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How To Wire a RAMPS 1.x

by morganlowe Feb 7, 2018
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I just purchased a RAMPS 1.6 board to replace the OEM Robo 3D R1+ RAMPS 1.4 board. Do you by chance know where the parts fan would attach so the speed can be controlled from within S3D? I've looked EVERYWHERE online and can't find a diagram that would give the proper location. Robo's custom RAMPS had a specific location that they had produced in their boards.

I know there are posts below that mention the PWM fans, but I'm getting the impression that these are supposed to be connected to D9 and that doesn't sound right - but I'm in no way sure. It makes sense that you can control power at D9 since you can control temp on second extruder. So is D9 the correct location for the PWM fans?

If you look kinda towards the bottom third of this guide it's shown but you attach it to "extruder 2" or pins D9.


The parts fan is PWM on RAMPS, that's all that means. There's no RPM or other feedback, purely voltage based.

Ooooohhh, OK cool! Thanks! Have you set up a 1.6 board yet? I'm all set except for endstops and the fans, but plan to run the hotend/case fans and the LEDs off a dedicated 12v power supply so they won't be attached to the RAMPS at all.

Yup I have 2 machines on 1.6 now. It's got way way way better cooling and I'm not running any external mosfets on the one machine just fine. As for the second PSU why not use a single 400+ watt PC power supply? Gives you 5v and 12v, and a lot of amps with good cooling! Plus, they are pretty cheap. I used EVGA 450 watt ones for my two Anet A8s.

Just out of curiosity, did you run both the 11A and 5A wires from your main PS into the single power input?

On the second power supply, it's actually just a small 12v power adapter with a 5.2mm male connector. I'm planning to connect LEDs and non-PWM fans to a female jack and mount it on the side of the Robo3D case near the SD card reader. It will be pretty clean. I've been using that adapter to power additional LEDs already in the case, so it makes sense to make it a little more clean of an install.

"Just out of curiosity, did you run both the 11A and 5A wires from your main PS into the single power input?"

yes, that's how it is supposed to be wired. The reason for two inputs was some early machines had 12v heaters and motors with a 24v bed to get more amps to it.

I get it, but you still need two power plugs and so on. You should check out my Octoprint GPIO guide for some more info. WIth one PSU you can use a relay to cut off the printer side and still control things like lights and fans from the Octoprint web interface, this is how my machines work. I even recently made a video showing some of the printer #1 disaster, I mean wiring and how it works.

Octoprint and GPIO Control Tutorial!

AWESOME - will check it out! Thanks!

Great instructions. This helped me quite a lot when I was moving from my ANET A8 to a RAMPS 1.4. The only bit missing for me was the extruder fan connection. This runs 100% of the time the printer is powered on the A8. The 2 pin connector just to the left end of the X motor driver and to the right of the yellow caps provides 12V & Gnd for the fan. I think this is labeled 12V Aux on some boards.

I'm not sure if it is the same for all cables, but the red lead on my servo cables was 2B.

I do have how to connect fans on dual extruders in the guide. It's towards the bottom and I added headers to help people find it.

As a recap!

If you have a single extruder you connect the fan to the D9 connector as shown in this picture:

If you have dual extruders you connect the fan to the Servo/D4 pins as noted in the guide.

I have 1 extruder and 2 fans. 1 is a PWM controlled fan that blows on the filament after it exits the nozzle. The other is clipped to the E3D cooling fins above the heating block. That fan runs on 12V any time the printer is on. The ANET A8 has one as well blowing on a heat sink. The heat sink fans NEED to run all the time since they prevent the heat block from transferring heat too far up the feed tube.

You got it right then. The PWM is for the part cooling fan as normal, the other fan on the heatsink for the extruder goes right to 12v, and no there is no tap on the RAMPS for that. Connect it right to the power. That is exactly how it works.

Thanks for this. Nice work on your cable chain, btw. So where do 12V PWM part cooling fan(s) get hooked up if you have a dual extruder?

There's a note in there on how to hook up a MOSFET to the Servo pins to run the PWM signal to the dual fans. There's not individual control both run at the same speed at the same time. I had to to my minimum fan to 35% in Marlin to get them spinning.

Thanks for the compliments!

Ah, missed that, sorry. Thank goodness, I knew there had to be a way. Same speed is fine. Thanks again.

Thanks for this, just building a ramps 1.5 from a gt2560, needed stuff it cant do

Some of your pictures are missing