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by reddadsteve Feb 13, 2018
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Thank you for this!

I did a test print of Snoopy on my Anycubic i3 Mega and Cura 3.5. I have some layer banding issues but it is acceptable for a test. I'm still airbrushing the pieces. I could not figure out the left/right eyes - they stick out almost like eye lashes. I printed them 3 times with different settings. The eyes took less than 3-minutes so no big deal. If I can't fit them, I may just fill-in the space and paint that black or cut the eye pieces down to fit.

The house will take a bit more time to print, so that will be next.

Thanks again!

Typically the problem with fitting the smaller pieces is due to the first layer squish. If you print so that the first layer is squished it is then a pit wider. A few ways to get around this: 1-Print the parts with a raft (not a brim), 2-Use a file/sandpaper to clean the brim (tough to do with large hands), 3-Find a way to reduce the first layer squish, 4-resize the part in the x/y plane and not z

I'm looking forward to seeing your result.


is there a reason you did not include this design as a single piece? this is such a chore to actually print something like this out in a bunch of little pieces when it could also just be printed as a single piece and painted. I was hoping to print this but will not be doing so as the part count is way too high.

I purposely model this way for those people who cannot or choose not to paint. It is also modeled such that no supports are required.

However, you are in luck. I created a one piece of this model for another project and will PM you the info. Just remember that it will require lot's of supports.

Teamwork between modelers and makers,

Love all your designs!!! Thanks for taking the time and sharing too.

Thank you for the kind words.

If you make any of my models and have the time, be sure to post your makes. Seeing makes gives me the incentive to keep modeling.


Will do, printing this one now, once I get it assembled I will for sure post a photo when it's done!

Hi Steve,

Firstly. thanks a lot for posting your excellent work. So far I have made Charlie Brown and this Snoopy and Kennel. I have used coloured PLA as per the readme(s) with one exception, While likely correct, Snoopy's dog collar in red looked wrong blended in against the red house, so I changed it to brown (leather). Linus is possibly next.

Very small point, some tabs would help join the kennel body to the roof in alignment easier?

Can I make a few possible future suggestions? Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, etc? Top Cat, Bennie, Officer D(r!)ibble and the gang? And my favourite cartoon of all time (My Dad used to work with Ray Patterson before he became an animator).............Tom and Jerry (with Spike!)

And then next week....................

TEE HEE, once again a big thanks!!

EDIT: Just found Yogi Bear, don't know how I missed him before!!!

Dave, I forgot to mention in my long reply below that I love to see makes posted. It gives me the incentive to continue modeling. So, if you have the time, be sure to post your makes.

Teamwork between modelers and makers,

Thank you for the kind words.
I thought about a different color for Snoopy's collar but the drawings I worked off of had a red collar so I stuck with that. You are right about tabs for the house. What happens quite often with my models is that since I use a tacky glue instead of a fast drying glue, I have plenty of time to position pieces. I then forget to go back and make it easier for other makers. Thank you for highlighting this again which will help me improve my future models.

I track all maker requests diligently and I have everything that you've mentioned already on my 'possibilities' list. Trouble is that it takes me 4-6 weeks to make a model, including being able to print with little to no supports (I'm slow on top of it all). I'm going to try and add characters to existing series that I've already started.

Keep the suggestions coming and if your dad has any drawings that could be made into a 3D model, PM me.


Steve: once again, another excellent model. I believe I buy most of my filament just to print your models [and now I see Kermit just posted.] And your wife is correct about posting Snoopy, of course.

It must have been difficult to choose a scale for this one. Early Peanuts strips had both Snoopy and his house shorter than the other characters. Both seemed to "grow" as the strip matured over the years until they were the relative size you've modeled here.

Someday, I hope to see Snoopy flying his bullet-holed doghouse over the fields of France, long scarf blowing in the wind, shaking his fist and cursing the Red Baron. In the meantime, this one is perfect.

As usual, thank you for your support. Yes, always, always listen to the wife. You'd be amazed at how she managed to take my Kermit from my 'final' model to the point where she let me post it.

Red Baron is definitely on the list, just need to summon up the courage to tackle it and do it justice.

I've also added some comments to your make of Snoopy regarding researching my characters. Thank you for the wonderful addition to this model (hint, hint for anyone reading this comment).


Best snoopy model out there!

Thank you, I really appreciate that. Funny that you mentioned it, I almost didn't do Snoopy since there were are a number of him already out there. My wife convinced me it would be a good idea anyway.

If you do make one, be sure to post it. The more makes I see the more I model.


Sure! Coming soon!


Can you make the other characters from peanuts? :)

The way I choose models is quite often based on the responses and makes I see to my existing models.

If I see enough makes of my current Peanuts characters, Charlie, Linus, Lucy and Snoopy, it'll give me the incentive to make others from the series.

Thank you for your interest, I take feedback from makers very seriously.

Woodchuck! Snoopy is lonely without Woodchuck.

Take a look at the user make, there is a great Woodstock already there:


Be sure to post your make.

by JanosX

You are the best will post snoopy in a couple of days thanks

Thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing your make.


Awesome, your models are always fantastic. Thanks.

Thank you!

I enjoy modeling and seeing makes, it's what keeps me going. So, if you've made any other of my models besides Fred be sure to post them.


Will do, I have been going through a honey-do print list assigned by my wife. I hope to get back to fun prints soon. Thanks again.

YES!!! have been waiting for this one :) will be printed this weekend :)

Great! I'd love to see your make.


Oh this is cute! They look so nice together as a set!

... and this set is so much simpler to make than my Cheshire Cat that you've previously made.

Hope to see your makes of these characters.


Amazing as always :-)

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Seeing makes and reading comments keeps me modeling.


Just finished Barney and will continue with Betty :-)

Yabba Dabba Do!

Looking forward to seeing your make posted.


Many thanks for this one..

Thank you! You've posted some really great makes before so i'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Always good to hear from you.

You haven't lost your touch. Wonderful.

Thank you!
I've looked at your websites and you are quite proficient at 3D modeling yourself.