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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CR-10 / Tronxy Mittens Cooler

by idig3d Feb 13, 2018
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Printed without problem with PETG with my prusa mk3s in draft mode for my second printer (Creality CR10S), dimensionally perfect, print fan hole mach perfect, i have used brim and basic support with very nice final result, thank for sharing but i have some doubt: why to change if my cr10s print so good with stock hotend? :D

Could you make a version with a 40x20 blower fan? I love your design and I want to use it with a creality 40x20 blower fan. They are much quieter. Or could you post the step files so it is easier to modify them? I also want to modify it by adding 5mm led's to the bottom so it illuminates the part. I use Fusion 360 mainly. Thank you for your work.

Thanks for the design! A bit tricky to print with PETG, but I suspect that's my fault (just started using it) - but it was a great addition to my Kingroon KP3, which doesn't come with any part cooler at all!
Just ran the new blower to the unused fan header at the back of the board.
I did mirror the print though, to help clear the nut of the lower X-axis roller - heater and thermistor moved to the right hand side so I could fit a silicone boot to the heat block.

Hey man, could you please share the CAD file - so I can try export the duct again - the mesh is broken and it prints solid in s3d

I didnt work for me... When i am printing the airflow tunels scrach my print ..... otherwise is printed very easyly and its a very good design but i think it need some more work...

this is impossible, perhaps in your print the air tunnels are warped and/or not at the same high

Congratulations and thanks you for your excellent fascinating design!
Finally a design where the support elements are included in the construction and the designer left a think to the airflow.
I will print it and test the vortex effect with an e-cig or magnesium dust on an Ender 2.
I'l report.

:( does not work with the all metal hotend of microswiss. I really love this lightweight cooler

Hey great design! I want to add a Vulcano to my Tronxy. If i give you the messuarments, concerning the length of the Vulcano cmpared to the Standard hotend, could u Change the length of the Cooling so that its working with the vulcano?

idig3d would it be possible to make a light and need mount for the level sensor from Tronxy X3A ?

One small change would be a slot hole for the hot-end screws. It would be easier to adjust the air outlet.

Sadly can not print it.. I have a working one from PLA but I have no luck with ASA and PET-G. The inner removable piece broke out during the printing. Can you please make it solid, so the same thickness on both low and high and maybe touching on the sides too? I can dremel it out then :)

printed and tested.
A bit to small side air tunnels and they should be facing a bit bit more to nozzle tip, not to the ground.
Air is coming to ground not to the printed, extruded plastic area, tested with water...
overall, i like your design, but it needs to be a bit revised :)

can you add your design cad file?

Any upgrade for BLtouch support?

Form me the best cooler, but when I print without cooling it always melts. Has anybody the same problem? I used ABS to print it.
Or can the design be changed a little bit, that it is not so close to the heat blog?

I’d increase the top fan mount height so the sides can clip into fan shroud. No new parts needed.

Is it possible to remix this a little for the Tronxy x5sa? It seems they changed the fan that comes with it cause mine uses

Instead of the one you listed.

Thnx for the realy nice design.
It fits the Ender-3 perfectly

This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I recently built my tronxy x3a, but have found with the standard setup the heat break / heatsink gets too hot and results in it gumming up and under-extruding, I can't wait to try your Mitten Cooler! It's looking better than I expected so far printing in PLA with a 0.4mm nozzle, I have some finer nozzles coming so I'll use a 0.2mm one when I re-print it in PETG. Wish me luck, I'll post a 'make' when I'm done :)
Did you ever end up revising it to incorporate a level sensor? If you're open to the idea of modifying your design I'd happily send you a level sensor and some biscuit fund.
Thanks again, respect to your godlike cad skills!

I created a remix of your design, which uses the stock radial fan mounted horizontal to the left. It works pretty well in my opinion. I was just about to upload the remix when I found out that you don't allow a remix. I think that is sad because it limits one to the 5015 blowers. I think those blowers are much to strong. I had to run them on 20%-30% for getting good results. So I wanted to try the stock radial fan. For this I designed an adapter which allows to use the stock blower fan to be mounted instead of a 5015 blower. That worked well but was ugly and limited printing height too. So I thought about how to get this solved and made the remix. Please allow remixes or consider recreating something like my design.

I want it too for my creality ender3 undtil 24v blower fan arrives

Could you send me this file per chance? I just ran into the same situation where my Tronxy has the same fan as you lol

Please could you slightly widen the edge around the fixing screw of the fan?
It is too thin and tends to break.
See the image...

Hey, Just printed the 'mirrored' version that richgain posted. I have it mounted to the Microswiss Flex Friendly Metal hot end. The heat sink is a Rectangle (not tapered). The design still mounted. Just looking for my soldering Iron to connect the wires to the blow fan. Cudos to the design. When I get the chance I'm going to throw some dollars to your coffee fund. Cheers and thanks. Saved me a lot of time remodeling my 'fang' attachment.

Hey, i really like this cooler, but i had to change my Hotend to an E3D V6. Can you Modify it to fit the E3D V6 1.75mm?
(CAD Files can be found here
The Difference is, mounting Holes are in a different Spot(can be seen Here and the hotend heatsink has a slightly larger and round diameter.
I can print prototypes and test it.

E3D V6 HotEnd CAD Models (Includes all 3 versions)
CR-10 E3D Mount Modular Hurricane

Thanks. Been considering an E3D Volcano version, but considering it took weeks of testing to get this one where it is, I don't see this happening any time soon. Good design is not magic. It takes a bit of time and lots of testing. ;)

My three-headed behemoth CerbeRuss printer for a special project takes precedence. Roughly 300x900x900mm.

+1, would love E3D V6 version. Ready to test.
Probably someones mount should be reused.

Made one for my X5S, came out nice and easy to install. Huge improvement in part cooling. Thank you for putting in the work!

Here is the mirrored version in case anyone is interested.

I reprinted mine after creating a mirror image copy of the STL.
I like this version better because the left duct is no longer pushed sideways by the head of the mounting bolt, so it is easier to get it absolutely level.

I would love to have this, I have the X3A but I need it with the tronxy auto sensor....... And will the stock heater block fan work?

Sorry. No sensor version. Yes, the stock heater block fan (40mm) works. My stock blower was different than the current shipping ones so the other popular coolers didn't work for me without duct tape. Then broke the blower wires and decided to make my own.

It doesn't work in Tevo Tornado stock

You've been using this for a while. Any updates? How are you liking it?

It's been working well. Pushing lots of PETG with it.

Hey! Just printed this beauty and the same day my hotend died(( So i ordered new round e3d v6 clone so the question is following - is it possible to mount this cooling set to my new hotend (coldend)? thanks in advance))

Arrgh. That’s bummer.

This only fits the orginal hot end. Would need a complete remodel for the E3D V6. The original mounts with two screws through the heat sink. The V6 needs a collar mount. I have a cooler for the V6 that I’ve been Wokingham on for a custom coreXY printer I’m designing, but nothing for the CR-10 type, yet. But just got a few V6 clones with volcano blocks. So time will tell.

Hey, i really like this design because it is very efficient (no sharp corners in the chute), easy to print without needing to play around with supports, and on top of all that very light. I currently do not have a centrifugal fan, though i have ordered one recently, so i'm a bit disappointed that there isn't a 40mm fan version.

For the purposes of a parts cooling fan which do you think is better, 40mm or centrifugal? I'm not entirely sure but i think centrifugal might be better since it blows air faster but on a smaller area (higher pressure?) which is great for parts cooling because you need to airflow in a very small area.

Thanks. Tried to keep the resistance minimal. The certifugal is a better design for this. Pushing 40mm of air out a much smaller opening is not efficient and slows the flow.

Do you prefer this over your Supercooler?

Currently, it is untested on my X3 (needs a couple other fixes).

Pros: Needs one 5015 fan/blower not two 30s. one less thing to wire. Might be slightly lighter. Less screws. A bit faster to swap. More curves so a bit sexier.

Cons: untested. 5015 might be noisier. Nozzles might be too low or too high.

Assuming this will work with the Micro Swiss? I think it's the same dimensions as the stock, anyway.

Same as stock? Should.

I like it and I will be printing this up for my TronXY X5S for sure but my 5015 are 24v not 12 so ugh. Come March I will buy one so the Chinese New Year is over before I order.