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Micro Flying Wing for V911/F949 receiver bricks

by drcameron Feb 3, 2018
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Just printed it at 120% size.

My plan is to install the electronics and motor from a Parakzone UMX F=27Q. plus a FPV micro camera.

So I will be coming up with twin tails similar to the F27's with working rudders

The 120% fit an Ender 3 fine. I might try larger, depending on results of this.

I plan to cover in "Doculam" laminating film. Its a very thin laminating film I have used to cover up to 28CC gas power models.
This is also an experiment as I am not sure if it will stick and shrink before the PLA deforms.

how much does it weigh

It weighs about 36g with a battery and no FPV. FPV increases the weight to about 41g depending on the setup.

Never mind. should have look at the video. Packing tape. Not what i had in mind.

Kindly asking how did you manage to cover the wing without melting the ribs. What temp and material have you used? Thanks

Can i bind this reciver board to my spektrum dx 8

any experiance with the "WLtoysF949" to bnd with spectrum dx6i

i love this little micro wing its so tiny and looks nice! printing it out now! i scrolled down and found how to print the frame only as shown that helped me so much. now i can do a few i designed but never could figure this part out so thanks for that!

Comments deleted.

Could you send some .ipt (or something autodesk editable) files? Good design, but i want to add rudder to it and i will build it with a brushless motor.

You should be able to import the files into autodesk's fusion 360

Hi. Wondering why you went with packing tape for the skin rather then a thin PLA Skin.

Tape or Mylar are much more durable and weigh less.

Hiya, thanks for the cool design. I've printed everything out and am just having issues with the binding. do you mind explaining how you set up the T8SG to bind with the V911?

You just need to put the t8sg in flysky protocol, set the id to none. First power the board then tuen on the radio.
i had an issue with my first board who didn't binded the t8sg (the board binded with flysky i6), after that i bought a v911 and a f949 boards who binded succesfully the t8sg.

Yeap, tried that. The light continues to blink slowly though. :-(

The model is covered?

can i use a hubsan controller for that board or what transmitters would i need?

The F949/v911 boards use the flysky protocol. You need at least a flysky tx capable of mixing Ch1 and Ch2 for the elevons. There is also a spectrum receiver brick that would work too and needs a spectrum receiver. The hubsun controller would not work.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I just printed this and will make a build with different electronics. Somebody has experience where the center of gravity should be with this particular model?

Awesome project!

Flying wing CG is app 15% of MAC. With the squares formed suing a grid infill, you want 3 out of every 20 ahead of the CG line.

Just looking at it, I expect the CG to be slightly behind the inset for the electronics in the center section.


As noted in the design details, the CG is just behind the box that holds the receiver brick. I calculated this when designing the wing and placing the electronics box. (https://fwcg.3dzone.dk/) It can be a bit more forward, but I would not recommend making it further back. To balance the planes I put them on a dowel rod. If properly centered it should balance front to back and wing tip to wing tip.

how did you remove the gear from the motor?

If your motor came with a metal pinion gear, a bit of heat from a hair dryer and a flat head screwdriver for some leverage should do the trick. Just be careful you do not bend the shaft.

Anyone have Slic3r (v1.2.9) settings...I can not seem to get it to print the support material just get the top curved layers.

Hello all.

I've printed the wing and it looks great, but I am still wondering how you get elevon deflection with no bevelled surface on the wing or elevon.
What am I missing?

The elevons need some upward reflex to maintain level flight. This puts the elevon corner onto the wing corner. Not much downward deflection is needed to cause the nose to dive and pulling the elevons up is unencumbered.

Would this be cheaper to make than a bigger one? Or are bigger motors cheaper? Is this simpler too? Because I was printing a big one but this looks like a great place to start.

Cost depends on what you mean by a bigger motor. This plane can be built for <$20 for electronics, motor and prop. The transmitter would be about the same price for any plane you build.

does anyone have a tips to bind the t8sg with the v911 board ? i have been trying for hours and nothing (my t8sg binded with other flysky rx perfectly)... also i binded with the fs-i6 flawlessly on the first attempt.
Thank you !

Use the Flysky protocol. You'll need to set up mixing for elevons and binding frequency to none. Plug in the rx first and then turn on the T8SG. I didn't have an problems using Flysky on my T8SG, however I did have one T8SG with a faulty Hubsan module and they sent me a replacement from Banggood.

Thank you ! i'll try it tonight, i hop it works =)
How do you know if the module is faulty ? (as my t8sg works well with AFHDS and AFHDS2 rx)

Does someone know of the servo PCB had gyro and maybe self stabelise doe beginners?

The gyro for the V911 board is on the second motor channel, used for a small tail motor for the v911 helicopter. It's not used for this wing design. I am not aware of a way to connect the gyro to the two servos.

Comments deleted.

It depends on which tx you are using, but generally for flysky receivers: plug in battery to rx first and the rx should start blinking. Turn on tx and the blinking will stop, leaving a solid led. Some of the multiprotocol tx's may require a bind button to be pushed the first time. The throttle also needs to be at zero to bind.

I printed/put mine together last night. Did some non-powered glide tests into my couch and then some tall grass - it works well and I think I have the center of gravity figured out nicely. Unfortunately, when I put it under power, it noses down instantly, so much so that up elevons don't compensate. Do you have to shim the motor level with the bottom, or are you keeping it with the pitch of the wing?

A couple of thoughts, 1) check the angle of thrust. The motor shaft should be parallel to the bottom surface. You'll want to avoid it angling down. 2) You may need more neutral reflex (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkb11eKXM14). However if it is gliding fine, this likely isn't the issue. You may also want to check that your surfaces are behaving as expected.

for a better look, use Monokote film and iron it on.

just wondering
what tape do you advise for wraping it ?
and how to wrap them best ?
could you maybe do a howto vid ?

I used clear packing tape because it had a wide diameter. You could also use plastic wrap.

Great design. I can't wait to try it.
What material did you use?

I printed in both PLA and PETG. Had a bit more stringing with PETG.

I printed the wing in PETG las night. It came out really nice.

I did notice that there is no bevel in the wing or elevon. How do you allow for downward deflection?

Thanks again.

You need mixing on your transmitter? With this type of wing you can’t just use the stock remote for the F949 plane because one channel/servo is for up/down and another for left/right. Here you have a wing controlled by roll movements

There is a way to make a sliding tray mixer or to make a mixer that mounts to one servo.

Electronic mixing is preferred, but I'll put pictures of the sliding tray and the one that mounts on the servo when I do my "Make post."

An alternate is t use a ParkZone UMX board that has the mixing hardwired. The F27Q UMX has that and uses separate micro linear servos. However it also wants a micro brushless motor and 2S LiPo so its for a larger version.

This wing should scale up well to whatever size print bed you have.

Elevon mixing is almost always done on the transmitter. If your radio is capable of elevon mixing, your users manual should be able to tell you how to set it up.

Very cool project. I lost my V911 a while back and have the receiver sitting in a box collecting dust. I will have to try this!

This is awesome! Does anyone know if there is a similar receiver pack for the Spektrum radios? I'd love to build this, but I don't know if I want to buy another Tx just for a novelty project.

The board for the UMX F27Q has the mixing hard wired, uses separate micro servos and wants a 2S brushless motor. (Needs 2S LiPo)

Any of the other UMX boards can work but you'd have to do the mixing in the TX. The Vapor and Night Vapor have the correct channel assignments.
Others, from 4 channel models with the rudder and elevator servos on the RX board would need some creative mixing.
Th mixing is not hard. but will need some experimenting.

Orange RX from hobby king works great

Yes. The Spektrum AR6410L Receiver/ESC DSMX 6-Ch https://amzn.to/2sorK6o. There are other variants as well. All are about the same price. The linear servos should work out okay for this project too.

holy cow , that aint cheap :p

With witch of the flightcontrollers you have Not so much drop outs? The v911 or v949? I wanna use it with my flysky i6. Thanks mate.

I've used both without any dropout problems. The range for this plane far exceeds the distance it can fly line of sight.

How much weight should I after for just the printed parts?

For v2, the printed wings combined are about 11-12g. For v3, they weigh about 13-15g. The weight will depend on your filament and print settings.

Finished my second wing, as my first one has been battered. Any suggestion for the winglets? Or any design of winglet will be fine.

I cut out rounded triangles out of a foam dinner plate. I drew the pattern freehand based on others I had seen and in reference to the size of the wings.

This is my build, https://www.thingiverse.com/make:498911.
I don't have the thinnest foam available. Eventually I printed the winglet. It still flies great though.
Printed parts about 18 grams. AUW is 39.grams.

Micro Flying Wing for V911/F949 receiver bricks
by deeph

Thanks, I will try to print and weight about like yours.

Why is it shown as a solid wing in cura ?

You will need to set the top and botttom layer thickness to zero (0) in cura and the infill to 5%.

You should have written that in the Project description.

Comments deleted.

Hi Cameron, just a quick question mate, are the elevons meant to be attached to the main wing or seperate? I only ask because I don't get much "up" elevation deflection (if any at all) but a lot of "down" deflection.


The elevons are separate from the main wing and are attached using tape. I attach them in a neutral position and then use trim to pull them up to add the necessary reflex to counter the downward effect.

Awesome, I thought something like that might be the case but I thought I would ask before I started cutting into things :-)

Any way you can post the wings with a little more space between them and the ailerons? For some reason my right wing's aileron popped right off but the left is adhered. I even mirrored the right wing to get a left one and it too has the aileron too attached to remove. (I've printed the wing 4 times now - LOL. My printer isn't great, I know!)

Which version?

Version 3, if you would be so kind! Thank you!

Check out v3.1. I haven't tried printing it, but I more than doubled the space between the elevons and wings.

Fantastic! Thank you!

Edit: Success!! Thanks again!

Great! Thanks for the feedback and good luck building and flying it!

i wonder
would printing them upright be a good idea ?
would just need a lil suport becaus of the connector thingy's

I'm not sure how this could be printed, but strength wise, it would be much stronger if the boxes are printed in continuous strings. Layers tend to break much easier.

If printed upright, then it would have plastic on the top and bottom of the wing which would add a lot of weight. Given the smaller size weight is a significant consideration.

hmmm , ok i get it now
missed the no bottom & top part in the description ^^
lol , time to fire the printer up again

Comments deleted.

Looks like a really cool build. I'll probably try this when my vacation starts.

Cool I happen to have a v911 board and motor lying around, I might give this a try.

I've read suggestions to destroy the gyro on the board, did you do that?

Destroying the gyro is only needed if you plan to use the other motor control channel. I didn't need to to do so. Just used the main motor and the two built in servos.

Also a motor mount would be nice

I am wanting to make this but I see no mention of where to source the prop for either version.

I've used ~2.5-3" plane props and 55-65mm props from quadcopters. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/gws-style-slowfly-propeller-2-5x1-black-cw-5pcs.html. I picked up mine from a local hobby shop for about $0.50.

Does the pinion gear on the end of the motor fit into the propellers you linked? Thanks-

No. The props should fit on the shaft. If the motors have a gear it will need to be removed. I use a hair dryer and a screw driver. Here's a guy showing how it can be done:https://youtu.be/GDxEK7OUZnE

I left the gear on and drilled the props a bit to fit over it

just got my Props of off hobbyking, and they do not fit at all :(

What is the motor shaft diameter for your motor? The props have a 1.2mm hole. Were the props too long? There should be about 76mm of space at the back of the plane for the prop if printed at 100% which is right at 3".

the space is 74mm and the props are 83mm according to my measurements

Hope this can clarify. The v2 with just the wings does have a 74mm space. The v3 with the separate middle has printed 75mm space, but on my assembled plane came out to just under 76mm as measured with digital calipers. I use 2.5" props I bought from my local hobby shop and 65mm props scavenged from a quadcopter. I've also used these motor/prop combos: https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html?orderId=89383859220615&productId=32826225212 for the FPV version. The prop needs to be perfectly centered otherwise it nicks the edges of the wings, but the extra thrust really helps.

My motor shaft is 1mm

Is there a way to use a FrSky Taranis?

Yes I do with the Flysky Module which is low price

I haven't had a problem given how thin the edges are on the elevons, but adding a chamfer shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks, can't wait to get all parts to test this tiny wing

I thought same, and had successfully chamfer the ailerons. But I have a crazy idea, I am thinking of fixing on 5g servos / 9g metal gear servo, 10a RC car brushed esc, 2S 500mah battery, and a disassembled FS-a3 receiver. I will be using one of the many 8.5mm motors I have laying around from my last year's programme

Where does the prop come from or does it come with the motor?

The props can come with the motors if purchased together. There are plenty of places that sell them together. Just be sure to get them with the right orientation - pushing. I've used 2.5-3" plane props and 55-65mm props from quadcopters. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbykingtm-propeller-3x2-orange-ccw-5pcs.html. I picked up mine from a local hobby shop for about $0.50.

Does the TX have to be flysky compatible? I have a taranis that I use for my quads.

If using the v911/f949 receiver then yes, they are flysky receivers and need a flysky compatible tx.

Where can you get the Monoprice Maker Select 3d v2.1? I wanted to get a Monoprice Maker Select 3d v2, but found out that it blows up, so I wanted to buy the v2.1 but cant find where to get it.

https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=13860. Its updated according to the Q&A and posts in the Thingiverse forums.

Abs will work? Allso i have the 911 original control wiil it work?

ABS should work. The original v911 controller will not allow for the proper control mixing.

What’s the v911 controller

How do i need to program the controler?

I don't think you can program the original v911 controller. You'll need a Flysky compatible programmable transmitter, or a Flysky module for a Taranis.

So what is better tbe jumper or the taranis

both have pros and cons. I fly many other planes and helicopters and went with the T8SG for both price and simplicity.

U have v2 or v2 plus?

I don't know what "tbe jumper" is. The Taranis range are very good transmitters, but overkill if you're buying it just for this project. I think you need to be checking out some RC forums and building up your background knowledge for this.

The jumper is the transmitter that he post in the instructions

Is there a less expensive controller to use? The one linked seems a bit pricey but its been a while since I bought any RC airplane related items.

The print is solid, not as pictured. Why?

Because when slicing you only put in 5% infill which is what creates the structural ribbing you see in the picture

He used clear filament. If it wasn't solid, it wouldn't fly...

in your slicer, set the top and bottom layers to zero and only use 5-10% infill.

I'm new to this and use Cura. Are the layer thicknesses for the Infill settings? What about shell thickness?

Shells/walls: 2 ( .8mm) depending on nozzle diameter. Layer thickness is .2mm.

Can you show me precisely in Cura where I make your recommended settings. Also, for no rafts or supports in Cura, do you have to make all the applicable settings zero?

Shell and infill settings are attached. Set Build Plate Adhesion to none. Layer height or .2mm is fine. A .1mm layer height should work too.

What are you using for servos?
Also, for the V3 wing, how did you plan on mounting the motor? There isn't really a good way

I love the design! Can't wait to fly it

The servos are built into the v911 or f949 receiver bricks. The motor is centered in the rear and attached with a dab of hot glue.

That is BadA$$!!! :D :D :D

Nice Design!
How much degree the airlerons have at Stick Center?

I don't have an exact angle, but they have an upward deflection. I set the controls to have a neutral deflection then used trims to get a good glide rate with a gentle hand toss.

did u tray android fpv dongel?

Comments deleted.

Hey guys,

are we talking about the F949 controller for WLToys planes?
How is it possible to use it for a flaparon plane?


The f949 rx brick is used. I use the programmable T8SG tx to control it. A similar programmable tx would work.

What did you use for your control linkages?

I used thin floral wire.

Really looking forward to the 3 part wing since it "looks" like the center section is setup for FPV which is very cool! Love the size too! Perfect for flying from my back patio to the park across the street and then land in my back yard! :)

I'm sure you thought of this but making some way to add a carbon fiber spar might help strength wise. I could be wrong of course! Thanks for sharing!

can you give me a list of the electronics your using?

I used either a v911 or an f949 receiver brick that has two built in servos and a brushed esc. I used a mini 7/7.5mm motor and a 2.5" pusher prop. The batteries are small 180-240mah lipo batteries.

Awesome, thanks Cameron. I'll see if I can find something that will work with my Spektrum radio.

You could try the AS6410L DSMX 6-Channel Ultra Micro receiver. It uses linear servos, but should work with a spektrum radio.

What is the electronics setup you have got going on there??

nice, if i make this, i would scale it up so the wingspan is more like 900mm to 1000, nice wing none the less

very nice design, those bridged strings look great! <3

i feel like i have to share this. dupped it the apus-420
4mm derpron 420mm wingspan, ~30g incl f939 Rx-brick and 150mAh battery. the Kline–Fogleman airfoil (KF wing) and geared prop make it a very manuverable semi-slowflyer. (older pic, but it still flies.)

Nice Wing, how Heavy is the flight weight?

36-38g depending on the battery.

Which slicer is best for this? I tried Cura but it didnt seem to like having no top or bottom layer. thank you

I used Cura 3.1 to slice it. I put 0 for both the Top Layers and Bottom Layers values within the Shell custom setup. I just tried the same in an older Cura 2.3.1 with the same results. You may need to select the gear icon within the Shell section to see the Top Layers and Bottom Layers options.

Thank you. Very good idea, using the infill only! Printed last night, will finish it in the next few days.

Let me know how it turns out! I'm waiting for another receiver brick to arrive from China to test out a slightly modified design of this wing that will hopefully support an FPV camera.

Will do. Thats good, I will try to use other hardware due to the Chinese new year stuff is going to take a while to arrive. I will see how it goes with what I can find in my odd bits boxes. I know I have a spektrum micro receiver, 13-10 brushless motor, 6a ESC and some 3.7g servos and will need to use a small 2s battery but it may all be too heavy.I could make the wing up to 135% if the standard size ends up like a brick. will keep you updated.

Congratulations on the successful maiden flight.