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Prusa MK3 Einsy Mount with cable chain connections (all axis)

by llj3663 Feb 15, 2018
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currently printing out portions of this, so will get back to you how it all works out! Due to using the igus bearings I need to edit the x-gantry a bit, but other than that will probably use your design as-is.
Have to mention though - your z-axis chain links dont have those pins meant to hold the wires in place (like in the x & y chain links from the MK2 variation you got the original design from). You do show them in your z-axis photos, so I guess you just didnt notice them missing from the uploaded stl files.

Awesome, yeah let me know how things work out.

Thanks for pointing out the z-axis link issue. For now, I would just print the links from Soundoc's design and scale them by 70% in your slicer. I'll add the clip in to the design files tonight.

Found a bit of an error as I was making a solidworks file of the X-carriage cable chain connector (since I want to use the igus bearings which are 1mm larger than standard). see https://puu.sh/zNtnN/6813d66943.jpg
Basically, the middle screw seems to be 3mm off center from the original. Naturally you wont be able to screw that one in with that kind of misalignment, plus if you have any other features aligned off of that screw they will be off as well.

Updating right now. Minor issue, but in my rush to update to a 2-part design to fully capture the wires, I overwrote the original SW file for the x-carriage back so I'll have to remodel that in SW to fix the misalignment.

I did just upload the new style as well if you get impatient waiting for the older, non-covered version. There are some minor differences so the new x-carriage back won't work with the older non covered extension :(

Edit: Also I can just upload the SW files if you want, I'm not super familiar with Thingiverse's allowed filetypes though so I'm not sure if this is possible.

your step file for the einsy case seems different from the stl file (the x-axis motor cable chain mount is the same size as the other two, while the stl has a smaller mount for the 70% sized cable chains). About the x-carriage cable chain connection... I just went ahead and designed my own. I needed to anyway to accommodate the igus bearings I have (16mm diameter as opposed to 15mm).
As for uploading the SW files... that would be awesome! I believe you can just package everything in a zip and upload that if you want, pretty sure I saw a few things on here that did that.

Ooh yeah I haven't been updating those step files like STLs with each revision. I'll delete them, if someone needs a STEP let me know, otherwise it's a nightmare rev controlling multiple filetypes.

I'll work on getting through the rest of the modeling tonight/tomorrow and send the SW files your way.

A quick question - you mentioned that you are making the entire MK3 assembly in SW parametric format, are you planning on making it publicly available, or is it something you are making for your own use only? Its just that I am doing a few modifications myself (mainly making things easier to use the igus 16mm OD bearings, moving the steppers a bit to allow the use of dampers, adding an easy-to-use reverse bowden + filter so as to keep the filament at the side, maybe upgrade the PSU, shift the wiring around so as to add 3D printed 'wiring channels', etc.), and I wanted to make that all of my changes would work together and maybe combine easily with your cable chain assemblies which I would also like to include.
Basically, wanted to know if I could wait until you are done and grab the SW files once you have them available to the public, or continue doing my own conversion.

Hey, sorry I was off the grid for a couple days. Regarding the SW files, yes I'd be more than happy to share once they are completed. I've been dragging my feet a little on this, but I'll try to sit down this weekend and power through the rest of them.

I'll let you know when they're available.

FYI I am printing the Rpi3 case right now. I will update this once the testing is done but I've printed some failed rev's and they do indeed fit between the motor and Einsy mount.

EDIT (3/20/18)
The RPi3 case does work, very close fit between the stepper motor and case but everything works great.

There was an issue pointed out on the Prusa forum regarding a incorrect bolt hole location on the 2-part extruder back design, I will have the corrected soon.

Do you have full range on the Z axis? When I was looking into cable chains for the MK3, there wasn't enough slack on the Z-axis cables to have the full range of motion.

Yeah, that's the main reason why I made this. The z-axis stepper motor cable was too short with the previous MK2s design (snapped some clips when I tested it haha).

This routes the z-axis motor cable through the top of the Einsy mount rather than standard path of through the back.

could you add the PI ZERO W Door that is on this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2734810 to your designPrusa MK3 Einsy RPi Zero Access
by MoonDoggy, published Dec 28, 2017. from

Prusa MK3 Einsy RPi Zero Access

Sorry I've been delayed on this. I'll try to get something in the next couple days.

Yes, I'll try to get the update posted tomorrow night.

I was wondering about the same thing, will you have a version compatible with the raspberry pi zero W access ? the new mk3s has an open door that looks better in my opinion

Thanks for the great work

Nice !
I will print one

Just a heads up, I did update a few things after I found some issues on my original design. I haven't printed to verify that the updates fixed the issues, but they were minor in the first place so you shouldn't have any problems.

The first rev files uploaded here have these updates:

-Added some clearance on the filament holes
-moved the Einsy reset button access hole 0.5mm towards the back of the mount
-corrected the spacing of the Prusa frame mounting slots on the Einsy mount.

Let me know if you find anything else!