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TronXY X5S New X Gantry bracket

by ljbrumfield Feb 11, 2018
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Hi man.. good work.. Its any way to only upgrade x gantry bracket ?? Because, i upgrade mine. And now i have a huge differences in the belt. One side its more higher than the other one.

thanks !

Have a look at this STL. I should have made the models up there ^^ like this so it would be more evident.

.... I fixed the models too for future reference.

You need to notch out the aluminum extruder mount plate on one side for the belt to go a little lower. Put the plate against the printed part with the holes lined up to see how far down it needs to be notched. I used a hacksaw blade and cut it down to the correct depth. Two cuts straight down & break out the little piece in the middle (take it off the printed part before cutting). The other side is ok like it is.

You don't have to change anything else if you do what I described above. All of my TronXY upgrades are designed to work with the stock parts so you can change them out one at a time if you want. Let me know if you have any more questions.

do you plan to make a v6 mount? i really like this design

Post a datasheet.

Hey, I was wondering where you got the mgn12h carriage/rail and 2020 extrusion STL file? I'd like to design something for my Ender 3 direct drive setup and it would be helpful for spacing the belt loops correctly.

I made them with OpenScad. If you load the file in Repetier host, click on the gear icon next to the object name to open the object information tab then click on split object. That will split it into the individual STL's. Highlight & delete the ones you don't want and then export and save the STL you do want under a different name.The rail is not functional (ie no T-nuts), but it is helpful for checking your spacing on parts designed around it. Or alternatley here's the Scads for you to compile and render.

Ciao Lee,
only a question (even if seem to be the answer in the following thread). For the X carriage the original metal plate can be keept attached to the new X printed parts ?

Thank a lot,

Yeah thats the idea. You can keep all the stock extruder, fan & limit mounts or modify (drill & tap) the plate to suit your new rig. The holes in the new part lines up with the metal plate.

Forgot to ask. Did you take the red bump stops out or did you leave them in? I don’t think there’s enough travel to run the bearing off the rail once it's installed. I ask mostly because one of mine came kind of mangled and it came out while I was messing with it.

I left them intact. If you center the rail between the Y gantry brackets it wont get to the end of the rail.

Honestly I haven't installed it yet. I'm still waiting on the parts...(lost in the mail, customs, now reshipping) I should get it by the end of the week. I printed out the parts. You have to clean it up real good, but they fit together tight. I upgraded my Y axis first https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2733592 and that worked so good I designed this.

With the new Y axis I'm able to easily achieve print speeds of 150mm/s+ and travel speed of 250mm/s. When I tried 300mm/s the nozzle would drag on the part being printed when making X moves because of the play in the wheels. I think with this and the Y axis fix you should be able to max out the travel speed which is 400mm/s on the X5S and print as fast as your extruder can lay it down.

TronXY X5S New Y Gantry bracket

Lol. That would be a sight at 400mm/s. My rail just arrived today, but my bed PSU is dead (new one arrives tomorrow). Debating trying to print the parts unheated. I may eventually do the Y, but my X is soooooo bad. I can already tell that this is going to move with significantly less play and friction. I was kind of curious to why you chose to keep the original metal back plate. Seems like a perfect opportunity to incorporate a better chain support.

Either way, Thanks for this. Hoping it works out well.

I kept the original metal plate, because it makes it easy to change and the extruder, fan & X limit switch mounts on there. I made some chain supports that work with the metal plate that seem adequate, but if you have any suggestions I could try to incorporate it.

I don't know if it ever really actually gets to 400mm/s. With acceleration and deceleration when it gets there (plus the beds only 330mm). But those motors are screaming at 300mm/s.

I need to add a new chain support to this to account for the metal plate being raised 7mm or so, but I'm waiting till I get mine together to check the measurement.


TronXY X5S Cable Chain Bracket

Managed a functional print. Had to finesse the parts to get them together, but for something like this I think that’s preferable so it fits nice and tight. I find that your top holes for 3mm were nearly perfect, but the 5mm holes are going to be pretty tight. I’ll have to see what drill bits I have so I can open them up some without creating slop. The only thing I’m worried about now is belt alignment, as I haven’t measured my current setup vs what you’ve set the carriage up for, but I’m sure it will be fine.

I think I may have gotten a different bearing than what you got. My bearing carriage measured 45ish where you’d said you received ones that measured 49. I will probably be attempting my install in the morning.

How would you say this is performing for you? I'm considering doing this as my wheels are giving me fits right now.

I printed it and installed it along with your Y axis and motor mount mods. So far Its looking good. I am putting all these mods on as I build the printer. Now I am just trying to figure out how the belts would go. Thanks!

Just hook one side of the belt to the x gantry and hook it around the pulleys and down to the motor until it comes back to the gantry. One goes high and one goes low. They cross in the middle in the front of the printer (opposite side from the motors). Facing the front of the printer the high pulley goes on the right side motor and the low one goes on the left. The 2 smooth pulleys go on the Y gantry brackets closest to the motors. 6 toothed pulleys go everywhere else.


Glad you like it. I tried to make it as efficient and streamline as possible. I've got it printed, but not installed yet. I ordered the 400mm MGN12H. Thats what I used on the Y gantry too. Center the rail and the bearing will never make it to the end.



Your design is awesome and looks like a really good solution to remove those awful plastic wheels and make a good movement flow without obstruction. Just one question... I plan to print this solution but I would like to get the MGN12 (C or H?) but I dont know witch length is needed exactly ? I have measure my frame and looks like a 460mm and a bit more on the other side but I prefer to confirm with you first.

Many thanks and keep up the really good work !