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Parthenon hidden box

by Soggie Jan 31, 2018
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Do you know that the dimensions of the cavity for the hidden storage is? I collect ancient coins. I have several very fine graded coins from 370-390BC Greece coming in this week, they are encapsulated from the grading company. I would like to know if this will be able to fit said coins in their encapsulations? If so this thing would be a great place for them to live. If you know of any ancient Roman buildings that also serve as boxes let me know lol.

Firstly that sounds awesome and I'm really jealous. Secondly, I lost the files for this model after a computer failure, however I did rebuild it from scratch with some improvements and uploaded the new model as a remix (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3382198) the internal measurements for that are 115mm x 67mm with a depth of 76.5mm.
While the new model is roughly the same dimensions (to keep it roughly to scale) if I remember right the internal dimensions might be smaller than this one. If you have a 3d modelling program you should be able to import the stl files and measure it that way (I know this works with fusion 360). I doubt it'll be much larger but if you're 5-10mm off you might find this older version is big enough.
I like the idea of having a Roman building so I'll look into designing one, but that won't be until September at the earliest as I'm on holiday at the moment so only have the mobile 'viewer' version of fusion 360.

Parthenon Hidden Box 2.0
by Soggie

I will totally look at your new model instead. Those dimensions should fit the coins and their cases just fine. Awesome! Thanks for the speedy reply! I do have Fusion, Solidworks, and MasterCam so I can make the necessary changes if I needed to, but it looks like they should work!

This is a lovely design but it has problems, some serious and others not so much. First, my apologies for not just fixing them and making a remix; I will do that later, if I find the time.

  • The lid had some problems (addressed in this remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2784944/comments). The design of the latching mechanism could probably still be improved, but the remix probably does most of what is needed to make it functional.
  • Some of the parts are so small/thin that printing them at anything except 100% produces paper-like thickness, like the bottom lip on the lid, or the roof itself (I printed at 75% and had some problems)
  • One of the pillars in the .stl for Base 2 seems to be full of holes and possibly disconnected from the rest of the object. I couldn't quickly fix it, and it wouldn't print (left spirals of filament all over), so I quickly sliced out a functioning pillar in Meshmixer and printed that, then glued it on.
  • The joining of Base2 with the Middle section was quite difficult for me; I think the file measurements are just fine, but I couldn't keep those two parts from having very slight (invisible) twists or bends or warps that made it impossible to line up all the pillars on the bottom with their caps on the top. I fixed this afterward by drilling holes in the tops and caps, and using pieces of filament as pegs to hold things in place while the glue dried. If I have the time someday, I'll put those holes in the model and then a maker could just snip a bunch of little filament pieces and do this him/herself. Alternatively, someone good at pegs/holes could put pegs on the tops of the pillars that fit into matching holes in the undersides of the caps.

I hope you (Soggie) aren't upset by this; I'm trying to let others know what might be required to print this, but I realize that criticism of something you have put a lot of time and effort into can seem harsh. It really is adorable, and my classicist wife loves hers.

Parthenon Secret Box Lid Center
by Connor1

Thanks for such a detailed analysis, not only am I not upset, I'm flattered that someone not only likes what I did but took time to try and help improve it.
I made this model fairly speedily, editing a pre-existing model of the parthenon (from grabcad linked in the description), the issues with pillars are because they seem to be the same model repeated throughout but they're not all perfectly lined up so a couple pillars float the tiniest amount (however my printer didn't have that issue so it might only matter with certain layer heights or slicers)

The lid was pure lazy craftsmanship, as I said I made it quickly and I needed to print it quickly so went for the simplest thing I thought would work. As I was making it that size and didn't originally plan to uploading the stl anywhere, I didn't think about people scaling it down which is why there are parts that are too thin.

Slicing apart Base 2 and Middle was a stupid idea and I'll look for the stl of those two together and attach it. They were only separated as at the time I could only print during the day so was limited to how much I could print at once. If it makes you feel better glueing them together was a pain for me too and a load of mine don't quite fit either.

Downloaded the file and have started printing. I'm about an hour into the pillar piece (LOVE it so far) and I noticed the pillar problem as well, do you plan on updating it?

Really sorry got really caught up in work and the cherry on top my computer broke so I lost the Solidworks files (including another hidden storage I made but hadn't uploaded). I'm going to be reprinting the Parthenon soon so I might just redesign it from scratch with some tweaks to make it print better. I'll hope to get it done and upload it as a remix in the next week or so.

No worries, lookin' forward to seeing the final product! Now following you! :-)