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Anet A8 lightweight and unobtrusive X-axis cable chain

by juh Feb 10, 2018
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What print settings did you use for the chain?

I'm not really sure anymore. Probably the same as given under the print settings section, maybe .2mm instead of.. 1mm. Did that answer your question?

Thanks for the reply! And I was more referring to the infill as yours says 30% and Sukhoi27 page says 100% infill.

Ah, ok. I wouldn't expect your infill settings to make any difference here. I think the chain links don't have any parts that are thicker than twice your wall thickness (usually 2 x 1.6mm), so there's no room for infill anyway.

You can check that yourself. Try setting infill to 30%, slice a chain link, and then use cura's layer view.

Thanks! Just finished printing all the mounts and I'm about to slice up the chains now.

hey man, i just checked this up again. thanks for the nod in the summary, I appreciate.

have a nice day

For my printer, the x-stop sensor holes were about 4mm too far away from the edge, and the switch wasn't able to depress fully. Easily fixed by drilling some new holes, but you might consider adding a second set of holes to the mount. I don't think it would effect the structure much.

Other than that it seems to be a great design!

Interesting. I'll consider adding the holes, but could you please supply a bit more information?

Is this due to a change in the design of the left x-axis mount or a different kind of switch or ? You don't mention problems with fixing the left chain element to the motor mount, so I assume it must be the latter?

How old is your printer? Could you maybe post a photo of your switch and the motor mount with it's original mounting holes?

Thanks for your feedback

I've sent you a PM with some pictures of my setup. Hope those help.

Thank you again. The problem is a different type of end switch used, I posted update 3 for others who might have the same type of switch.

The best upgrade I have made to my Anet. Perfect design. the only thing I did was drill the holes in the chain, for better movement.


The design looks great. I've printed the chain and the carriage mount so far, but I was wondering which 'way-up' do you recommend printing the motor mount ? It seems like there are pretty interesting overhangs whichever way I choose.



Thanks for the feedback.

I printed both of them lying flat on their sides with supports. I'll add some info in the printing section.


It turns out that I could actually print them standing up with supports as well .

WOW !!!
Well done !!
I have been searching for a chain worth installing, that actually stays straight across without any sagging, to no avail.
Until I found your design.....and I can't wait to print and install it !!
Thank you very much !!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. For me, personally, the most important thing was to avoid the huge and clumsy motor mounts, in particular on the left, which come with all solutions placed in front of the z-axis. The no sagging part was kind of a side effect of an upright cable chain, yet a welcome one. In fact, my first approach was to use a more narrow chain in the conventional flat and sagging position, which would fit behind the z-axis, before I had the idea to try an upright position. ;-)

I love it! Works perfectly! Also, the guide works perfectly... I used a lighter to smooth out the print, but it works great!

You mean a lighter with an actual flame? Haven't heard that one, but interesting that it works, too, to smoothen prints.

Yeah, for me the guide works perfectly, too, so that I for the moment I gave up on the idea of adding an on demand clip-on solution. There is just no adverse effect of the guide, so that for me it's no problem to have it in place all the time.

Yeah, I've used a lighter several times... It can be risky if you overheat the make and warp it, but it has come in handy. I attached a pic of my extruder hinge (not my best print) that was too thick since I didn't want to trash my filament guide behind it. I slimmed/squished it down with a lighter and shaved off the excess with a razor. I couldn't have sanded the piece without taking off the top layer and exposing the infill.

My only other thought on the Chain Fence is that it could be integrated into the chain mount itself for an even more minimalist approach.

How much of the Z Axis travel is ate up by this? Sometimes I need the full travel, most times I don't. Just curious. I know you cant get something for nothing. Thanks!

Yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention that in the description. A couple of centimeters, but not a lot. I'll add the specifics soon.

Edit: Actually, I'm surprised to find that in theory you don't lose any height at all, as you could still go up as high as 240mm. Please have a look at the updated description and the new pic.

I just added a solution which preserves the full z-axis printing space, please see update 2 in the description and the new images.