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Stacking Ikea Lack Printer Enclosure

by hackoholic Feb 9, 2018
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This is just what I needed. Once I get this done (mk3 still in shipment), I'll be sure to post some pictures!

Also, I'm assuming for the magnets, you used super glue on the handles and on the base (other side of the plexiglass)?

Yes, I used like a medium CA glue. As I mentioned, take care to line up polarities before you start!

I've had one small problem with mine so far. My handles were a friction fit so I never actually glued them on (Shhh). I tend to open starting with the top right handle and because it wasn't glued to the plexiglass, over the course of a year or so it is starting to open up (no longer a friction fit) and may develop a crack. Took well over a year for this to happen and can easily print another but had I glued the handles from the start, I don't believe I'd ever have had this issue.

I'm also considering printing and screwing on a more dedicated handle (for the top front panel) like I've seen in the other Lack designs out there. Just a little FYI.

Awesome, thanks for the reply. I ended up finding the same size magnets on Amazon. Just went with the highest rating for that size. Same for the glue. Unfortunately, my mk3 is still on back order but should ship next week!

Out of all the designs i've looked at this is by far my favourite, credit to you. Its exactly what i'm looking for I just need it to be taller due to my printer, when I work out how to do it i'll post my remix.

Comments deleted.

Can you include the finished photo of your design, with LED and Acrylic panels?
I'm printing the parts now and will upload (Made) pictures soon.

Yes I can. Didn't originally because there is a messy room around the enclosure and the renders look a lot better than a picture of that... ;-). I did include some close-ups of the printed pieces and one of the LED's on the underside of the topmost table. What specifically are you looking for? I can try to spiff things up and get some full size pictures in the next few days.

That's not a problem, I understand about one's workspace. No need for extra pictures.
I fitting out a new space/room, so at this, I have have not had time to make it messy.

I hope to put my (at this point, one inclosed level) enclosure and will post pictures.
Thanks for the design.

I really like the design. Thank you very much for sharing!

I'm working on building this enclosure. I have parts made to attach the first two lower tables. After attaching the two tables, it seems a bit wobbly. Does the plexi offer any stability to the design?

No, the Plexiglas panels offer no additional rigidity at all. The only thing I can think of is for you to check that the legs have been screwed into the underside of the top as tightly as possible. Even when used as regular old end tables, I believe many people complain about sloppy assembly and the recommendation is always to check the tightness of the legs.

Because this design adds a piece in between the leg and the top, and because the piece has mounting tabs for the panels that must be in a certain position, you may find you have to back the legs out and re-position the pieces to allow you to rotate them that last little bit to really tighten them up and still allow them to line up with the panels. I was very careful and particular about this and mine are really solid. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the tip!

I spent way more time than I care to admit making sure everything was square and tight. In the end, it was actually the bottom table that I didn't tighten all the way. I was focused on the parts I printed, but it turned out to be the simple one!

Easy to fix, just had to tighten it. Thanks again!

Awesome design. Thanks. Was looking around for ages and printed 3 different sets and decided yours was the winner. Did my first remix to remove one of the tabs to allow for my hinged double doors.

Nice! Post a make when you get it finished and include some pictures. Would love to see how it came out and how the new double door arrangement works. I'm adding a link to your remixed part to help others who come along here to realize that there are other door options. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2853054

Stacking Ikea Lack Printer Enclosure - modified for double door
by synsa

Your design in particular is awesome, thanks

Much appreciated! I took many ideas from the other designs I gave credit too and just added my own twists. My main concern was being able to print the spacers without wasting a tremendous amount of filament. I also wanted the panels to sit inside the legs like a picture frame for looks. My hollow spacers turned out super strong and light and waste no filament. I'm also very happy with the way the panels fit and how easily they come off with the little handles. Lastly, I have moved since I put together my enclosure and it could not have been easier to break down the enclosure and put it in my car to move. It then literally took seconds to have it set back up at the new house!

Absolutely, your design ticks all the boxes. I'm trying to source the acrylic panels outside the States. I see some 2 mm or 3 mm around here so I might go for 2 mm and tweak the design of the clips for a snug fit


Awesome design! What kind of filament did you use? PLA, PETG, ABS, etc?


I used Hatchbox 1.75mm TrueBlack PLA

Well I actually used 17.25" x 18.5", 0.093" thick Acrylic. Converting that online, it is roughly 438.15mm x 469.9mm, 2.36mm thick.

On a side note, I forgot to put info in my summary about where I sourced these. For less than the price of a whole sheet of Acrylic at a local big box store, I was able to order 8 pre-cut panels and they were delivered in less than a week! If you are in the States, take a look at www.professionalplastics.com . Great service and price IMHO.

Thanks for this, ordered the plexiglass!


Thanks for the design i like very much, the plexiglass panels is 500x500 mm 1.6mm?