luck on the bezel for the official Pi screen?

Unfortunately, the cabinet isn't large enough to accommodate it. Which printer are you using? I'm working on some cabinet designs for the CR-10 right now

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I am working on several new arcade designs, I will make sure at least one can fit it ;)

Any luck for original rpi 7" screen? :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do one that will fit an official raspberry pi 7 inches screen! :)

What size printer do you have access to? :)

I have a CR-10 300x300 as my largest printer so it should fit a screen bezel for the official Pi screen fine.

i have a prusa i3 mk3, 25cm x 21cm x 21cm :)

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Comments deleted.

Okay, about to print the last bits now and have all the parts floating on multiple slow boats from China. I sourced all the parts on ebay for right at $100 with shipping. The only thing I really worried about matching was the LCD. The ebay seller had the exact same photo as aliexpress so I am pretty certain it is the exact same. Also with they joystick, the ebay seller had the joystick and the USB encoder as one sale package. It all appeared the same and compatible, fingers crossed. Why I did not use aliexpress and your links is a long boring story.

On another note, the marquee on the front... There is no printed part for it, so what should I do to prepare. As I mentioned before, I personally am not going to light it, but something clearly needs to cover the area. What do I need to prepare?

If I am jumping the gun, tell me to sit down, shut up, and wait for it. Which I will gladly do! I am just a planner and want everything ordered and ready to build when the vids come along (assuing my slow boats from china arrive soon).

Hey again! It's totally fine, I am glade you are excited! I haven't finished the design of the marquee holder for the top. Nothing has looked good enough so far, but I had some people who were asking to get access to the design, so I released it.

Hoping to finish it in the next week. Hopefully with plenty of time left for you to print it before you assemble it. Part 2 of the tutorial should be done this weekend as well. Sorry for the slow response!

Why is it that the 2, 3, and 5 do not lay flat on the build plate? I loaded the stl files in both S3D and Slic3r and they are at an angle?? Figuring out the rotation to lay flat might cause a problem for some folks. Not really an issue for me as I plan to print the 6 button panel and it loads flat on the build plate.... Also It appears that supports will be needed for some parts?

aka Bill on the youtube channel.

Hey Bill! I did rush out the additional control panels and didn't test print them. The rotation can be solved by using the lay flat command in your slicer. The only part that should need supports (touching bed only) is the top part. Even if the slicer complains about needing supports for other parts, it should print fine without.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I will re-upload the additional control panels laid flat to avoid future confusion.

Hope you guys are digging this build! Can't wait to see what you all do with it! I'd love it if you'd post suggestions on this comment for arcades YOU'D Like to see me recreate in miniature form in the future! I plan to do a lot... (stick to what you know, am I right?)

Part 1 of the tutorial should be out sometime today. Although, I suspect many of you are just going to set out on this adventure by yourself!

This is so friggin cool!

Nice, looks awesome. I feel like the joystick is right in front of the screen.

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Nice! I've been thinking about making something like this for our local film festival to have at their movie nights, I may have to give this one a go!