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Ender 3 / Ender 2 / Creality CR-10 Extruder Knob

by ReplayMD Jan 31, 2018
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I printed the V2 knob at 102% (scaled on cura) and it was a perfect fit. Thanks OP, really loving it.

V2 at 100 was way too large for me

Adjust the Z of the model in your slicer to drop most of the model below your bed where it will be ignored and print just the tip to test fit it to your shaft.
Then when you have the desired scale to engage the shaft perfectly, print the whole model.

Printed V2 for my Ender-3, 101% is a really tight but managed to push it on the shaft. Thanks for the design!

Printed the V2 for my Ender 3. Works really good, but if you want a snug fit, downscale it a couple percent. I printed mine at 99% and it's a bit loose.

Installed the version 2 on my June 2019 Ender 3 and it works & fits perfectly!

Works great printed at 101% (didn't try 100). Thank you!

I really wanted to use this, but my CR10s does not have a flat side on the stepper drive shaft :(

A tip to everyone that have put Vibration dampers on their Extruder-motor! I just flipped the extruder-wheel which have the teeth to pull the filament through. This gave me at least 3-4 mm to attach this mod on the drivetrain/shaft of the motor :)

Great model and fits great!
I liked it so much I did a remix with an Iron Man figure on it.

63 ruddy wheels/knobs I have printed 60 flaming 3, and this is the only one that works consistently. Bravo

Worked Perfect for my Printrbot Simple Metal with no scaling. Makes loading and unloading filament much more easier.
0.2 layer height, 3 top & bottom layers, 2 outline/perimeter shells, 20% infill.
Thanks for posting!

Thanks for sharing...it was just what I needed for Ender2 and CR-10. Printed at 100% and liked the tight fit in PLA for tall version.Works great for removing the filament especially when extruder filament swells up ...was using pliers. Also, works great for purging the filament color change just at the beginning of the print.

Just printed @102% and worked perfectly at the first time. Glad I looked at the comments. Great design!

103% CR-10 Mini fitted nice, but maybe .2% smaller would be firmer.

Printed really nice on my Ender 3. Slightly loose but a small sliver of paper solves that.

Printed as is and it's compatible with the Alfawise U20.

Printed at 100% scale in PLA, fits perfect for me on my Ender 3. Thank you for the design!

103% was too loose, 100% was a little bit too tight but could be forced into position.

103% was too loose, 100% was a little bit too tight but could be forced into position.

Hehe, yup exactly what I did. 100% and forced it into place. Still works like a charm..!

It's the best upgrade I got on my Ender-3. I love it. Anyway I printed it on scale 100% and it fits perfect.

Haha, Love the enthusiasm :)

Printed at 103% for my Ender 3 and was slightly too big, but still works. Might try 102 or 102.5

From experience each machine is special. Sweet spot is about 102 I remember on mine I forced it to place :P

Works great with Ender 3 but it needs 1.03-1.04 scale. Tried 1.01 and had to drill bigger hole

My very first knob was too tight and since on the hole I used a fillet, I forced it into place... Very tight fit but I still haven't replaced it :P

Thanks for this. Worked out great. Printed in 30 min with no modifications. Quick upgrade to my Creality Ender 3.

Scaled to 1.04 in cura and it printed perfect and fit just right may be even 1.03 would fit snug with a hard fit but might be better over time. Great job I am using the longer version so you can see the feed!

The longer version is indeed very promising. Glad you liked it :)

Great! Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks mate :)

do you have a file for the little piece you have installed on your Bowden line to keep coupler from releasing?

I used this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2677526

But you can search for "bowden clip" to chose one you like.

microswiss 300 bowden clip & stock cr 10s +mini cr-x cr10s pro ender 3 ender 5 bowden clip
by wayneuk

On the extended model I had to upscale by 4% for it to fit.

Hmm interesting. On my ender-2 I use the extended version with no upscale on it :/

Thank you for the file. Printed well - clean file.

Glad you liked it :)