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Hypercube 300 Lite X Carriage

by adrianm1972 Feb 4, 2018
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Hey adrianm1972, Love the design and innovation!!

Would you be willing to modify the carriage to accept the igus 8mm ID x 15mm OD bearings? I really dig the design and want to use this instead of the ultra-heavy carriage/mount I'm currently using.

Thank you!

Im having trouble with this setup. The belts are not centered between the rods and this is causing it to jam sometimes when it's close to the edge. At least thats what Im suspecting. Does anyone else have tis problem? It never happened with the original carriage.

I had to adjust the height of my pulley wheels to resolve that.

I had trouble using the parts with integrated bushings; they were way too tight on my carbon fiber tubes. I have temporarily switched to the parts with external bushings but I'm curious if simply filing the interior is the way to go, or printing with reduced flow percentage or what? Any suggestions?

FWIW, I spent a few minutes with a file on the interior of the integrated bushings and that seemed to do the trick. I haven't yet remounted and done any printing but it seems in good shape.

Good job but Can you Give source project's file to modify stl file?

Can I use with the original Hypercube ?

Any chance to have the step files ? I would love to add integrate for this piezo sensor https://www.precisionpiezo.co.uk/product-page/precision-piezo-orion-pcb that further reduce the weight and simplify the design.
It is working very well and has the advantage that you can use any surface including thick glass.
If you can share the STEP files I can add the support and share it as a mix up (working with step files in fusion 360 is far then ideal).


I've remixed this carrier to include a piezo mount. It's the only remix. :)

I agreed with Sathyakumar...
can we havve this for 8mm linear rod version because It is very difficult to find 10mm carbon rod here, thanks...

Bravo, je mets en test dès que possible.
Merci bcp.

Can we have this for 8mm linear rod version ?

Will this work on linear bearing and smooth rod for x gantry?

On this has built in bearings for 10mm carbon tubes or steel rods

Thank you for your reply Adrian

Second on making the 360 file available. Looking to add Piezo support and a 40mm noctua fan.

Comments deleted.

Great work. Is there any way to get the original file in Fusion 360? I was hoping to modify it to use igus bushings. Petrobski was also asking for them. I have the bushings as 12.04mm on the outside. I'm trying to do it using your stl file but I am running into trouble when I use the mesh tool in Fusion. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

Awesome design. Great work

Any chance for a version that uses the original igus bushings?

My carbon rods currently in use are 10.2mm and the igus bushings are a perfect fit

One question, this X carriage needs bushing or it has integrated 3D printed bushings?

I'm going to build a Hypercube 300 (my first 3D printer) and i want to use this lite X carriage.
Are you going to show it in your videos?

Thank you very much.

Hello Adrian!
Thank you very much for all your great designs and hard work.
Do you have any plans on implementing this parts cooler arrangement ( I am interested in the version with the parts cooler on top)?

Thanks for your reply.

Hypercube Improved Fan-duct

I want to do somthing like that. I started to design one but I couldn't get it to print reliably. I will look at it again.

Thanks a lot! I know you are very busy and appreciate all your efforts.

So I was looking at your light weight head (great design!) and thinking about swapping in some 10mm carbon rods into my HEVO, as well as the 10mm/10mm XY joiners and giving it a go... then I found something interesting... HEVOs have a tighter spacing on the two X rods!

My question is: does your HC300 XY joiner use the flanged bearings and twisted belt arrangement that Tech2C uses?

I'm trying to figure out if I can swap in your XY joiners or if I need to remix your lightweight head to match the spacing of a HEVO instead, I really love my 20T pulleys and neat belts.

The Hypercube 300 started out as a remix of Tech2C's Hypercube. However, it has evolved a ton and right now the only thing that is the same as the original Hypercube is the belt runs and the fact I also use the twisted belt/flanged bearing arrangement. I have over 2000 hours printing on Hypercube 300 #1 and the belt and bearing arrangement has been 100% trouble free so I have left it alone.

What center to center spacing do you need for the rods on the Hevo? I can change that in about 5 minutes and post a Hevo version tonight.

If you could do that, you'd be my hero man.

I hope I measured it right I read 45mm center-to-center, which is the standard i3 geometery.

If I can further impose on you, can you please follow the HEVO belt centers too they are slightly different than Tech2c's.

Here are the reference HEVO parts to see these differences...
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3600162 XY joiner 10LMUU/10mm X to see X centers
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3576990 X carriage @ LM8UU carriers to see belt centers

Thanks much!!!!

Easter egg ed. 1.1 - Bunnyevolution

I think there's a small bug in the fan shroud/clamp model - the clamp is not cut away completely near the edge, preventing it from sitting flush against the V6

Thanks for the design by the way!

Can you make a version for the E3D clamp that would also include a 9 mm bowden coupler ?
Thanks !

That's an awesome redesign. I like the parts fan being in the back. Also the PLA bushings I made from your earlier update are working great. I'm glad to see you've done away with the mounting hardware and made the bushings and carriage all one piece.
I am getting ready to tear my original HyperCube down and replace all the parts (changed the color) with your latest parts versions. This hot end design came along just in time. Keep up the great improvements Adrian.

can you make a version for 8mm rods?

Hello, I made your HC300. Now, I want made your new carriage, but I have BLTouch. I don't know design it. Can you help me? Thanks.

Is it possible to add some space for a precision piezo mount?

For the X or Z axis? Do you have a link to the part or a solid model of the part?

For Z-axis. It will add some height and therefore the parts cooling fan needs to be a bit longer.

Another approach is to make a slot in front of the upper rod. Then when the nozzle touches the build plate it flexes a bit and triggers the piezo disc

Precision Piezo - Piezo20 Hotend Z Probe

What types of bearings/rods does this work with ?

It does not use bearings. It has built in bushings for 10mm carbon tube or any 10mm shaft. I have over 1000 hours of printing on my Hypercube with printed bushing like what are in this part. They fit perfect and seem to last forever.

What material is recommended for printing it so it slides well ? PLA is ok ?

I use PLA for all parts of the Hypercube 300. PETG will also work well as long as you slicer settings allow you to print it just as perfectly as PLA.

i believe its designed to run directly off of 8mm carbon fiber rods

Hypercubes use 10mm 3K Plain weave tubes for the x axis. You can get them for $6 a pair of you shop around.