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The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) - Meliodas Lostvayne

by MakerVault Jan 28, 2018
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Hey there
Is it possible if you could scale the blade down for a Ender 3 Pro?
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience :3

Hey there
I added the files to fit the buiild volume of the Ender 3.

Thank you so much for your time and effort!

Hello there,
I will see if i can post the files for the blade so they fit for an Ender 3 the coming days.

Any chance for a sheath that could fit this and go on your back?

I have a design in Fusion 360 just need to add some details and then test print it before i will post it.

That is awesome! Can't wait to see it, thanks!

Hello, The files for the Scabbard for Lostvayne have been added to the thing files. I updated the summary with some details of the scabbard.

So cool. Can't wait to print it. Thank you!!

What 3d Modeling Software do you use?

I use Fusion 360 from Autodesk. I think its still free for student and educators. There are a bunch off other cad programs out there that you can test out.

How long are each of the peices because I love the seven deadly sins and this is the only reason why i want to buy a 3d pritner and i dont know what size to get for a printer. is a 220x220x240 big enough? (Anet A8)

If its only to print these parts/props it might be better to use a 3D printing service for FDM parts this is not too expensive and usally the quality will be better. As for size you can always cut the piece up in different lengths thats why I include the stp of the entire prop. Currently the parts are cut up too fit my CR10 with a build volume of 300x300x400. I'm finishing up the holy axe Rhitta and I would then recommend the CR-10 or a similar printer with an equal or larger build volume to limit the amount of parts. A local makerspace might also be able to print these for you. (if you have one nearby).

Thanks, Im brand new to all this stuff and I had no idea about changing the sizes and cutting them and stuff. Also I just realized what I said by "the only reason why i want to buy a 3d printer". I meant that it was the reason why i wanted to buy one because thats the first thing I saw and yeah. Also, Good luck on making the Devine Axe! Hopefully it turns out really cool.

Then an Anet A8 or a CR-10 (or a Creality Ender) are a good starting point. As for filament PLA or PETG are what i usually use for these type of projects.

do i super glue blade 1 and 2 together??

Anyone having trouble getting blade 2 into the guard? It feels like it's a SUPER tight fit. I just wanna clarify if it needs a fair amount of force to get it in. I don't want to damage any parts if it can be avoided.

It depends on your print accuarcy.I have printed this model on a Creality CR10 and Ender. The parts that came of the CR-10 (calibrated) i din't have to sand but the once on the Ender i did (probably cause i din't fully calibrated the Ender yet). I do admit it's a tight fit regardless of the print accuracy but i prefer a tighter fit to minimize gaps. It's also easier to remove a bit of material then adding it afterwards.

Oh I see, thank you. I used a Cr-10 mini for printing these parts. The guard was at a 0.16mm resolution and the blade was at 0.2mm. I doubt the different resolutions would affect the fit, but if it's just a tighter fit then I can probably get it in. This is my first print that came in separate parts that needed to be assembled. I usually print one whole model. Any tips for putting it together nice and tight? Like which kinds of glue or sticky material are good to keep the parts together?

I usally use Loctite Super Glue-3 or the Pattex variant. I haven't had any issues with these so far. For the blades I do recommend using the wooden dowels as support this makes the blade allot sturdier. As for the seems i use a Motip plastic filler (for large projects like the Holy Axe Rhitta i'm working on) for smaller projects i use Humbrol model filler.

Sorry, I forgot I made a comment. But thanks for the help!! Can't wait to put it together soon

Is there anywhere I can buy these casts or do i have to get a 3d printed?

I don't have molds for these pieces. So currently only 3D prints.

blade one messes up

Does it fail during the first layers? Or at the end when printing the fine tip?
Make sure to print with a Brim. I printed it on a glass bed with some spray adhesive.

I added the g-code that I used on the CR-10.

Hope this helped if not. If you give more details i might be able to provide better assistance.

I need your help when i make the tip on the sword the first thing you are supoused to print when it starts to print it get messed up i i dont know what to do so i thought you can help me