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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

upcycle Masterspool dasFilament

by techam Feb 5, 2018
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I've got a Tiertime/Cetus filament spool which matches the MasterSpool specs pretty good (101/47) with an inner diameter of 52.5 - seems to be a good fit - for your nut and bolt and last but not least for the MS.

It wasn't a useless design effort, thanks!

The 700g Tiertime/Cetus/UP-spools fit perfectly - I can recommend them. I just had to shorten the nut a bit.

I then realized, that the Verbatim Spools are very suitable for your method. You can disassemble them into three parts: a hub and two flanges/sides. Hub and sides have a locking channel which made straight cut trimming via table saw possible - perfect. They measure 102 mm inner spool and 61.5 width which can easily cut down to the desired 47 (and would probably fit 1k refills without modification). The axle hole diameter is 51.5 (tight). This was the discovery which made me remix your STLs by crudely trimming the stuff with OpenSCAD.

Thanks again - great work!

Spool-Upcycling for MasterSpool Refills

Thank you for your efford to make this work. Proves, that it was the right decision to leave it on here.
Best regards techam!

You're welcome!

Definitely the right decision! I already up-cycled four spools, tendency rising...

As the idea unfortunately didn't work out, maybe it would be a good idea to mark the design as "work in progress"?

The advantage is that the thing page will have an easily visible orange bar to signal that this design might not be proven yet.

Especially valuable when you're search thingiverse and the same things come up more than once ... :-)

I wrote about the Problem at the beginning of the discription, as I made this Design back in the days, when the Refills were just poppin up, and I had no Refill to test it.
Just left it here sothat other people can use it for remixing.
But the Idea with the work in Progress banner is realy good, I will try to add that.
Sorry for robbing your printtime.
Best regards, techam

Thanks a lot for picking up my suggestion!

Your description was fine and warned me not to print it, so no print time was lost! :-)

My concern really was only that when looking for good masterspool-related things, a lot of promising stuff came up, some of it in several searches, and half of the time I wasn't quite sure which things I had already looked at and at which ones not. That's where the "in progress" bar helps: A quick look tells you, "This is not a 'finished' thing."

By the way, I ended up designing my own customizable light-weight masterspool. I thought your idea to upcycle the existing spools was great, but it appears it just defies everyone's attempts to make it work. So, a re-usable spool that requires only very little material seemed like the next best approach to me:


Parametric Lightweight MasterSpool

Good Idea but unfortunately doesn't work for me. The inside diameter of a refill is smaller then the diameter of the cut spool. Even slots for the zipties will not help. The reason is rather obvious: Masterspool specification is a inner diameter of 102.5mm (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2769823) A Das Filament old style spool has inner diameter of 104.5mm

by RichRap
Comments deleted.

Ich hab jetzt das refill Filament bekommen. Hab hier nur die häfner Spulen und mir eine zersägt. Leider passt der innendurchmesser des filaments nicht zur Spule... Schade eigentlich... Oder habe ich etwas falsch gemacht?

Ich habe aktuell noch keine Refills hier, da meine bevorzugten Farben noch nicht alle als Refill verfügbar sind.

Damit die Kabelbinder mit auf die Spule geschoben werden können, wird man wohl noch drei Schlitze in den Spulenkern scheiden müssen. Bilder folgen sobald ich meine Refills habe und weiß wie breit die Schlitze sein müssen.

MfG Christian

I ordered two refills from DasFilament but this thing also didn't work out for me.
I couldn't put the refill on the spool with the zip ties attached, tested using Alpaplastic spool.

I really liked the idea to upcycle the spool but I understand that there might be compatibility issues with existing spools.
It's more important that the refills fit on the original MasterSpool, at least they were designed for this new standard.

Richard uploaded MasterSpool V4, I will print another one of those: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:448784


At the moment, the upcycle Spool is missing three cutouts on the cernel for the zipties. When I get my Refills I will add pictures and a discription.
But feel free to do it on your own and post about it here.

If thats nothing for you, I can recommend the Spooldesign by dasFilament itself: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2791930
Uses about the same amount of Filament as my design. There is also a Remix with a outer ring for non center spoolholders.

Best regards

Little MasterSpool

Good idea, I will try those designs first.

Bei meiner Spule passte der Ring saugend Schnatzend in die Bohrung. Das Gewinde ist etwas Schwergängig aber das schiebe ich auf die etwas fehlende Genauigkeit meines Druckers. Bin schwer begeistert von der Version! Nun kann ich auch SlaveFilament kaufen (Oder wie nennt sich das dann?)

Das Gewinde ist absichtlich stramm toleriert, damit sich dieses beim Drucken nicht versehentlich löst. Das ist vorallem wichtig bei Spulenhaltern, bei denen die Spule sich auf der inneren Bohrung dreht, je nach Ausrichtung wäre es nämlich möglich, dass durch das Abwickeln der Spule der Bolt rausgeschraubt wird.
Also alles Gut mit deinem Drucker, wenns sehr schwer geht evtl die kleinen Blobs am Anfang und Ende jedes Layers entfernen.

Ah... Mach sinn... Sehr gut. Stimmt eigentlich! Und den Bolzen musste ich auch mit etwas Überzeugung reindengeln... Ganz vorsichtig. Aber wenn du das alles stramm bemessen hast dann bin ich zufrieden. Das bedeutet dann ja dass mein Drucker genau richtig druckt. Danke dir!

Nice! I was hoping something like this would pop up soon :) I'm going to print a Häfner version now for my empty Das Filament spools. I also have an empty Innofil spool lying around and it has the same dimensions as the Häfner. Just so you know.

Thanks for the information, that will help some people!

Hast Du ne ganze normale (Kunststoff-)säge genommen? Und kann man das Ende des Refill einfach festmachen?

Ich habe eine Eisensäge mit 18er Zahnteilung verwendet. Wenn die Nicht komplett durch den Kern hindurch reicht, dann kann man auch das Blatt ausspannen und die letzten Milimeter mit dem losen Blatt sägen.

Man kann jedoch auch eine Fuchsschwanzsäge verwenden.
MfG Christian

Great Idea!
Tried it today with a spool from filamentworld.de an it fits perfectly with the Häfner-spool version (52.5mm ID / 53mm OD).

Awesome idea! When I realized how much plastic and time it would take to print a master spool, I stopped. :)

Yes right, that was my motivation to this design.

Also the Masterspool realy loses it's enviroment friendlyness if you calculate that into the equasion, not to mention the pricepoint of 250g Filament and 15 to 20h printtime using about 250W/h.
Last but not least, the masterspool barely fits onto a regular MK printbed with 201mm diameter.

I'd be very very surprised if your printer uses 250W/h, that's the peak power consumption when everything is on, but it won't be. If you measure it over time, you will probably get something much much lower.

Also, if you're making it out of PLA, you can entirely avoid using a heated bed, which would cut down power to a negligible extra amount.
Also, the plastic weight is not really more than a normal spool anyways.

I've measured my A8:
13 W Idle
24 W with holding motors
185 W with both heaters
220-230 W while printing ABS

Excellent idea, added to my print list.

For reference the ColorFabb spool I have here is the same as the alphaplastic spools with 53mm ID and 55mm wide.


Thanks for the information, guess it will help some people!

Just a recomendation
Have a variety of different spool size standreds as some brands vary from others plus the spool size

I would start expanding to include common brands like
& others when requested

Also you should include where on the demesions should you chop the spool & does it need super glue

I don't have any spools from these brands, therefor I can't make these cernels for them.

But I intentionally licensed it under CC-BY-SA sothat you can create derivates and commercial companies can use this for their filament.

if your spool is of by just a bit, scaling should also work, but always remember to scale both, the Nut and the Bold in the same way.

Best regards, Christian

Awesome idea.
What kind of saw did you use?

Just a normal hecksaw.
If yours doesn't cover all the hight, take a hecksawblade in your Hand for the last few milimeters, works fine as the plastic is very soft.
Then smooth everthing with a file.