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Travelele - The Compact Travel Ukulele

by avocado_boat Feb 11, 2018
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It's normal that the nut requires trimming to length? And thanks for this - very fun!

Normal is that you may want to adjust height of nut to get string height where you like, anything else sounds strange :)

On closer inspection, the neck had warped off the bed making it narrower on the nut end... reprinting with lower z, cleaned bed and a nice brim.

Next question, I got my pegs in, They looked like the same as yours.

I can't get them in unless I leave out the black collar! I'm sure that's what makes them "friction" tight. Were you able to get them in? The screw would be too short, or the post is too short to reach into the handle. I'd have to start sanding away.


Looks like your tuners are somewhat different, ones i have just have metal flange thing and friction washer on the other end and knob on the other. I think yours will work just fine even if you leave black spacer thing away, i would try that before modifying.

I took a quick picture for future reference if someone is ordering tuners.

Thanks for the reply, they are definitely different. I managed to piece it all together. There was a larger metal collar on the inside that restricted how far the threaded end would extend out through the hole. I replaced that with a washer.
Then I trimmed the black collar to fit in the hole.

All together now. Just need to buy a nut and screw to fit in the neck adjuster then I can piece it all together.

Just did a remix of this with geared tuners. Looks good so far!


Ukelele with geared tuners

Did you have any trick to pushing the string through the turnaround?

I spent hours and cursed many things trying to fit the thicker of the strings through the stupid turnaround tonight. Now the plan is to print it again about 10% taller. !@#$!@#@!

I just pushed string through until it showed on other side, mayby loop the string and push the loop thrue?

Looks same i designed this for!

Small question, how did you tie the strings at the top? I'm struggling with them pulling through

Great thanks :) I'm going to print one of these off for my dads birthday present :D

I made one of these over the summer to take with me on a hiking trip and I must say, this thing help up. It broke on the last day because someone stepped on the neck and slightly cracked the plastic where the bolt attaches. This uke sounded really nice. I just put 2 layers of duct tape on the back to act as a soundboard and that increased the volume immensely. Overall, this is a wonderful print and I am planning on making a second one for my next trip. I fit right in the side pocket of my pack and weighed a little over 10 oz. This is my favorite ukulele to play because its so fun. thanks for making this.

I'm thinking of taking this one step further and designing a removable back that will snap on/off. If it's successful and doesn't vibrate I'll add a remix!

What did you design this in? Can you share the source files I was going to try to modify it a bit to add a spot for a pickup. Thanks.

I Just love this design!
I heve a probably silly question: why there are two verisons of the body and neck with and without supports ?
Are the supports required for printing or are structural supports?
Which ones should I use (I woudl like to get this printed by a shop, I cannot do that myself) ?
Well done and thanks for sharing!

One with supports is custom hand made printing supports to print Travelele with additive printer, like i did with Prusa. I tried to generate supports by slicer but that wasted really much material so i designed my own support. If you are using SLA printer (or other process that supports works piece) you can just print clean files without supports. I hope this helps!

Comments deleted.

There are also Bass-Ukuleles.

If you want to be my hero, you could design a Bass-Travalele ;)

Are you open to sharing your original design files? I am interested in doing a remix to make a change to the location of the audio jack hole and to how the string tie down holes go through the top of the neck.

Awesome design, my wife is really excited to build it.

Is there any way to put geared tuners on this? I find friction tuners to be a pain.

First i tried make fit worm gear tuners fit, but they are larger and it made ukulele little awkward for my liking. I think it is possible to change model to allow planetary tuners, but they are expensive for this use.

Any one have some vids of this thing in action? Aside from the one posted in the details.

Think it will be ok to print with PETG? I think I saw on some other ukes, they recommended PLA instead of PETG. But wondering if this will be ok printed with PETG. Since it it seems to be hollow.

I have no experience printing with PETG so i have no idea if it will work at all, however this model has no real acoustic chamber so material won´t matter that much how instrument sounds, i think.

Thank you for the design. Noob question: Concert, Soprano or Tenor strings?

Hello, This has scale length of 33cm, so soprano ukulele strings will work!

This is a really cool little uku. I’ve printed one for myself and for my brother. I wanted to ask, did you have any trouble with the pickup picking up? If so did you solve it?

Im having a rough time finding tuning pegs. Do you by chance have the link to the ones you used so that i can get something similar? Or maybe something that would work from amazon.

Hello, I used cheap friction type tuning pegs from Ebay, "ukulele string tuning pegs" similar ones in picture attached.

Love this design,but once it was assembled the intonation was off. The first 8 frets measurements are off by anywhere from 1/8 in to 1/4 inch. A small change makes a big difference. Would love to reprint the neck correctly.

Thank you for your comment! i have attached sketch used to position frets i think they are ok, however i noticed nut position was 1mm off and fixed it and updated STL files for travelele! now if you print travelele using thingiverse files it is corrected! Anyhow, I also made "quickfix" and made 1 mm Offset Bridge and Nut so you don´t have to print whole new travelele to fix this error just these 1 mm offseted bridge and nut to make frets match and keep total scale length of 331.947mm (± 0.5mm) correct! (you can also print only offset bridge and file nut down about half way to correct dimensions). I have not tested this but hope to hear your feedback!
Thank you really much for your help to make Travelele better!!

Wow that was fast,!!! Thank you!! I will print it and update you!!!

What kind of hardware did you use on the neck end of the uke?

I used M4x25 Hex head screw and nut. I think its close to size 8

I love your design. As a builder of and travel ukulele enthusiast, I'm a fan.

I wondered if I'd see you here! I'm about to try this print since I can't seem to get to cutting out the wood to do your design.

I hope to get around to doing yours some day still! Really want a concert travel uke.

I need a bigger printer to print this uke. I have a tiny one that can only do about 5x5x5 inches.

Good luck making a wooden concert ukulele someday.

Great idea but I think you should consider adding a sound board (very thin solid layer that can freely resonate) to the top of the body. This might significantly amplify the sound. Ideally the bridge should be structurally integrated with the sound board and not connected to any solid anchors underneath, although this might take some structural engineering work to get just right due to the loads involved. But regardless, very nice and clever design!

You are totally correct about soundboard, you can get much more sound with good resonator and i was thinking building one at some point, but decided to use electric amplification to get more sound when needed. Now when i try to practise playing i´m not annoying everyone around me so much. I might later to update this with resonator add-on, it will require changes to current body so its not just plug-and-play on current design but should be doable. Thank you!