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RC laser dinghy sail boat

by ofirneger May 5, 2018
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hi i want to print this project but i didn't understand how you connected the sail to the rotating servo you have detailed photos

as you can see here
i used few of the servo round attachments to make a winch, then i tied the sail string to that so when it rotates is pulls the sail in .
make sure to add protection on the winch so the string will not tangle .

hello thanks for the answer I wanted to see where you passed the ropes of the winch and where you attache for and what I don't understand

I made a small hole in the cap directly above the winch and from there the string connected to the boom..

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hi I'm printing the boat you can tell me things is the one in the red circle that holds the tree

this is a small bushing that i put in the hole to fit the mast diameter.
i planned to use a larger mast at first but i found a 10 mm tube eventually.
you can use a bushing or just print an adapter to your mast..

Hello sorry for the trouble I wanted to know if it is better to put the bulb with the lead or to mount the hydrofoil

Hello sorry for the trouble I wanted to know if it is better to put the bulb with the lead or to mount the hydrofoil

this hydrofoil design did not worked for me, maybe try a different design..
i recommend to put some weight on the stern of the boat so the nose will not dive like i had at the beginning..
the short keel with degree back showed better results..

Hello, I'm sorry for the questions I'm stressing you, I wanted to know if the sail shaft is fixed on the boat and only the arm or arm is moving, the tree is joined and rotate in the hole on the boat

its ok..
for me the boom is fixed on the mast and they both rotate inside the bottom bushing.. its working just fine

Hi, why does this look like it don’t fit? Haven’t you missed a piece when cutting the model? Everything is correctly sliced and printed. Maybe you can give me the CAD files please?

is it the center top part? or the full front?
it seems that the bottom of it has cut off few mm..

Hi, thanks for the reply. After measuring it seems that I miss a little. Only thing I can think of is that the model must have sunk a little in Cura when slicing. I’ll try to cut it and print the missing piece.

How long do the tubes need to be? One length of one meter is enough but how long should the vertical and horizontal be?

the total length of the mast is 710 mm and the boom is 290 mm

Hello, wherefore is the 8x8 pushbutton? I also noticed that the hole for the mast in the hull of the boat is bigger then 10mm. I can see that you've placed something there to fill the gap? What did you do to that and why?

i could not found a picture of the finished electronics but you can see in this picture how i put it

the 8X8 button was on the corner next to the small rudder servo. right on top of him i made a hole in the lid part and glued few layers of latex i cut from a glove so it is flexible and water tight.

for the mast my first thought was to use some brass bushing to fit the hole to the mast but i noticed that it is not necessary, you can just print and adapter for the mast.


Hi, i'm starting on printing this boat but i'm wondering what the continious servo is doing. In the comments I read that the servo is for winching the sail. But it's still not clear for me. How is the servo installed and how is the servo connected to the sail? The servo extends the sail to the back of the boat? I don't know much about boats and the technical terms. Thanks in advance!

the servo is for winching the sail using a line that goes from the boom to the servo drum.
when you wind the sail you actually change the angle of the sail relative to the boat and wind direction.

Hi, thanks for your reply! Could you please give me also some detailed pictures about how you’ve connected this all?

Is there any way the long keel could be made 4 cms shorter?

HI, am in the process of printing the boat, but have encountered a couple of problems. Bottom quarter R turned out to be VERY small (much too small for the boat, the other one (L) looked very big.The bow file and the top file seems to be the same, but very different in size. The long keel is too long for my print plate which is 22x22 cm. Is it possible to get the correct size for the boat parts, or should I just skip the project?

i have checked and fixed the bottom quarter L file.
you can print the top center + bow files or the top half if your printer is big enough..
also i added a keel medium file that is shorter..
if you need any thing else please send a message.

There is actually another part I can not find among the fils, namely tha part tha goes down in the bow part to hold the mast. Do you have a file for that?

Hi, thank you very much for your kind and speedy reply.
I have now in fact printed most of the parts for two boats, one for me, one for my grandchildren. I have printed one of the boats in three parts, - bow, center section and rear.
I will look at your new keel, thank you very much. I have printed the short version, but I turned it on the printing plate so that I can print it upright. Do you print the keels lying horisontal on the building plate?
There is also a part in your pics that I can not find in the files list, namely the mast top. The one called the mast top, is actually the one at the end of the boom, a ball shaped part. The part on top of the mast according to your pice, seems like a plug into the mast with an arm pointing backwards.
The, I wondered how you fasten the lid and get it watertight. Do you use tape, or screws to hold it down?
Best regards, Sigurd

the mast top part is just the rounded plug for the aluminum mast that's inserted into a sleeve in the sail.
for the lid i used some RTV silicone to seal it to water.. i am trying to find better solution to make it more accessible and water tight.
also i reccomend to add some weight on the stern of the boat ( maybe from the inside before you glue the parts together )
to prevent the bow from going under water sometimes .

Nice boat, I really look forward to printing and sailing it!


partage de l'avancement de la construction de ce voilier , plutôt simple et sympa ... je poste quand il est sur l'eau ;-)

the red color looks very good!
thanks for sharing :)

Hey, I'm done printing the boat. However what is the length of the mast and boom?

the total length of the mast is 710 mm and the boom is 290 mm
i will post soon an excel with all the details..
post pictures when you finish..

Hey Ofir,
I posted a make of mine so far. Painting has still to be done. Electronics are fully functional.

your print looks great.. i really love the sail u made

Hey, thank you for the details. I think I will be done in 1-2 weeks with painting.

which glue do you use

i used fast curing cyanoacrylate glue such as loxeal 45

This 3d rc sailboat is the best I'm making one, But why do you need the continuous servo for and how to install it with pictures please if possible. thank you.

Hi! nice print.
i have used the continuous servo as a winch to pull the sail,
as you can see in the pic i took 3 of the servo round end piece and put it together back to back with a M3 screw and some glue to fix it.
good luck, tell me if you have any questions.

Great model! To make it even better alignment notches and pins on the faces of the hull parts to be glued together would be a great help in assembling the hull. Also that would improve the overall strength of the hull at the glue joints.
Thanks for the great work!

thanks for the nice words and the great tips..
i will remember it for the next project

hello, congratulations on your sailboat.
I started to build one but I have some problems. I would like to know how you made the rudder pin and the keel bulb. I think I build the mast of the sail with a 6mm carbon tube.


Hi thanks a lot!
Your print looks great
For the rudder pin I used M4x30 stainless steel bolt screwed to the rudder holder from bellow , I put a 6mm OD, 4mm ID stainless steel tube in the rudder for free movment.
For the keel I used a 400 grams lead fishing weight that I drilled in it to fix it with a M4 screw that goes to M4 nut that I put in the keel top.
I will post some pics when I get home.
Good luck.